Sonic Voice Actor Roger Craig Smith to Attend London MCM Expo

Sonic Voice Actor Roger Craig Smith to Attend London MCM Expo

If you’re planning on going along to London’s MCM Expo this October, then you’ll have an opportunity to meet Sonic voice actor newbie Roger Craig Smith, who will be in attendance this autumn for a meet and greet session over the weekend. As many of you know, Roger has also voiced many other video game characters such as Assassin’s Creed’s Ezio Auditore De Firenze, Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield and Naruto’s Deidara and is a popular choice as a voice actor amongst many fans.

Guess this means you’ll have to fight other fanboys for his attention! It’s Roger’s first time in the UK, so be gentle with him if you’re going!

To find out more about attending the London MCM Expo, head to their main site.


I’m so very, very sorry…

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  1. I can imagine 1000s of Sonic fans running towards him and scream/ask him to do his Sonic impression.
    Oh and T should I check out the consoles?


  2. This is suprising. I’d been wondering whether it was worth going to this Octobers expo or not. Now I certainly have a good reason to go.

  3. @Doctor Sonic: If you’re going, can you please tape it and upload it for us? And that goes for anybody else who is going, too.

  4. I can’t go, unfortunately, but can someone record his current voice and put it on YouTube?? Please?!

    I’m dying to hear him now =D

  5. @sonfan1984 I’m not sure if there will be anything worth taping, it depends on whether he’ll be making an appearance on stage or not. If he does do his Sonic voice though then I’ll try and tape it but alot of the time they don’t like people filming. Also I’m not 100% sure that I’ll be going yet.

  6. You know I’m so glad Roger is getting this attention but seriously where was all this when Jason was sonic oh right it was because HE WORKED FOR 4KIDS RIGHT well guess what i got a VIP pass to sonicon in november in which the 4kids cast including Amy plant will be attending and I’m going interview them and since you treating Jason like garbage and roger like is Jesus after hearing only a few seconds of his voice don’t know if I’m going to show it to ya going to put a price on it oh and I’ve actually emailed roger he told me he can’t do his sonic voice until sonic colors is released.

    [Challenge: Say this comment out loud without stopping for breath as the punctuation suggests! – T]

  7. @T-Bird’s Challenge

    YAY! I actually said the whole thing! But I had to inhale real deep and say the first parts fast without letting too much breath out. XD

  8. ok guys I may have been losing my cool a little (so sorry) and my last message was from my cell phone and here is a actual message from Roger that I sent to him and it is real. I’m not allowed to discuss details of a game until it’s released. “I’m going as a guest of the convention, not as Sonic’s new voice actor. This appearance is based more on my work in other roles. “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood” will showcasing the upcoming game at this convention. I’ll not be discussing anything about the Sonic games or the Sonic character at Expo. Sorry, we still have to wait until November to deal with anything Sonic-related-Roger”. So sorry guys but he cant do Sonic until november I should know ive asked kate Higgins to do Tails and she saifd the same thing.

  9. Roger is going to be at the MCM Expo…?!! o_O

    I wasn’t planning to go but I’ve had an invite from a friend to tag along with them if I want, so I certainly might yet be in with a chance of meeting the new Sonic!


  10. Roger at MCM? WHOOOOOAAAAAA! A chance to meet the guy for all the UK fans and anyone with a hefty pocket.

    I do hope the guy evens out with his Sonic impression. I’m all for new talent being brought aboard, but we haven’t even played a Sonic game featuring Roger and already it’s pretty easy to taunt him.

    Not that taunting’s fair in any situation, but some people just ask for it.

    One more time, please? Thanks. WHOOOOAAAAA!!1!!one!1!!111

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