PAX 2010 Preview: Sonic Free Riders, Part 2

PAX 2010 Preview: Sonic Free Riders, Part 2

As mentioned in part 1 of my hands-on preview, Sonic Free Riders was only set up at the very end of the show and, as a result, was only demoed by about ten people at the show. What was surprising, though, was that the opinions of everyone who got to play it were universally positive. Given the small number of people who got to play the demo, I decided to record their impressions just as they got off of the demo for the compilation video you see below. I regrettably wasn’t able to record the first two people to try the game, but they shared the positive opinions of the people below. Be sure to stay tuned for more videos later in the day of some of these people in action!


Update: I’ve uploaded some game play I took at the event.

[youtube][/youtube] This next video highlights a problem many people – though not everyone – had with the demo: the menus. I might be doing one more preview regarding these menus, provided I still have the video I took of someone having serious problems with selecting their character.


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  1. Riders truly looks like the best kinect title.
    Truly this is something to behold…right?….RIGHT?
    Oh Kinect I’ll enjoy your fail.

  2. It would be so funny if the Kinect failed like the Nintendo 64DD. That would make Sonic Free Riders a rare title, like SEGASonic the Hedghog arcade game!

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