Sonic Colours: TSS Info Page Live

Sonic Colours: TSS Info Page Live

Today’s been a good day for Sonic Colours information. Basically, information from an advance preview code has the green light to be made public from this week onwards – and I was one of the lucky few to have played it for an extended period of time. For a detailed preview of my experience, you’ll have to check SPOnG (it’ll be worth it, trust me – it should be live Tuesday morning), but for all the little bits of details inbetween, there’s the new TSS Sonic Colours Info Page, which has just gone live.

Every now and then, I’ll be trickling new details into this page from my play experiences – story elements (no spoilers), enemies, moves, Wisp powers and level mechanics. The reason it’s a bit thin right now (although there’s still some interesting tidbits that you likely didn’t know before, including badnik information) is because the site has been going pretty slow today, so I apologise for that.

When you’re done snooping as usual, you can chat about new details on the SSMB right here. Enjoy!

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  1. Damn right you apologise for this slowness ;w ; I thought my computer was failing. But we still love ya ;p Forever and ever. The wind blows for those who smile. Remember that kids D:<

  2. Today in school, I may get a lot of weird looks, but I’ll scream a “YES!!” anyway after reading your preview.

  3. Okay, the first few bits about the dialogue and story writing in this game have me lolling all over the place.

    “Please don’t be concerned if you hear any aliens screaming. The screams are how they communicate. Really. I promise.”

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