Sonic Colours: New Wii & DS Footage

Sonic Colours: New Wii & DS Footage


Some new footage of both versions of Sonic Colours was released this morning at Nintendo’s Fall Press Conference as part of two video showcases for upcoming Wii and DS titles. The Wii video gives us our first snippet of footage from the Starlight Carnival stage, while the DS video gives us our first snippet of Aquatic Park footage. In the Starlight carnival footage we see Sonic running across a materializing pathway, reminiscent of Sonic and the Secret Rings‘ Levitated Ruin stage and in Aquatic Park on DS we see Sonic running across water at top speed before springing off a jellyfish. Creative stuff.


Wii footage can be seen in the top video at the 0:53 mark and the DS footage above at the 2:04 mark.

What do you think of this brief footage? Speak out in the comments.

Source: Nintendo’s Press Conference website

Thanks to Woun for the YouTube conversions.

Also, SEGA has released a new Sonic Colours themed wallpaper for download at the EU and U.S. blogs.


  1. Sonic Colours, Mario All-Stars, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Zelda Skyward Sword…

    My bank account’s going to be running on empty by the time I’ve purchased them all!

  2. Too bad no new info for Sonic 3ds yet.
    Starlight Carnival looks awesome of course, but my interest got that crazy soccer game.
    Or that Dragon beat’em up XD.
    Gotta love japan eh?
    Also yay for Edgeworth 2 and Re: Coded.

  3. that split second of CG Sonic running was like the best split second of my week.

    Anyone know if Mario All-Stars is being released outside of Japan?

  4. @ sonictoast
    Nope no confirmation yet.
    We also need more colours DS footage.
    A vastly improved Sonic Rush 3 hides behind that game.

  5. I know its not Sonic related but wut wuz that awesome looking game after Kingdom Hearts Re:coded on the DS line-up.

  6. This is so amazing… Two new Sonic games, New Kirby, New Zelda.. And now… MEGA MAN LEGENDS 3!

    ._. Curse you Nintendo and your ability to suck money right out of our pockets.. <3

  7. @ sonfan1984:
    TheHumbleFellow is referring to the new Kirby game on DS that was revealed today. Watch the DS video and you’ll see it.

  8. 2010: One of the best years of Video Games.

    Sonic 4, Sonic Colours, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Kirby, Donkey Kong, F1 2010, that Mario Sports game…

    The list goes on….

  9. Oh? I believe that DS Clip contains some new Cutscene Footage? Is that the Sonic Adventure 2 Model??

  10. @SonikkuZaHejj

    No way, the SA2 model was taller and way smoother looking and more detailed than that. He also wore soap shoes.

  11. I wonder what that new Kirby game is about. He or rather they appear to have an older model. Sonic Colors on the DS looks similar to a Sonic Rush game. I just may get both versions of the game.

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