Sonic Colours’ Co-Op Mode In Action

Sonic Colours’ Co-Op Mode In Action


UPDATE: SSMB member Hero of Legend has re-uploaded his video with all 3 clips in, thanks dude! Also, thanks to SSMB member Woun, we have all 3 clips in HD at the below links:
Game Land 1: Act 2
Dig Underground

Footage of Sonic Colours‘ co-op mode has been revealed, courtesy of IGN, who recently got some hands-on time with this feature. Do you remember that robotic head on the games map screen that looked a little like Metal Sonic? Well, it isn’t Sonic’s robotic rival.Β  It’s a planet called Game Land where all of the co-op levels are staged.

As described in IGN’s preview, two players take control of a robot Sonic each and advance through the level by working together, while also trying to compete for the most rings. In the footage we can see some of the various Wisp combos that IGN mentioned, such as the Spike Wisp combo that has both players tethered together in a similar fashion to the old Mega Drive 32X title, Knuckles’ Chaotix. A Lazer Wisp combo is also shown, where both players combine together to form a stronger and larger double lazer attack on a string of enemies.

The levels look as odd as in the original screenshot, but the stage design seems to fit the speed and co-op play to a button. No split-screen is shown, so it appears both players have to keep up with each other on the one screen, but since co-op actions are required to advance through stages then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Source: IGN:
Dig Underground
Game Land 1: Act 2

Thanks to speedduelist and Diogenes at the SSMB for the heads-up!

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  1. @ Hero of Legend:
    Thanks! Word Press doesn’t like websites custom players for some reason. IGN upload their videos to their YouTube account, but not until hours after they put them on their website.

  2. Not to sound negative, but if all the co-op levels look like that, then that’s just lazy. It almost looks as if it’s unfinished. Why not let two players do co-op in the regular stages? This can still be fun, but I’m sorry, it just looks like it was tacked on at the last minute

  3. I’m actually in a slight agreement with Cloverdox. The levels look bland, more like beta stages then finished products even if the mechanics look to work very nicely. Looks like a some fun but I doubt it will last long.

  4. I think this looks super awasome
    i think the co op mode design looks awasome and i love the simplicity personally
    sometimes less is more, in this case i like it and the visuals fit the simple music.

  5. I’m not bothered by it honestly. I just kinda wish that the co-op stages looks as colorful as the single player but I’ll still give it a try if I can find someone to play with me

  6. I love the stage designs! It really sticks to the whole idea that it’s a simulated level for the two Robotnik created ‘Sonic bots’ and the fact that a lot of them are one solid color is a bit of a relief, I wasn’t too fond of the white stage but, it didn’t bother me. I agree Daniel, that the simplicity of these levels actually makes them more appealing in ways! I’ve been waiting for a good Multiplayer Platforming Sonic game for a long time, this fits the bit for me. I’m still really hoping this mode is Online, I’d take advantage of that for hours and hours! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, but not getting my hopes up.


    I uploaded a video before, but AFTER I did I realized that the framerate took a hit, my damn Movie Maker was responsible.

    So after trying out many damn merging programs and my computer fucking up, I FINALLY got it right!

    So sorry guys, please forgive me for the mess-up. πŸ™

  8. looks awesome! only one thing caught my attention, and that’s the abundance of slowdowns, especially while using the drill powerup :/ hope that gets fixed in due time.

    also, it’ll be hell to get someone other than my 4 year old brother to play this with me anyway, lol. but still an awesome inclusion :3

  9. This looks pretty good..better than i expected at least..It feels very S3&K-ish competition stage-wise and music-wise..and i like simultaneous wisp activation and all that..chaotix power up seems like a good idea..i’m guessing they’ll all be 2D..since like a good place to bounce off new ideas..

    and i feel like SEGA’s finally getting it..makes me hope for the awesome 20th anniversary game…

  10. It looks like Sonic Colors is the successor to Sonic Unleashed, after all. Not a bad thing, though.

  11. YAWN!

    Red Robot Sonic = Epic Fail. Just looks like one of those many Sonic Recolors.

    Why the hell couldn’t they just put TAILS IN IT!?

  12. @HazukiHeartwood

    Sonic isn’t even in these gameplay clips. And I’m tired of fans ASSUMING it’s Sonic (despite next saying that it doesn’t suit Sonic.. which is probably a sign that it ISN’T Sonic…) and on top of that claiming it as a FACT when we don’t even know if it’s him or not. SEGA has yet to even mention who the announcer voice is… (Personally, I’m going to believe whoever thinks that’s Sonic is tone-deaf and I will refuse to agree it’s Sonic until I see even the slightest bit of evidence it’s him XD)

    Not that I care… I mostly care that the combined Wisp Powers are awesome! O.O Did anyone notice that it plays a portion of the main theme looped and when combined it specifically plays the chorus portion? XD

  13. Hah, theres no way thats Sonic… Its just an announcer, which sounds nothing like the voice Roger is using for Sonic. Does the 2 player mode remind anyone else of brawl?

  14. Sorry about that guys, missed the video being taken down over-night. I’ve added Hero of Legend’s re-uploaded video and links to Woun’s HD versions. The IGN links are still there too if you want to watch them at their original source.

  15. have they changed the drill wisp music to reach for the stars for the main levels as will (that will be a very good impovement) i never linked the drill wisp πŸ™

  16. Is there any one else noticed when they use dill wisp that the rings went to them like magnet! Thats remind me of Unleashed boost!

  17. I guess I’m not the only one who noticed that the double Drill attract rings while the single one doesn’t…

    @Sonicmovedj: I don’t think they changed the drill music on the original game, this seems to be something exclusive from gameworld (also note that the pink Wisp uses the same music), or at least that’s what the 8-bitness of this tune suggest me.

    Does that mean that all the zones will have it’s own “Wisp mix”? I don’t know… but this seems to hint something like that.

    I can’t stop praising this game! Darn Sonic Colours, stop being awesome and give me something to complain about! >:-(

  18. Don’t tell me we’re going to constantly hear “Drill~Drill!” “LASER” all game long D:

  19. @ Jix Hedgehog

    We so will.

    And in responses saying that “less is more” will make the co-op great I think we can appreicate simplicatity but many a reasons Sonic games have been fun is that the levels offered branching pathways and different routes.

    Basically using simple mechanics in creative ways. The co-op doesn’t seem to do this which is why some of us have concerns. There’s only so few times you can play the same level in the same way before it grates. Still it’s early days so it’ll be interesting to see the finished results.

  20. I dont know what it is about it but I like this better than New Super Mario Bros. Wii, a splitscreen mode would seem much more helpful though.

  21. The little jingle they play when a wisp is activated, the one that sounds like the main theme.. that’s so adorable. I love it. Really looking forward to this co op mode and to seeing the rest of the levels. I also like the retro style music.

  22. These look like great fun!

    It’s too bad the only offline friend who I stay in regular contact with doesn’t play Sonic games because they’re too fast… πŸ™

  23. Well, now we know what the Sonic shape planet is.

  24. wow, that big Burrobot type badnik made me really happy. I hope we see more badniks like him and less like the Egg ponds.

  25. The Spike power up reminds me of of the Sonic Xtreme power up were sonic was covered in metal blade and could stick to walls. It looks like they are looking into the past for inspiration with the Chaotix linking that Marco pointed out.

    It looks like co-op will be fun and challenging.

  26. I’ll take this co-op mode compared to the god-awfully boring co-op mode in Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 any day! At least Sonic Colours co-op mode allows Player 2 to do more than just backup Player 1!!

  27. I love the Chiptune style music choice for these co-op levels πŸ™‚ Very nice, and the mode itself looks fun πŸ™‚ Cant wait for November!

  28. Hm…Choatix throwback, when there’s a small possibility of a Chaotix 2? …could it be forshadow? …probally not…but you never know.

  29. Ok ok o k…come on now. Sonic & Sega AllStars Racing was great, Sonic 4 is looking more fucking awesome the more they go on, and Sonic Colors ON TOP of being a sequel to Unleashed and looking fun, having tons of variety, has a co-op mode and a nod back to Knuckles Chaotix all while doing it?!?!?!

    Somebody slapped SEGA with the awesome stick!

  30. Sonic is remembered by his color
    He the blue blur
    The blue hedgehog
    wheres tails

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