Sonic Adventure Now Available On EU & U.S. PSN

Sonic Adventure Now Available On EU & U.S. PSN

A week after the Xbox Live release, Dreamcast classic Sonic Adventure is now available to purchase and download on the PS3’s PlayStation Store, for £6.29/€7.99/$9.99 and weighs in at 1.52 GB. It was made available yesterday in the U.S. and just minutes ago in Europe. If you’re in the U.S. and you’re after more content for the game, a DLC pack that upgrades the game to Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut with extra missions and Metal Sonic character (after obtaining 130 emblems) is available for $4.99 and weighs in at 173 MB. Europe will have to wait until at least possibly next week for the DX DLC pack, according to Sony Europe’s Mike Kebby at the EU PlayStation Blog.

> It looks like the Sonic Adventure DX Upgrade is out next week, though don’t hold me to this just yet.

Will you be downloading the game? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. @ dark gasher:
    Oh yeah, just had another look at the U.S. Blog and there’s no demo listed XD Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Did they redub some things? I noticed Dr Robotnik’s introduction speech was a little different, I just played SA:DX on Gamecube the other day and I noticed the graphics were touched up a little on the PS3 version and some of the dialogue sounds different

  3. downloaded this :3 so thats why the DLC isn’t out yet! im lucky to still have enough money left to get it, i had 44p left after downloading the lbp sonic DLC, so i have the money to buy the dlc

  4. I have high hopes for the PS3 version as opposed to the 360 version. If they release a demo later I’ll be sure to try it out.

  5. @ Casanova

    I got the xbox one and I beat the game last week, and am getting all the missions done right now, there is nothing wrong with his game. The only thing that is wrong is that you just prefer a different controller. I honestly do prefer the Game cube controller, but I am doing just fine converting to the xbox one. Still getting my A ranks, quit blaming sega.

    Besides, even though the cgi is a bit grainy, this port has a cool cell shade like look to it unlike the gamecube one. I enjoy the extra polygons as well, and the extra shine on metal and glass surfaces in the game.

  6. I got the PSN version, just beat windy valley, and so far really no problems aside from whats to be expected. I’ve owned in the past the DC version, the Gamecube version and the PC version, and this feels somewhat between the Gamecube and PC version so far. The camera is wonky but easier to get back under control and the controls them selves are fine, really no lag. If anything the controls are to responsive boarding on slippery. It’s not the best port but not horrible, for 9.99 I’d say you get your moneys worth.

  7. @thewafflefactory The news story is about the PSN version… The PSN version is dreadful. Just read the reviews of the people who have played it in the forums.

    It’s horrible!

  8. i download it and i like it. i know its just 4:3 but i mean you get used to it and the thing i noticed the most was the color difference, the brightness of the color, its also runs smoother and i did notice that the sound quality was better, this is just my opinion.

    a lot of people ive heard have been saying, oh the graphics are not in hd and stuff, just cause they say its in hd doesnt mean the graphics have changed it just means its upscaled to hd. just saying it to people that were thinking that to let them know.

    but overall i think it deserves an 8, cause it wouldve been cool to add multiplayer into it, like 1 on 1 race on levels and stuff.

  9. ive beaten sonics story about 3 hours ago.

    My compliant’s are: The camera is really annoying compared to the DC
    And the 4:3 screen is annoying.

    I did get used to the borders being there, in my eyes, the dissapeared in my eyes after a bit but then i thought about them and “poof” they were there. i think (don’t think i correct) the borders go on the DX dlc upgraded verison.

  10. Already done it. Everything is perfectly fine with it. I don’t see what the big deal is about the camera being crappy and the gameplay is bad. It’s the same game it’s always been. Critics are arseholes. The only thing wrong is the 4:3 screen.

  11. Im tossing up on whether to get the US or AU version…

    I just know ill hate myself if i get the AU version and the DX addon never comes out.

  12. We want Sega to release Sonic Adventure 2 for PlaySTation 3 on PSN with DLC update of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Add on!

  13. Ok I gotta say.
    It’s had how many re-releases and you still couldn’t give Eggman a new model.
    Look at him! His nose almost poked my eye out!

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