Sonic Adventure DX DLC Pack Now On EU PS Store

Sonic Adventure DX DLC Pack Now On EU PS Store


SEGA Europe has today released the Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut downloadable content pack on the European PlayStation Store. EU PS3 owners of Sonic Adventure can now now upgrade the game with 60 missions and playable Metal Sonic character for (£3.19/€3.99). Be warned though, you need to collect all of the 130 emblems in the game before you can play as Metal Sonic. To see Sonic’s robotic rival in action, check out the above video of him in action on the Gamecube/PC version of the game, courtesy of YouTube user burgerkingJ.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog

Will you be downloading the pack? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. No thanks.
    Half the price of Sonic Adventure for Metal and 60 missions?
    I rather use that money for 4.

  2. @SuperBH

    Sure you can. Just keep trying. =) Watch videos of people beating it and practice doing what they do. o.o

    I think the hardest thing to do in the game was find all the emblems in the Adventure fields and Big’s last mission. But I finally realized I was missing a level up for Big, which I found, but the emblems I never found the last one cuz I didn’t know when one was missing and had to do it on a whole knew file to get them all.

    Which reminds me, I almost forgot how to get both levels for Amy. (As in after a while I only remembered how to get one but not both at the same time.) I think I remember now. O-O

  3. I got all 130 emblems in SADX for Gamecube before I sold it. It took FOREVER! Same with SA2B!

  4. Mmm…. 60 new missions good. Metal Sonic… good? Well, not really. All his is is Sonic but looking like Metal Sonic! Same moves and attacks, what’s the point? I’m a massive fan of Sonic Adventure myself but that still seems to me a bit ridiculous! So, I’ll just be sticking with the normal game. Anyway, GO SONIC GAMES! War games (especially Halo) suck! Sonic rules!

  5. The only thing that’s ever given me trouble are those stupid Chao races. Naturally, my Chao that I started raising had HORRIBLE Run and Stamina stats, so I had to raise him all the way up to level 45 in everything AND get lucky just to win the Emerald race. Thanks again for the crappy Gamecube Chao raising, Sonic Team! It REALLY made me enjoy raising Chao! And of course, who doesn’t love having stats in DX that you can’t view? I love hatching a Chao and wondering “are all of his stats B or higher, or are they all D’s?” Great job in putting the guess-work and trial-and-error (that was never there to begin with) back into raising a Chao!

    Er, anyway, Metal Sonic’s inclusion is kinda meh to me. I got the DX DLC pack, and I WOULD be using Metal Sonic to get high scores in Emerald Coast, Windy Valley, etc., but your scores with Metal Sonic don’t get posted to any leaderboards. Kinda kills the whole point of replaying to beat your best time…

    By the way, I never noticed this before, but when Metal Sonic charges up for the Light Speed Dash, the blue energy that encases him is identical in shape to the energy that surrounds Sonic when he’s doing the same thing. Also, the form of the energy appears to be shaped like Sonic’s model from the original DC version. Nice, thorough job there, Sonic Team.

  6. It’s probably cheaper just to get the DX on a previous system… remember, I’m offering tips on how you guys can save money for Sonic 4!

  7. To Be Honest I’m glad I got a Wii cause I can settle for the original SADX
    (But I don’t have a 360 or PS3 so I can’t say anything……..)

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