SOA’s Ratcliffe Reveals True Cause of Sonic 4 Delay

SOA’s Ratcliffe Reveals True Cause of Sonic 4 Delay

From TSSZNews comes a surprising report that seems to finally clarify the delay on Sonic 4. It appears that a focus groups negative reaction to the game was the main cause of the delay. Not due to the iPhone or negative reaction to leaked videos apparently.

“We weren’t ready, in any shape or form, to reveal what was in the game. It shouldn’t have been out there in the public domain.” Says Ratcliff.


What do you think? Is this the main case of the delay, or do you think it was a number of factors? Sound off on our comments and forums.


  1. Another true reason about the delay 😀 At least this will shut some people up! Although, I’m sure people will find something to complain about this xD

  2. Kindaglad. A focus group’s complaints will be much more valid than ours, because us lot will complain no matter what they give us.

  3. I’m glad sega’s taking there time with sonic 4,we dont want a re-peat like with that one game… I’ll give kudo’s to sega if that’s the reason there taking there time with it. Rather they’d polish it before they release it,no suddenly dying from running into invisible walls in this one I hope X).

  4. Sorry I can’t take this site seriously anymore.
    Oh and in one of the linked articles he tries to mock Ruby.
    Jason, it is nice of you to post something like this.
    But if there isn’t a source or anything like it on this site you should put a big fat RUMOR there.
    Well if it is true , then Sega is just smart.
    Game not good enough = delay to improve.

  5. @Eggman123

    As long as it doesn’t end up like Sonic X-Treme. And other things similar to leading SEGA out of Console race. However, it’s probably better this way. Sonic is on numerous consoles now. Unless SEGA made a new console out of nowhere and every Sonic game was on it nomatter how many other consoles they’d release on. xD

    Hmm, I wonder what SEGA’s consoles would be like in this generation, what with all the HD stuff, motion control and hand-held devices. o.o

  6. @ Marcello: Naturally people will find something to complain about. It means that the fan responses had bugger all to do with the delay, which is the main reason that the problems we cited are just being swept under the carpet. Automation, physics, uncurling, rebounding etc.

  7. Can’t really complain if a delay was due to something like that, then again by this point a delay could have been for any reason and I would appreciate it.

    No one wants a repeat of the one game which should have been delayed but wasn’t.

  8. Rundas: To an extent, I was joking! It was a very subtle kind of parody/social commentary on the fact that even the most loyal Sonic fans always have something to complain or be unhappy about. It was also to do with the fact that inevitably the hype for this game is building up way too much and if this game fails then many will consider the franchise pretty much dead, so canceling it all together and carrying on with games like Colors may be a safer bet. =P

    To put it simply, IT WAS JUST A JOKE. =) I’ve been a Sonic fan from the start and I’m gonna continue to buy and enjoy every single game as I always have.

  9. I don’t care too much about Sonic 4 (I’m not that impressed with what I seen of it so far) but I’m looking forward to Colors. Does that mean I’m not a Sonic fan?

  10. You know guys. I hate Sonic ’06.
    I think SEGA will remake Sonic ’06 to make better Sonic game.

    1.No Elise, they should make SonAmy subplot because they’re both hedgehogs
    2.Make Sonic, Shadow, and Silver faster not slower
    3.More playable character’s own stories besides Sonic, Shadow and Silver
    4.Make stages so easier than hard ones I hate that!
    5.Blaze will still be alive not dead in orignal.
    6.Make the stories very good
    7.Better Music!
    8.Crush 40!
    9.Eggman would be like Sonic Adventure 1-2, Heroes and others
    10.All characters will still be here like: Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Blaze, Rouge, Omega, Eggman, Mephelles, plus more characters like Big, Cream, Chaotix and Metal Sonic
    11.More bosses
    12.More stages
    13.Unlock classic Sonic games like Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic CD, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles and more classic Sonic games
    14.Sonic/Amy/Shadow love triangle
    15.Make Eggman more evil
    16.Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Super Silver in levels and bosses
    17.Two players and co-play with Sonic, Silver, Shadow and their friends like Tails, Knuckles, Amy and more
    18.Unlock music, cutscenes and more
    19.Sonic World (Avatars, Xbox360, Miis (Nintendo Wii)
    20.Battle Mode and Mini Games
    That would be perfect for Sonic’s 20th anniversay game “Sonic Adventure 3″ in 2011?
    So what are you think guys?

  11. Ryan: I agree, Sonic 06 to me is a game begging to be remade, and done so properly. But for me, this just means sorting out all the glitches and loading times etc. which is no small feat of course, because i did believe that there was a half decent game under all that shit.

  12. Even if SEGA remade Sonic ’06, I still wouldn’t buy it again.

    Also, why are we talking about remaking Sonic ’06 anyway? Ryan loves going off topic.

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