SEGA to Attend Gamefest 2010

SEGA to Attend Gamefest 2010

Videogame retailer GAME are holding a big videogame trade fair called Gamefest in Madrid this year and SEGA Europe will be attending, along with other big names in the business. This will be the first of what is hoped to be an annual show for the capital, on par with E3 in Los Angeles and the Tokyo Game Show in Japan. Gamefest will be open to the public, allowing attendees to try out all of the upcoming game releases before they hit store shelves. SEGA will be bringing their future releases, though no list of games has been given on their page on the Gamefest site, but they do say that you will be able to meet Sonic. SEGA will be located at stand 17.

If you’re interested in attending, the event is being held from October 8th to the 10th in the exhibition site Recinto Ferial Juan Carlos I de Madrid. Doors will be open from 10am to 8pm and tickets can be bought at for 3,00€ each, but unfortunately only Friday and Sunday tickets are still available. Saturday appears to be sold out.

Source: Gamefest 2010 official website


  1. Well done you got first comment espioofchaotix enjoy your e penis getting bigger ….

    I didn’t know there was more videogame trade shows going on and never knew GAME did them as well lol well hopefully the final build of STH4E1 will be there and people will take videos of it =)

  2. The more the merrier.
    I expect the usual stuff.
    We MIGHT get a first look on some 3DS games from Sega since the whole stuff around it will be presented nex week.

  3. Wow, didn’t know Spain had their own game show.
    Probably not the place to show off something new, but it would be cool if they did

  4. I’m from Madrid and I’m going to the fest. But after asking and watching a little on the website I don’t expect big news.
    It’s a very good chance to play Sonic Colours and Sonic 4, anyways =D.

  5. @ Jix Hedgehog:
    They didn’t, this will be their first year. They’re hoping this will be an annual event and be Madrid’s E3 and TGS. With all the big names and upcoming games they have on-board, then it’s shaping up to be just that 😀

  6. For a moment, I thought it read: “SEGA to attend Brewfest”

    …learn from me, kids. Never play WoW.

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