SEGA Reveals More Sonic 4 Changes

SEGA Reveals More Sonic 4 Changes

At the SEGA of America Blog, RubyEclipse has revealed a few more minor pieces of information about Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and the changes made during the games delay. Two of the changes in this latest update were already revealed yesterday by Gamespot and Sonic Stadium founder Svend Joscelyne aka Dreadknux. These changes include a World Map replacing the level select screen and the option at the end of an Act to progress to the next Act, without returning to the World Map (or level select screen as it used to be).

The final and all-new update is the removal of the invisible wall at the end of an Act. You’ll have seen in gameplay videos that when you run past the Act completion sign post and to the end of the screen, you will always hit an invisible wall and can’t run off-screen like you would in the classics. The wall has now been removed, so you can speed away off-screen to the next part of the adventure (or whatever is hiding there) in true nostalgic fashion.

RubyEclipse also gives a heads up on what to expect in the future:

That’s all for today’s mini-update, though we’ll be announcing Sonic 4’s release date, the pricing, and revealing another zone on the website soon. Update Blog Part 2.0 will also be arriving within the next few weeks, and with it, word on the second big level redesign within the final version.

Source: SEGA of America blog

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  1. Interesting. Well I can say in the Second made sonic game ever did let you but when you would let the animals out you would stay inside. But I like this but idk what to say.

  2. About time we get a release date! While these changes are small, I probobly WILL notice, so thanks SEGA.

  3. I… really?! The wall!? To go off-screen? XD

    And I STILL can’t believe people are so uptight over a simple little release date. You can’t play it til it comes out. I’d be less worried about when they reveal the release date since it doesn’t end the wait and they’re gonna reveal it anyways before it comes out. I couldn’t care less about the release date and more about the pricing! XD

  4. ooooh. haha. I think the sonic 4 team is getting jealous of the attention Sonic Colours is getting. They’re really trying now hehe. Hope that makes this game even better!

  5. I’m really curious how Casino Street act 2 now looks like.
    Nice changes and be a little bit more patient guys a XBL/PSN game gets its release date really shortly before it’s released.

  6. I think we can all agree that Sonic 4 has had enough development time, from what we got from the demo, it was fun then and can only be better now!
    Thank you Sega for taking your time with each single step you took to insure Sonic 4 would appeal to the original generation of Sonic players.

    Now, bring forth the release date! 😀

  7. @ Brad Flick
    Well it ‘ll let the game look a lot less chep, and boost more nostalgia.
    I hope you have a better time with this game than you think.

  8. I bought 1000 wii points like 4 months ago, expecting this game to be out soon. This release date better come quickly otherwise I may end up blowing these points on classic Mario titles.

  9. Release date?! IT’S ABOUT FLIPPING TIME!!!!!!! Sonic Colours got a comfirmed release date time ago…Why is it taking soooooo long for Sonic 4??

    Meh, I ain’t gonna rush and buy points for Sonic 4 but I’ll buy it eventually, Sonic Colours on the other hand……lets just say that the doors will still be closed when I get to the store =D

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