SEGA Performs Sonic 4, Free Riders & Colours Music at TGS

SEGA Performs Sonic 4, Free Riders & Colours Music at TGS

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SEGA Japan held a musical performance for Sonic fans at the Tokyo Game Show, including music from SEGA’s three upcoming Sonic titles, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, Sonic Free Riders and Sonic Colours. Among the performers is fan favourite Jun Senoue, who plays some of his tracks from Sonic 4, aswell as joining a band for performances of Sonic Free Riders theme music, Sonic Colours’ ‘Reach for the Stars’ and an all new song for the game too. You’ll also see plenty of new gameplay footage of Sonic 4’s new build, with Sonic’s new running animation and his faster time of achieving ‘blurry feet’. Also on show is new CGI cutscene footage from Sonic Colours.


Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the find, heads-up and YouTube conversions!


  1. Ooooh, I am looooving that Sonic Free Riders theme! Not so much Sonic Colours though… even so, two thumbs up!

  2. Wow Sonic 4 looks just fun.
    Eggman laughin his mech looks kinda badass.
    And this singer dude is waaay over the top.
    Where’s Johnny?

    (stops to think) Money-back guarantee, you said…

  4. Yeah Sonic’s running looks much better. :I
    I like the theme to Sonic Free Riders more than “Reach For The Stars”. It’s pretty awesome. xD The guy did better singing that Sonic than the theme to Sonic Colors anyways.

    It wasn’t that bad at first since most live performances aren’t as good so I can be sure the actualy Sonic Free Riders theme will be awesome. But in Sonic Colors’ theme.. well, besides the fact that his mic SUCKED, he kept jumping around and stuff and straining his voice for excitment making it even worse. He got some words wrong too. xD

    But the clips in the background assure me Sonic Colors is gonna have some amazing CGI cutscenes throughout the game showing him use the different Wisps even, and Sonic LOOKS cooler too!

    Why do I get the feeling that Orbot is a smartass and Cubot is a dumbass? XD

    Also, I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve ever heard Jun Senoue actually SPEAK! XD (He speaks both Japanese and English doesn’t he?)

    All in all, it was pretty dang cool! =)

  5. By the way, because the singer wasn’t all that great, one of YOU GUYS should post a cover of the songs on Youtube so we can all enjoy it until the real deal comes out! >:U lol xD

  6. Also, it looks like Sonic jumped up to the screen and punched Eggman in the face in one of the CGI cutscenes. xD

  7. I’m really liking the Free Riders theme. But man, that singer. He was bad. He sounded out of breath the whole time and it sounded like he didnt know the lyrics. Pretty entertaining actually. It seems the only department Sonic Colors is lacking in is the music. Though I do like the main theme, that other song preformed before it didn’t really do it for me.

  8. In one of those CGI clips, it shows Sonic jumping at the screen looking like he was going to punch someone or something.

  9. God that was horrible, they are not good stage singers at all.

    And the first sinng for Colors sounds like something from the wiggles or something.

    I really hope the clean versions are released soon

  10. Dang that singer was LAME. I coulda done a better job >.> Oh well at least Jun Senoue and the other instrumentalists were good!

  11. lol, everyone is only talking about the theme songs. What I want to know is if this is a new/revised version of Splash Hill, because the synth sounds SO much better this way.

  12. The main singer was pretty bad, but the performances in general were fun to listen to.

    I liked the Splash Hill medley Jun did at the beginning. That was awesome! And the Free Riders theme.

    The other songs were good too, but I definitely like the studio versions better…

  13. ‎”Not looking back… Not looking back”

    That’s… um… that’s a great cover there, champ. Great job.

  14. Well, live performances are very tough for singers. However, this means they cant rely too much on effects in their songs! I love crush 40 for example, but when they do a live performance, they use pre recorded drums and echos and stuff, just not as great. I will say that singer on stage looks a lot like Brendan Fraser

  15. Here’s I want for new Sonic games:

    1.SEGA, make Sonic shows his feelings for Amy Rose.
    2.SEGA, Nintendo, Hudson Soft, make Mario & Sonic Party crossover game.
    3.I want Sonic Adventure 3 for Sonic’s 20th birthday.
    4.I want Sonic to be more popular.
    5.Make Amy more appearance.
    6.Sega, Nintendo make Mario and Sonic Adventure game.
    7.Sonic 4 episode 2 and 3 better had Knuckles and Tails or Amy.
    8.Add Sonic theme land at Six Flags parks in USA.
    9.Make Tails more friend with Sonic.
    10.Sega, Bioware, make Sonic Chronicles 2, make Sonic and Amy more closer, add more playable characters, better music, better sound effects from Sonic games, final battle on Eggman, Shade and Knuckles’s love, better models, better backgrounds, better graphics, make perfect battle system for Sonic characters, make Sonic hubs from the games on maps, and much more.
    Please, SEGA. Do your best on new Sonic games.

  16. Well, I found something I hate about Sonic Colors. That lousy “Speak with your heart” song. So Awful.

  17. @ Ryan

    You’re better off picking one of those things to happen than expecting at least half of them to happen. (At least any time soon-)

    At least for part of #10 on your list- you’ll probably have to wait for the 3DS for that (or just see if they’d ever do a PSP release) to fit it in all that.

    Except the romance- that’s what the Archie comics and fan fictions are for.

  18. I feel bad for the singer. Since he can’t speak Japanese, the audience’s reaction is lukewarm. Happened to Gieoli too, from what I understand.

  19. I think this guy is TRYING to lower Sonic’s reputation by acting like an idiotic, crazed fanboy who’s still going through puberty.

  20. I wonder why they can’t hire a better singer to perform the songs. I would’ve enjoyed the new song “Speak with your heart” or something like that if they got somebody better to sing it.

  21. Jesus Christ, man. It’s dumb shit performances and asshat clowns like these that make me embarrassed to be a fan. For god’s sake, SEGA. Clean up your marketing.

    The CG from Colors looked great, though. Especially that Sonic punch.

  22. @ Ryan:

    1: If SEGA did that, the fanbase would be split in half, the sonamy fans would cheer, and the rest would load their rifles and aiming for SEGA HQ.
    2: Could happen, Mario & Sonic at teh Olympics happened.
    3: I have actually heard of some fans who DON’T want a third game in the Adventure titles, for fear SEGA might screw up a really good name.
    4: That can only happen if his games are good.
    5: … Similar to number 1.
    6: ..OK, it seems like a good idea, but now you’re pushing the envelope.
    7: It should happen, according to what SEGA has.. hinted.
    8: *facepalm* go ride the Sonic Spinball at Alton Towers.
    9: Now you’re making sense.
    10: The DS’s life is draining, but the 3DS is coming out around March. I would love to see Shade again(Best team attacks, in my opinion), but… what is with Sonic Fans and relationships?! Go read the Archie Comics!!

  23. You know guys. I hate Sonic ’06.
    I think SEGA will remake Sonic ’06 to make better Sonic game.

    1.No Elise, they should make SonAmy subplot because they’re both hedgehogs
    2.Make Sonic, Shadow, and Silver faster not slower
    3.More playable character’s own stories besides Sonic, Shadow and Silver
    4.Make stages so easier than hard ones I hate that!
    5.Blaze will still be alive not dead in orignal.
    6.Make the stories very good
    7.Better Music!
    8.Crush 40!
    9.Eggman would be like Sonic Adventure 1-2, Heroes and others
    10.All characters will still be here like: Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Blaze, Rouge, Omega, Eggman, Mephelles, plus more characters like Big, Cream, Chaotix and Metal Sonic
    11.More bosses
    12.More stages
    13.Unlock classic Sonic games like Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic CD, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles and more classic Sonic games
    14.Sonic/Amy/Shadow love triangle
    15.Make Eggman more evil
    16.Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Super Silver in levels and bosses
    17.Two players and co-play with Sonic, Silver, Shadow and their friends like Tails, Knuckles, Amy and more
    18.Unlock music, cutscenes and more
    19.Sonic World (Avatars, Xbox360, Miis (Nintendo Wii)
    20.Battle Mode and Mini Games
    That would be perfect for Sonic’s 20th anniversay game “Sonic Adventure 3″ in 2011?
    So what are you think guys?

  24. Jun was epic, as always. The Sonic Free Riders theme was awesome. Can’t say the same for the song right after it, though. And who was that guy who was singing?!?

  25. I like the new song after listening to it many times in the video. It sounds…different but catchy, too. It really grew on me

  26. Okay, so I’ve given this another watch, and… I wanna punch this singer in the face. Like, seriously. Where did they find this clown? Did they pull a random guy off the street because the real singer couldn’t make it?

    He mixes up the lyrics, he’s out of breath half the time, and his constant ”woos” and ridiculous clapping makes him look like an asshole. Seriously, Bubbles the Chimp could have done a better job. I tell ya, he could have just went on stage and farted several times and it probably would have been better than this crap. And all the Japanese people in the crowd are probably thinking ”Pfft. Dumbass American”. What a load of crap.

    … On the bright side, Sonic 4 looks great! The way the game flows is TONS better than what we’ve seen before. Diggin’ the title screen animation as well! The CGI cutscenes for Sonic Colors look swell as well.

  27. They probably just hired this guy since TGS is all the way in japan while cash cash is on tour. Bascially he’s a backup.

  28. HAH he can’t keep up with the tempo and he doesn’t know the lyrics he’s have testypops (voice is cracking) and hes just a bad singer

  29. …who is this guy? o_O

    I’m sorry, but that was cringeworthy. “Reach For The Stars” was, anyway. He doesn’t know the lyrics, he’s not a particularly good singer in the first place, and all in all he ruined a performance of what I consider to be a perfectly decent song. I’ll stick to the Cash Cash version, methinks.

  30. @Doctor MK

    It’s true! I mean, the other songs were bad, but not AS bad (you could get an idea of how the official song would song which is awesome) But he wore himself out with all that crap he was doing and kept pulling away from the mic so it didn’t always hear him and he jumped around too much shaking his voice when it’s already out of breath!

    By the time it got to Reach For The Stars, it became the first thing that people called cringeworthy where it WASN’T an exaggeration and I actually cringed for real. T^T lol

    Hey, maybe they used this guy to suck so the people who don’t like the actual theme song will go back to it and like it better now! XD

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