New Wii and Xbox 360/PS3 Sonic 4 Screenshots

New Wii and Xbox 360/PS3 Sonic 4 Screenshots

Been wondering what the Lost Labyrinth Zone looks like on Wii? Wonder no longer, because Andriasang has released two batches of new and old screenshots of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, a batch for the HD version and the other for the Wii edition. Both sets show us more of Splash Hill Zone and Lost Labyrinth Zone and you can check them out below.

Xbox 360/PS3:


Source: Andriasang via GoNintendo
Xbox 360/PS3


  1. Whoa. I just flashed back to first time I was on one of those conveyor belts in Labyrinth Zone and at the top were spikes that squish you. That was mean of you, Sonic 1.

  2. I like the homing attack screenshot where the robot sees Sonic coming while behind him is smoke of his now dead robo buddy, he’s stare is like “Well I’M in a real jam aren’t I, Bill?” (“Bill” referring to the dead robot before him xD)

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