New Sonic Free Riders Screenshots Reveal New Tracks

New Sonic Free Riders Screenshots Reveal New Tracks

Gamespot has released a batch of new screenshots of SEGA’s upcoming Xbox 360 Kinect exclusive, Sonic Free Riders. The screens show us a few new tracks as well as some more co-op actions that we got a brief glimpse of in SEGA’s TGS trailer for the game. The new tracks include a train station and a snowy area, but we also get to see other areas of the recently revealed Rocky Ridge track. The HUD looks to have been updated too. You can check out the rest of the screenshots below.

Source: Gamespot

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  1. Cool
    Does anyone know if They are going to have other SEGA characters like the previous ones?
    like Amigo, Aiai,Billy hatcher

  2. Wow. Now those levels are REALLY giving me a Sonic Adventure vibe. They’re a lot less cartoony than the previous 2 Riders. (It somewhat gives me a Sonic Adventure/Heroes vibe xD)

    But the model even looks like from SA2 KINDA (with Sonic Uleashed’s face)

    Either way, I’m starting to find it easier to picture what SA3 could actually look like if it were made. lol

    Lastly, idk about anyone else, but these tracks look pretty sweet. xD

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