New Sonic Colours Trailer & 7 More Facts

New Sonic Colours Trailer & 7 More Facts


SEGA Europe has released the above new trailer for Sonic Colours. Not much that we haven’t already seen before is shown, but we do get a look at some more footage of the CGI cutscenes in the game, such as Sonic confronting Dr.Eggman.

Seven more facts about the game were also released, which you can read below:

• Contrary to the E3 build some of you may have played getting S-ranks are TOUGH. You’ll need to maximise your grabbing of bonuses whilst still maintaining your speed and maximising your ring count in order to gain them.

• Yacker doesn’t have a voice as such, but makes an audible chittering noise. He’s also big on body language communication – think Sonic: Night of the Werehog.

• Since you guys love the Tails facts so much… FOXY FACT: Tails is more interested in inventing than Sonic’s heroics.

• Sometimes bad situations can lead to good discoveries!

• You CAN skip cutscenes – press + on the wiimote.

• Dr. Eggman ALSO has something of a 4th wall breaking moment.

• The Wisps have a, rather rude nickname for Dr. Eggman!

That’s all for now, oh wait… one bonus item for you to deduce.

Sept 19th > Cowboys.

That’s all. 🙂

Source: Sonic City Blognik

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads-up!


  1. September 19th > Cowboys eh? Did we find out anything on September 19th about Cubot?

    This game looks special to me, lucky I just bought a Wii! ^^

  2. Are there only five zones then? I was kind of hoping for a bit more than than, considering they don’t have the game-lengthening world map and werehog sections of Unleashed.

    Still looks good, though.

  3. That foxy fact is the first one I can not get behind. Tails was made out to always view Sonic as his hero and role model, wanting to be like him. Sure, he tried to prove he can do things himself in Adventure 1 and I guess 2, but caring more about inventing than Sonic’s heroics? That’s bs.

  4. Every time we see something new about Sonic 4 , we also see something new about Sonic Colors and then we forget about Sonic 4 ,every time!

  5. September 19 the Dallas Cowboys were defeated by the Chicago Bears…?

    I also have to disagree with the new Foxy Fact. Perhaps the results of Sonic games the past 5 years have taken a toll on Tails?

  6. @Espy
    6 zones have already been confirmed:
    Tropical Resort, Sweet Mountain, Planet Wisp, Starlight Carnvial, Aquatic Park and Asteroid Coaster. There is also a mode called “Egg Shuttle”, which allows you to rush through all the levels in the game without stopping (like how you would in the classics). As well as these there are still 2 more points on the map, a satellite and a large red star. These have yet to be confirmed yet.

    Here’s the map:

  7. RT: MH MD- Dude, isn’t that a good thing?! I mean, yeah the recent trailer for Sonic 4 Casino Street is drool worthy, but the fact that Sonic Colors, a 3D Sonic game, is looking better and better and BETTER with everyday closer to the release date it shouldn’t be surprising. This is the formula Sonic fans have been looking for in a 3D Sonic game since the heyday of the Dreamcast and it’s looking like Sonic Team’s FINALLY gotten it right. Took about 10 years, but hey, replaying the trailer, I say its worth the wait.

    Also, in regards to the Sept. 19 > Cowboy bit, he’s talking about the reference he made about a particular badnick bot that he claimed would be stuck in Cowboy mode. As to what it’s to refer to exactly…*shrug* got me :/

  8. @Shade Vortex.

    I hear you man. I HATE what they’ve done to Tails’ character. Making him a boy genius is fine, I guess (kind of cliche and kind of lame), but they’ve totally re-defined his role as the generic “I’ll build this ridiculous contraption to save the day” character, rather than the lovable little-brother sidekick who idolizes Sonic.

    This eventually became so much of a bland character generalization that the last time he was a playable character in a main-series game he sat around in stupid robot mech the entire time, COMPLETELY NEGATING HIS ORIGINAL CHARACTER-DEFINING TRAIT.

    I was excited to see Tails flying alongside Sonic again in the teaser trailers, but knowing that he is not only an unplayable storyline character, but that he’s up to his boring “inventing” antics again is a huge disappointment. Congratulations, Sega – you’ve completely bastardized my once-favorite Sonic character.

  9. I’m a little surprised about this foxy fact, but I guess it fits in with Sonic Adventure, with Tails trying not to consistently rely on Sonic all the time.

    Like it or not, people, the little guy’s growing up.

  10. Breaking the 4th wall?

    Lame, Sega. Super lame.

    I’m really looking forward to the gameplay, but everything I’ve heard from the cutscenes so far has been corny joke after corny joke. If I wanted that, I’d watch Alvin and the Chipmunks.

    Also, Tails hates speed and isn’t interested in Sonic’s heroics? Is it the same Tails, or was he replaced along with his voice?

  11. Here you guys go over reacting and taking things way out of context again.
    @ Sock fox, they already said that the story is silly and is goofy and full of jokes

  12. Complain complain. That’s all you Sonic fans do. I’d rather have a light-hearted Sonic game, then the apocalyptic Sonic Adventure 1/2, Sonic 06, Shadow, & Sonic Unleashed.

  13. Also, since when did people play Sonic for an in depth story? If I wanted that, I would go read Sonic the Hedgehog comics(which I do). Only story I need is Dr. Robotnik up to his dumb schemes and Sonic having to stop him.

    Mario, MegaMan, and Sonic DO NOT need,”Oh my gosh! If you don’t stop this horrible monster, the whole world will be destroyed” stories.

  14. What Sega said that Tails isn’t so keen on speed then what you think, I guess that suppose to mean that Tails can get sick or dizzy when Sonic is speeding really fast
    and the whole ‘Tails is more interested in building things’ why don’t we wait and watch a cutscene before some of you guys over react to this

  15. Seems Tails has been growing up since last we saw him. I don’t mind though, since it was to be expected. That’s pretty cool, at least in my opinion.

  16. Yeah, the tails thing kinda bothers me also.
    Ill have to play the game to see just HOW much it bothers me.
    It does suck for the people out there who favorite tails for what he was originally intended to be.

  17. @ Lanmanna

    I think complaints against the Sonic series are entirely warranted whether you’re a Sonic fan or not considering the series has gone off the deep end in recent years. True this game does look promising but none of us have yet to play the final build which (though I doubt will be bad) may not live up to expectations.

  18. Sounds like some people completely missed the point of Tails’ story in Sonic Adventure.

    You think he’s going to follow Sonic to college? Or on his honeymoon? Tails is growing up and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    -bonus awesome points to anyone who gets that reference-

    The game’s looking more and more spectacular by the day. That short clip of Sonic confronting Eggman was cooler than anything that has ever come out of the Sonic franchise in the past few years.

  19. I like how these “Foxy Facts” seem to be proactively prepping us for the complete liquidation of the character by making him as redundant and unappealing as possible (“Oh, Tails isn’t going to be playable anymore, but that’s only because he doesn’t /want/ to be! He’d much rather be a plot device.”). Here’s hoping they intend to retcon his existence entirely with the next game- he was a delightful addition to the series 12 years ago, but if Sonic Team loathes the character as much as they let on, then I’d much rather they get the euthanization over with instead of dragging him around for the legacy’s sake.

  20. Hmm, well it looked awesome. I’m sort’ve unthrilled about those 2 foxy facts as it contradicts why Tails is even in the series XD (He met Sonic by following around which he did because he thought Sonic was cool for being FAST and HEROIC. His name happens to be “Miles” which would symbolize speed. He has 2 tails as an interesting trait for a reason, not to just be useless. His full name is a pun of “Miles per hour”. Sonic was impressed by his ability to keep up.)

    I don’t have a major problem with it, just I’d really like to see Tails get some action spotlight again. ^^

    As for Sonic having depth stories, we don’t need stories like Sonic 06 as the world is too stupid to get something THAT complex. SA2 is as dark/serious as it should go. HOWEVER, most ppl (online and who voice their opinions most that is) prefer a simple story over depth.

    Well, I’m not one of those people. If there CAN be a good story, written beautifully and artistically and have some seriousness and something meaningful as well as be entertaining, I’d rather add that to the game than not add that. I do not want my intelligence insulted by making DUMB stories. Let’s stick with Sonic 3&K/Sonic Adventure depth, thank you. ^_^

  21. @Kits’Okami

    That was a reference? I mean I get the part about it being the same line buuut it doesn’t exactly stand out as the line could’ve been said by ANYTHING or ANYONE. Y’know, since it’s a true fact of life. xD

    But anyhoo, the point of Tails’ story in Sonic Adventure was to not RELY on Sonic. Didn’t her “grow up” by becoming independent? You know, where he then continued to stop the missle and fight Robotnik alone for the first time? And then in SA2 where he took action on his own again using the Cyclone? Now they’ve changed it to where Sonic depends on him, but it’s just the lack of Tails taking action that bothers me. I mean, I don’t have a major problem with it, it’s not a BIG deal. I just hope he doesn’t become expendable.

    As for your line about Tails following what Sonic does.. 2 things.

    1-What about the other characters who are ALREADY grown up? They seem to be doing it. That’s why they take action.

    2-Why would Sonic go on a honeymoon? I thought that’s what Amy wanted while Sonic opposes the idea to even been in a relationship willingly. Unless you meant like him being forced into it, which is possible. XD

  22. when I think about it, that foxy facts kinda explains why Tails has been acting more like Sonic’s personal mechanic and less of his sidekick as of late

  23. lol at everybody missing the point.

    I want the story to be light-hearted, guys. I want the story to have humour. But the stuff I’ve seen so far is trying so hard to be funny that it is not funny at all.

  24. I think some of the quotes is funny like that one quote when Sonic said that he have to check out anything that glows. I hope they don’t go way too overboard with the jokes.

  25. I find it odd everyone who goes online and voices this opinion a lot want a light-hearted story or a more cartoony Sonic when that’s supposedly when Sonic started going down. xD Last good game was SA2?

    Sonic Heroes – more cartoony and NO DEPTH AT ALL. Shadow The Hedgehog, it’s SORT’VE depth but it was cartoony as heck! ALIENS? Sonic Riders was extremely cartoony and comical. It worked, yet a lot of people dislike it. Why? It was a racing game so it didn’t fail at what it was meant to be. Sonic Unleashed’s WereHog had to be the most unrealistic and cartoony portion of the game. The entire storybook series!

    Sooo what the fans want is something more like the classic games (Death Egg Saga, not as silly or light-hearted) and the Adventure series (also not too bland) but without the awesome plot-style of those games. I see.

    Well at least Sonic Colors was good at mixing the classic series, Adventure series and cartoony series together to please everyone. (so far) That’s what it was meant to do. ^_^

    No that was not a sarcastic statement! XD

  26. @Ax:… You mean that you actually took that line seriously?! If this was RL, I’d be stammering in utter disbelief right now.

    For Goodness’ SAKE, Sonic fans. >_<

    (except sonfan'84. Bonus awesome points for you)

  27. Seriously? How is it NOT cartoony? Does it LOOK realistic to you? Even the humans there looked weird! XD Big arms and feet. Immortal floating alien monsters! Cartoony graphics and designs. Despite cursing, it was done in a very childish way. xD (Then again, we DO have Family Guy, The Simpsons and Futurama as well as everything on Adult Swim so it’s nothing new. =P)

  28. @Kits’Okami

    Okay okay calm down. It was just a joke. XD Just as your line I was responding to was. (It’s not like I think Sonic won’t go on a honeymoon yet believe he’s going to college or anything! XD)

  29. Do the people at Sonic Team even remember who Tails is? The little guy who follows Sonic everywhere because he idolizes him? I swear, they’re actually trying to make him less interesting with every appearance.

  30. Mike: I think it’s called “character development”. Remember Sonic Adventure? Tails decided he needed to try and stop relying on Sonic and be his own hero.

  31. @Jmack: It’s been done to death and it’s not cool any more.

    Sonic looking at the camera if you leave him too long is great. Having a character break the fourth wall for no reason in dialogue? No, that’s… that’s just cheesy.

  32. @Jmack: Yeah, I’m sure skipping the cutscene will increase the quality of the writing. Thanks for the tip, genius.

    To be fair, I’ve just looked into it in a few other places and found a few quotes from the game that ARE funny. Maybe the Blognik is just revealing the most dire stuff first so the rest sounds great in comparison. 😛

  33. I don’t mind Tails “growing up” and taking his own identity. What I dislike is this new “I’m the cliche 8 year old whiz kid and the only thing I’m good for is being a Donatello ripoff” identity they’ve given him. They could have given him some REAL character development and started putting him in an independent role as his own hero (one who actually utilizes his signature trait)… instead, he’s just the plot-convenient sidekick who keeps building ridiculously lame contraptions.

    Putting the KID on par with the evil genius? Sigh.

  34. @ Sockfox: Base your own opinion after you play the game and watch all of the cutscenes before you blast it for having lame humour.

    Also Mario characters break the fourth wall all the time and it makes for excellent comedy. It brings the character closer to the audience.

  35. @Sock fox

    You act like “Way past cool” isn’t the most cheesy thing Sonic has ever said to the point it’s embarassing to see so many fans copy him… yet they seem to like it obviously.

    You don’t gotta be so rude about it to the guy. He suggested skipping the cutscene so you don’t have to deal with it, genius. 😉

    also, looking at the screen during gameplay is cool and all, but it’s no big deal. It’s sort’ve cheap (as in it’s a cheap way to break the 4th wall when it’s usually done in dialogue anyways) It actually hasn’t been done all THAT often, and it depends on HOW they do it. It could easily reflect on their personalities on how they feel and react to the situation. It might not even be a big deal. XD

  36. @TheHumbleFellow:

    The characters in Sonic the Hedgehog aren’t complex. At all. They’re fun, but they’re not complex. They’re really more ‘character types’ than actual characters, and that’s fine. There’s a reason Mario characters have never really changed, or Zelda characters and so on. Tails used to be the sidekick who followed Sonic everywhere, idolizing and imitating him. Now he’s just the “inventor.” They’ve taken away what was basically his single, charming character trait and replaced it with something akin to a plot contrivance. Yay.

  37. Y’know, Tails changed just now. Doesn’t mean he can’t change again in the future, near OR far.

    And it’s not so much of a complaint as it is a preference, but I bet even SEGA will notice as this specific nitpick is about actual personality traits of a major character which cater to a specific ground of fans and affect the tone of the game (such as the light-hearted storylines).

    I’m sure SEGA will notice and nondrastically making Tails exciting somehow. =)
    Just like how they considered Knuckles as Sonic’s sidekick (not to mean he replaced Tails). In order for such a recent statement to be made, Knuckles obviously has to be present in action sooner or later since he hasn’t been for the past couple of games. 😉

  38. There may not be only 5 zones, really. But the series of trailers may only show 5 areas before release.

  39. Considering each zone has 7 acts. That makes a total of 35 levels with just 5 zones, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the whole game. That’s way more acts than any of the 2D Sonic games.

  40. @Ax exactly what I was thinking thank you.

    @Sock fox no it won’t increase the quality, but at least they’re not forcing you to watch it right? If you like it…enjoy it, if you don’t…skip it. It’s as simple as that.

  41. Mike: Oh really? So Shadow being a result of a deal between an alien warlord and a human scientist who had a human friend named Maria who then died and he turned bitter as a result but he still protects the earth because it’s what she wanted isn’t complex?

  42. @Kintobor: The quotes we’ve been given were incredibly lame humour. I figured, since they were being quoted, that they were the best the game had to offer. Apparently that isn’t the case, though, so I’m more optimistic about it now.

    @Ax: To my knowledge, he’s never said “Way past cool” in the games. He’s said things about “THE SUPER POWER OF TEAMWORK”, and I hated that, too. And looking at the screen during gameplay not being a big deal was exactly my point. When I play a game I want to get drawn into the world I’m playing in. So the characters need to be believable. So they need to NOT keep reminding me that they’re aware they’re not real.

    @Jmack: Even if the writing is shite, I would still like to know what my motivation for doing whatever the game is making me do is. And Sonic games still have some of the most gorgeously animated cutscenes in video games. From what I’ve seen this game is no exception to that.

  43. @Sock fox
    Wait if you play a game for believable characters why do you even play Sonic games? @.@ Personally I like the whole light-hearted comedic attitude of Sonic. That’s why I actually appreciate the storylines of games like Heroes. Although some of the dialogue just made me facepalm, it’s probably done the best job of capturing the spirit of a Sonic storyline. I think Colours is trying to almost replicate this in a sense, but we’ll have to wait til the game comes out to truely pass judgement.

    On a side note, although Sonic cutscenes definately look fantastic I have to say that cutscenes from games like Final Fantasy and MGS look better.

  44. Don’t worry about Tails, guys. He’s better than he’s ever been. Fact. He’s more his own character in Colours rather than a one-dimensional cheesy bumlick that follows Sonic around.

  45. @SiLeNtDo0m: Because usually the characters are believable? That’s why they are beloved characters. If they werent believable, nobody would care about them and sites like this wouldn’t exist.

    And more realistic cutscenes =/= better cutscenes. I’m an animator myself, and I am hugely unimpressed by the animation in FF and MGS cutscenes. The characters just look like lifeless meat puppets being made to wiggle around on screen. Sonic Unleashed’s cutscenes, however, were fucking beautiful. This game looks like it’s continuing that trend.

  46. Also, since apparently nobody effing reads, I’m going to say this again:

    I’M NOT SAYING THAT I DON’T WANT A LIGHT HEARTED STORY. I AM NOT SAYING I DO NOT WANT HUMOUR. From what I’ve seen so far it sounds like they’re going overboard on trying as hard as possible to be funny at every possible moment. Sonic has always been, at its core, an adventure series and they should be using light humour to compliment the adventure, not the other way around. I’m hoping that I’ve totally gotten the wrong end of the stick, but with the quotes I’ve seen and a couple of reviewers complaining about the constant cheesy one-liners during cutscenes, I’m losing hope.

    tl;dr: Less Dreamworks, more Pixar plz.

  47. Sonic Trivia 01: Did you know Sonic loves Amy? No one believes that Sonic and Amy might be
    new couple in new Sonic games.
    Sonic Trivia 02: Sonic orignally gonna have his fangs in 1990s, but SEGA did not to show it to the kids.
    Sonic Trivia 03: Tails was orignally be a girl but SEGA says no, Tails was a boy not a girl.
    Sonic Trivia 04: Did you know Knuckles’ Chaotix and SEGASonic the Hedgehog arcade was supposed to be appear in Sonic Gems Collection? But no, SEGA can’t add them because like emualtor problems.
    Sonic Trivia 05: Tails was supposed to be a assiet trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl but Shadow cames instead.
    Sonic Trivia 06: Knuckles’s love interest was Rouge.
    Sonic Trivia 07: In fact, Sonic and Amy are now dating each other since Sonic and the Black Knight.
    Sonic Trivia 08: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 was going be after Sonic 3 & Knuckles & Sonic Adventure and before future Sonic games.
    Sonic Trivia 09: No one tells about it was Silver and Blaze are best friends in Sonic ’06.
    Sonic Trivia 10: Cream was going have her father, but SEGA was did not know that, only Cream had her mother, Vanilla.
    Sonic Trivia 11: Shadow was going be more evil in Shadow the Hedgehog, but SEGA will make him more choice like evil or good.
    Sonic Trivia 12: Amy was orignally appear in Sonic comic 1992.
    Sonic Trivia 13: Sonic and Mario are orignally as rivals in 1990s between Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo.
    Sonic Trivia 14: Sonic Unleashed was orignally gonna be Sonic Adventure 3, but SEGA can’t.
    Sonic Trivia 15: Sonic X was orignally was created in 1993, but it was created in 2003 by Sonic Team.
    Sonic Trivia 16: Amy and Peach are same, because Peach was kidnap by Bowser and loves Mario, and Amy was kidnap by Metal Sonic and loves Sonic.
    Sonic Trivia 17: Did you know that Honey the Cat was supposed to be playable in Sonic the Fighters, but SEGA can’t use her.
    Sonic Trivia 18: Orignally, Sonic was supposed to be his huge part in adventure mode on Super Smash Bros. Brawl but he was going be at end of the adventure mode.
    Sonic Trivia 19: SEGA didn’t know that Sonic and Amy would be married in the future Sonic games or not.
    Sonic Trivia 20: Knuckles and Shadow was orignally appear in Sonic Unleashed but SEGA can’t let them because they might scare Chip.

  48. Actually, breaking the 4th wall is PART of not taking itself too seriously, which is what the fans asked for.

    However, I don’t want Sonic to be a light-hearted game because I’m not 3 years old. If they get a super dark story, I will be okay with it. If they get a light-hearted story I will be okay with it. I’m just saying I’d enjoy even more a story closer to the tone of the Death Egg Saga and Adventure series. Something actually INTERESTING that takes advantage of making Sonic fast and Robotnik a villain relevant.

    As for Tails, I gotta disagree DreadKnux. I don’t have a major problem with Tails now, I just think the way he was before was better.

    You people act like he went from following Sonic around to being independent.
    But it’s more like he went from fighting independently to following Sonic around but not doing anything. I mean, how can you say he doesn’t follow Sonic around? Compare his presence in Sonic Colors (being his lacky) to his presence in the Adventure series (being independent and coming to aid Sonic by taking action)

    Just saying.

    But hey! I like Tails! He can probably start doing something BIG with his genius mind now. Imagine the Egg Fleet suddenly intercpeted by the Flying Fox Fleet! >:3 lol

  49. @Ax: I don’t think breaking the 4th wall is cruicial to not taking yourself too seriously. It’s only crucial if you want to be a Pokémon villain.

  50. @Sock fox
    It’s also not crucial for them to NOT break the 4th wall since they don’t take themselves seriously. I guess there’s always the mute button if it bothers you so much you tear your toe-nails off, though. =)

  51. Getting on about the trailer… I swear, the more I hear of this music, the more it screams to be on my cd player. Or mp3 player. SEGA, I beg you, if your reading this, please make a OST of these wonderful tunes.

  52. And I though you guys only care about the gameplay, breaking the 4th wall caused all that, I mean seriously?

  53. @Sonic&Tails

    I know right? XD

    Well, actually I don’t care about only the gameplay. I care about all the aspects of the game. Music, voices, acting, writing, lines, gameplay, graphics, story, designs, availablity and such. XD But I just talk to much sometimes (particularly when I have multiple subjects to mention) and I apologize for that. ^^;

    Otherwise, I don’t personally feel all that uptight about most of this. So far Sonic Colors looks and sounds awesome. Right? 😀

  54. Breaking the 4th wall was actually the thing that bothered me the least, but since everybody got on my case for not loving lazy writing, I felt the need to back it up. XD

    But okay, guys. Sure. Since overdone cliches apparently = good, let’s hope there’s even MORE!!!1!!1!1!1

  55. @Sock fox

    Is there a such thing as an underdone cliche? XD

    Then again, I wouldn’t consider breakign the 4th wall cliche. It’s not done THAT often.

    So what bothers you more than the 4th wall issue? The gameplay? The music? Wait. This is the fanbase I’m talkin’ ’bout! It’s the voice actors! XD jk jk

  56. @Ax: The gameplay actually looks fantastic. I haven’t heard any of the music or the new voice actors yet, so I’ll judge those later. 😛

    It’s the writing that I’m apprehensive about. From what I’ve heard so far this game seems to be using my least favourite writing method – loading every joke you can think of, regardless of quality, into a shotgun and firing blindly in the general direction of the audience, hoping that at least some will hit.

    I also jus found out the script is by the writers behind Happy Tree Friends. My expectations couldn’t get much lower at this point. Who on earth thought that was appropriate?

  57. I’m with you, I want a good a story(like SA and SA2), music, gameplay and graphics. And your right Sonic Colors looks and sounds awesome so far.

  58. Sept 19 > Cowboys? What’s that supposed to mean?

    I really, really like this new trailer. And guys, why you gotta argue in the comments section? I wanted to actually read what people had to say, but you polluted it with your arguing!

  59. “Since you guys love the Tails facts so much… FOXY FACT: Tails is more interested in inventing than Sonic’s heroics.”

    Response to this:

    Sonic leads and Tails DOES machines!

  60. Wait, so from that hint people have decided omg SEGA have destroyed Tails and its the END OF ALL THINGS.

    I mean… REALLY people?

    Sock Fox – We’ll have to agree to disagree on this I’m afraid. If you think 4th wall breaking is always lazy writing I’m not going to bother defending it. As for that the back story for the writers, yes because they clearly were hired on that alone and the script was accepted immediately without any checks, approvals or ammendments. Unless you are saying that once one person has done one thing they can never do anything else outside the boundaries of that initial effort?

    Ax: “Compare his presence in Sonic Colors (being his lacky) to his presence in the Adventure series (being independent and coming to aid Sonic by taking action)”

    So when a friend backs you up your their lacky are you? Run that bit of logic past your friends and see what their response is…. I’m sure they’ll absolutely adore you(!)

    Tails is very independant, he does his own thing a lot of the time and has his own life. Unleashed showed Tails actually has a somewhat secondary life as a colleague and confidant to some of the world’s greatest minds.

    In Colours he’s supporting his buddy, but he’s not following him around endlessly. Its been a while since they first met, and Sonic and he have beaten countless bots since then of all shapes and sizes. If you eat a jam tart every day for five years then tell your friend “hey, I just ate a jam tart” unsurprisingly they’ll likely not be surprised. Not jump and go ‘OH WOW REALLY? What was it like?’ Same applies with Tails, he’s been there done that. He’s not omg fan-worship anymore and hasn’t been for many years. They’re much closer to equals now I’d say.

    Needless to say when you see the cutscene in particular the fact is relating to you’ll understand what I mean.

    Monty – THAT’S A FACT, JACK!

  61. @AAUK: I’ve been saying the whole time that I would love to be proven wrong. I don’t know anything about this 4th wall breaking stuff other than “they break the fourth wall”, so I’m just expecting some cheap Team Rocket humour. Please, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

    And as far as the writing goes, I was cringing at the jokes I’ve seen long before I found out who wrote them. Finding that out just made me decide to lower my expectations somewhat.

    I’m sorry, I just don’t think it’s very witty. It’s very similar to the stuff my 13-year-old brother writes.

  62. Hey guys, how about we shut the kriff up about everyone elses opinions and ENJOY THE GOD DAMN GAME?! Look. It’s what you people have been asking for. No more lame gimicks, no more lame characters or plot twists. Just straight up Sonic Vs. Eggman’s wild creations. who CARES about the story or cheesy dialog, if some of you gits have forgotten, they’re still trying to AIM FOR THE KIDS OF THIS GENERATION! You want a game with little to no story? GO PLAY SONIC 4 for Sega’s sake! All you people do is bicker about another opinion….geez, why cant we all just step back in time for a moment to when we were kids and didnt care about reviews or what others said about it, and just play it cause it looked cool!?

  63. @HumanSonic217: Meh. I spent 19 years not complaining and just enjoying the games. Now a bunch of my favourite characters have been relegated to only appearing in non-story games because everyone else was busy complaining that they only want Sonic, Tails and Eggman in the games. And I’m a sad, bitter man.

  64. Dude, you want to see lame characters and games that have nose dived down hill over the years? I suggest you look into Crash Bandicoot and Banjo Kazooie. Atleast what they’ve been doing as of late.

  65. If the answer to a character declining in quality is to delete them from the franchise, then this game shouldn’t exist at all.

  66. Y’know, I think this is the most I’ve ever had to defend my own opinions. XD THEY’RE MY OPINIONS, GUYS. YOU CAN’T CHANGE THEM. NER NER.

  67. @Sapphire

    What are you talking about? It doesn’t really look like arguing to me. Not my comments, the comments of who I’m talking to or anyone else’s here. I think fans are so used to the arguing thing that they accuse people of arguing which STARTS arguments. XD Take a chill pill. It’s called chatting. 😉


    Tails has ALWAYS hepled Sonic, it’s just when he said he was gonna be independent he meant he didn’t need Sonic to rely on and could face Robotnik on his own by being brave. Now, he’s not only decided to give up facing Robotnik alone, but has decided to stay on the sidelines when he’s WITH Sonic too only being there following him around everywhere even into space just for technical conveniences like translating what the Wisps say. XD

    Now, I KNEW you people would think I was wiggin out even though I repeatedly said I’m okay with the changes. He could do something cool with this skill. I just think he has a lot more potential they could use that’d avoid jokes like “And tinkering’s all he’s really good at too.” coming from other characters who now seem to take him as a, once again, cowardly weakling who’s merely the brains. lol

  68. @Sock Fox

    I’m sorry for coming off that way. I have no means to change your opinions! XD I was only responding to the fact that if you have an opinion about something then there are options you can choose from. =P

    Although I agree with ya about the characters thing. If a character isn’t doing well, why not improve them? If a Sonic game can start off good and it’s possible to suddenly become not-so-good, then why is it suprising that it should be possible to work the other way around? Most people think of the negative more than the positive, that’s why. XD

    I just don’t wanna sound like the happy-pills kinda person is all. XP

    After seeing this trailer, anyone else get the feeling we’re gonna get at least 4 more trailers? o_O

  69. @Ax: Naw, it’s cool, that wasn’t really directed at you.

    Like I’ve been saying all along, I am looking forward to this game, and I will be getting it on release. I just don’t really agree with the way the script is being handled this time around. But again, I haven’t even seen one cutscene yet. Maybe the lame jokes will be further apart than I’m expecting. 😛

    I’m hoping they’re just waiting for a game starring just Sonic to be well-received before they start trying to fix the other characters, maybe. I don’t think ditching the entire supporting cast is the answer, they just need to be written better.

  70. WHOH WHOH WHOH, breaking the 4th wall might not be so bad you guys, Think about how lame Metal Gear Solid would be if they didn’t break the 4th wall? Not saying SEGA should do it in a cheesy manner, but it may just give us a laugh?

  71. lol

    Speaking of breaking the 4th wall, I remember when in Sonic Unleashed I met the Prety Committe in Shamar and then read the info on them at Pickle’s library that kept track of all the names the girl gave the group. One of them was “Full Mettle Shamalchemists”!! XD

  72. i feel like punching Eggman in the face when he makes that retarded smile, but overall it was even more epic than those trailers for Sonic Unleashed. Also Cubot looks twice the size of Orbot.

  73. @Sock fox

    I know but it’s funny! XD


    Anyone ever notice that “Eggman” sort’ve sounds similar to the term “Ego Maniac”? o.o Why did I just notice this? XD

  74. I’ve thought that the Sonic series needed to take itself less seriously for a while now. From what little we’ve heard about it, the writing sounds OK to me.

    Also that trailer looks pretty cool.

  75. @NejiBK

    1: Why wouldn’t you be honest?
    2: Trying to hard to do what?

    idk how I noticed it but I just remember thinking of how you could twist his name to make fun of him (The Wisps’ rude nickname) when suddenly I got sidetracked and noticed the similarity. It’s just funny and fitting. (plus how they say his name in Japanese sounds almost like it XD)

  76. @Ax

    I think he was implying that you’re trying too hard to overthink this nickname. That said though I agree, it’s a pretty cool suggestion you got there with “Ego Maniac”. My hope is that they nickname him “Robuttnik” XD

    Anyways, not too fussed with the story of the game. This actually looks like the kind of game which wouldn’t involve too much story and I like that. I like how the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. Reminds me of a Mario game in a sense.

  77. XD
    “Robuttnik” would be epic~

    Loving the music 😀
    And the CGI looks beauuuutiful

    Also I can’t seem to get enough of….

    DRILL *thumping techno*

  78. Robuttnik WOULD be rather rude. o.o and it IS a spin on his name still. Plus it’s a reference to the shows, like the chili dogs we’ve recently seen. Maybe they’re trying to throw us off with saying “they have a rather rude name for Eggman”. XD

    I bet the guy who does the announcer voice in this game had a lot of fun randomly saying “LAZER!, DRILL! RRRROCKET! SPIKES! Good, Great, AWESOME, OUTSTANDING. AMAZING!!!!!” XD

    In Sonic United the name “Robotnik” does come up by most of the citizens, sometimes by the characters and he’s called “Master Robotnik” by all his robots except Omega. Sonic calls him “EggHead” or “Robuttnik” a lot. I just felt it gave a variety and was refreshing to do since in the games they stopped mentioning “Robotnik” entirely. XD

  79. Ahhh man. You guys are great! XD All the speculation and idea-spewing and a great source of all our nonsense right at the top of the page = “epic win” XD

  80. Do we know if their planning to do another short like Night of the Werehog?
    That was one of the few things I liked about Unleashed…

  81. Is it just me, or does the one exclamation we hear from Sonic sound a LOT like Griffith?

    Stock material, perhaps?

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