New Sonic Colours Art & Videos

New Sonic Colours Art & Videos

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UPDATE: A video of a new DS level and a video of Planet Wisp, both previously only seen in screenshots are now available above. We think the new level is the Starlight Carnival stage mentioned in SPOnG’s Takashi Iizuka interview. /UPDATE END

SEGA Japan has updated their official website for Sonic Colours and included some artwork of characters and Wisp powers, as well as some DS Sweet Mountain and Tropical Resort maps. The Sonic and Yacker renders you may have seen before in various other pieces of artwork, but this is the first time they’re available solo. Among the unseen art is a new render of Tails and what looks to be concept art for Tropical Resort. You can check out the art and maps below.

Tutorial videos for each version have also been released:
Basic Wii tutorial
[youtube][/youtube] Basic DS tutorial
[youtube][/youtube] Lazer Wisp tutorial
[youtube][/youtube] Drill Wisp

Source: Official Japanese Sonic Colours website

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads-up and obtaining the content.

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  1. I’m getting some Sonic Battle vibes from that overhead Sweet Mountain screenshot.

    That Tails render is sweet. =)

  2. @ Superstarsmasher:
    Will be cool if it is. We’ve only seen Planet Wisp and Tropical Resort’s bosses on DS so far, so we’ll have to wait and see. You can see Tropical Resort’s boss on it’s map there (the globe thingy), so I’d imagine the Pirarte is Sweet Mountain’s boss.

  3. @Shadzter
    I don’t remember Planet Wisps boss, but then again you did say on DS. But I thought they showed Tropical Resort on the Wii already.

    Aww man! No Japanese Eggman in the background or Japanese announcer voice xD

  4. I love that nightmare Sonic.
    He’ll EAT Eggman with one bite.
    Maybe with Bacon.
    Also awesome Tails render.



    @ Ax: Well ya they showed the tropical resort boss! It was that robot thingy.

    Hey Shadzter My bud! Some of those pics are useful for my website. I made a banner with the sonic and tails pics.

  6. @ sonfan1984:
    We’ve no idea yet. That art of their powers in action doesn’t give any clear indication about what they do. All we know is, that one is exclusive to Wii and one to DS, as shown on the box artworks.

  7. The Japanese voice saying LASOR and that is clearly not Sonic. So I’m guessing this confirms that the DRILL/LASER/SPIKES voice in the english version IS an announcer.

  8. Hearing Sonic’s Japanese voice was so right. If I’m not mistaken, it has been the same actor since “Sonic Adventure”. If only SEGA had kept Ryan Drummond as Sonic’s voice for that long. He could have been big, Charles Martinet big.

  9. Dawww, I was hoping Colors DS would continue the Naganuma-styled music from Rush 1 and 2. The music /made/ the Rush series, imo.

    All’s well, though. If they can make the gameplay tight, it’ll be quite worth it.!

  10. Hearing the music from the last video that we saw of the “laser fest” stage on Tropical Resort, I think I was right to assume that song was a “act two” remix of what’s currently playing.

    I’m glad they ditched the tilting the nunchuk for drifting idea.. Having it set to the B button is SO much more better.

  11. I thought Dark Sonic the moment I saw the purple wisp….thing.
    Just because. They’ll probably reveal it sooner or later. Who knows what it will be!!!

  12. Wow I think I will be buying both versions. Even though the story may be the same, the level design looks way different (of course since it was made by different teams).

    I think they probably should have made the games have different titles because many people will just buy the Wii version because they’ll look at it as the best version because the other one of on a portable system. They will not even notice that they are almost two completely different games until they play both.

  13. FYI: 時ソニックは自分の小束の力を使用してその声は[CV:立木文彦]に属している。金丸淳一の間違っている。

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