More Sonic Colours Art, Screens & Video

More Sonic Colours Art, Screens & Video


Not satisfied with yesterdays huge amount of new art and videos for Sonic Colours? Well, more art, video and DS screenshots have emerged from the Japanese Sonic Colours website. Above we have a video of the World Map from the Wii version in motion, which has gained a multi-coloured star since we last saw an image of it. Below we have artwork from both Wii and DS versions of the game, in which we can see Eggman’s machinery destroying the Wisps’ beautiful home, Planet Wisp. There’s also one new screenshot of the Wii version and three new screenshots of the DS version, in which one of them gives us a glimpse of Sweet Mountain’s candy loving pirate boss.

Check them all out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for obtaining this content.


  1. “First Comment” has officially hit TSS. -.-;

    Well, that looks interesting. I wonder what the blue planet is on the right. And the brown one with the face. (First time I can say “with the face” and it actually be helpful. xD)

  2. Finally I see a chilli dog in sweet mountain .
    Sonic probably wants to take a bite.
    Oh and I wonder what Eggman tries to find or to do with planet Wisp.
    Please no ancient monster.

  3. Only Eggman could build a rocket with moving…well, rockets which can still go in a straight line rather well.

    Also, is that actually a chillidog or is it a hotdog?

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