Iizuka: Sonic Colours “is one of the best Sonic games ever”

Iizuka: Sonic Colours “is one of the best Sonic games ever”

In a bold statement to Official Nintendo Magazine UK, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka said that he thinks Sonic Colours is one of the best Sonic games ever.

“This is a similar title to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, but the similarity comes from the concept – keeping the tempo very fluid,” said Iizuka. “A similar concept applies here. Is it the best since then? We always strive to make the best Sonic game yet. It’s at least on a par with Sonic Adventure Battle 2, and I’m confident it is one of the best Sonic games ever.”

The game has been getting a positive response from fans and critics thus far, but will it really be one of the best Sonic games ever? Let’s hope that Iizuka is right when the game is released on Wii & DS this November.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine UK


  1. on par with Adventure 2? thats good news, but still no hypes, stop with the hyping, ive seen so many games get hyped and then there awful or just meh.

  2. Sonic adventure 2 is one f my favourite Sonic games, so if this is on par with SA2, then we have a winner on our hands 🙂 november s going to be a good month with this and Gran Turismo 5 releasing so close together

  3. Miles Per-hour: It was probably ONM that made the mistake, not him. And even if it was his mistake, I fail to see how it’s disrespectful.

  4. Yeah yeah we know this is the perfect sonic game mr.Iizuka! Just stop talking about this game and give us a little hint about 20th annivarsary game!

  5. I don’t blame the guy. He was asked the question so he answered it. It’s his opinion. He previously favored Sonic Adventure (and probably still does). Sonic Adventure 2 was great! And best of all, critics at E3 and other videogaming spots called it “Possibly the best game in Sonic History!” before Iizuka did, sooo maybe he’s on to something?

    Looks like I was right. The reason the games “sucked” were because they strived to be better than all the previous games but couldn’t beat themselves after SA2. lol

    As for the “Sonic Adventure Battle 2”, the mistake fans always idiotically make, since this is typing of something after being translated I wouldn’t be suprised if it were just the person who made the quote and not Iizuka himself who did it. xD

    Everyone says to stop hying the game but they’re not. They’re being honest. I mean, now that I think about it I don’t recall past games really being all that hyped by anyone except fans who took pics of new games and ranted on about their nerdgasms. Who was hyped about Sonic Heroes or Secret Rings or even Sonic Rivals? And if Sonic 06 was a hype I don’t know why since the trailer looked like the final product and I don’t remember anyone being really excited. Sonic Unleashed had some hype and… well it was a step up. A good game, especially to those of us who also enjoyed fighting at night (which was obviously not going to be permanent in the franchise) XD

  6. Finaly comment:

    Shadzter, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. My gut tells me it’s so and for some reason it’s been right over the past 2 to 4 years. xD lol

  7. Oh my God, he’s pulling a Peter Molyneux!

    All jokes aside, my favourite game in the whole franchise has to be SA2, so if this is on par or even better than that then I am sold. Not that I’m not already sold, I’ve been planning on getting the game since the first pieces of gameplay footage came out.

  8. @ Ax: Oh, don’t worry, I think it’s looking to be an awesome game too. 🙂 I have to be neutral in my news articles.

  9. Like a lot of people here are commenting on, SA2:B’s my favourite 3D Sonic game as well, if not one of my all time Sonic faves, and every little detail I see of Colours as it comes certainly proves Iizuka more and more correct. He just better not over do it, we know how rabid these fans can get.

  10. I’m confident as well. After seeing previews this looks like the game unpleaseable fans have been asking for. Lots of people have gave it good reception and first impressions. Of course the final verdict will be in the final product. All we can do is wait for him to prove his comments.

    @The_Soul_Gauge: Exactly.

  11. If Iizuka-san is right, then he will create a concrete trust in the Sonic fan base, as well as game critics such as GameSpot and IGN. If this game succeeds, then his statements will boost the next game tenfold.

    Think about it. If the general community consensus is that the game IS better than SA2B, then whatever Iizuka-san says will be trustworthy. Then the next game he says is good will SELL. Like HOTCAKES.

    And I can already see this game is at least GOOD. But I’m getting the feeling it’s gonna be AWESOME. And hopefully fun. Haha.

    I’m excited! Come on, November! GET HERE!

  12. Dang it, it is stuff like this. That ruins a game! Stop tooting your own horn already and let us decide!
    Because I don’t think Sonic Colors is THAT great.

    Other than that, I’ll save my money for this.

  13. IMO SA2 is’nt all that great anyway, it’s a horribly over-rated Sonic game. Sonic’s and Shadow’s gameplay is the only one that’s fun to play while everyone else is mediocre.

    This seems to have pretty much everything the fans wanted in a 3D Sonic game.

  14. Wow.. he won’t stop with the comments……
    I didn’t like SA2 all that much .. not that the Sonic Colors demo was anything similiar.. it’s still more like Day stages of unleashed

  15. To me, this game is already looking to be better then SA2

    Hell, I WANT this game to be better. Not that I don’t like it, I just don’t find the game that great.

  16. I read something about it being better than the games after SA2/SA2B. That’s kind of a low standard. XD Sure competing with SA2/SA2B is a good striving point, but saying it’s better than the games after? Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts is better than the games after SA2/SA2B. And I hate that game. e.e

  17. To be honest the people responsible for past hype was the fans, not Sonic Team.

    This… Is amusing, actually. If anything for the funny feeling that he’s actually right. Yes, a bold statement to make, but you gain cahones when you’re onto a good thing, really.

    And to previous comments… his IS NOM we’re talking about. Not only notorious for taking words completely out of context, but also by only referring to incarnations of games that appeared on Nintendo systems, hence “Battle”. Essentially it’s the same game anyway, and it’s hardly disrespectful as he only produced the damn thing. >_>;

  18. Saying this game is on par with or better than SA2 is not a bold statement by any stretch of the imagination. If anything, it’s an insult to the game. Not because SA2 is “bad” necessarily, but because putting Colors on par with a polarizing Dreamcast sequel (which wasn’t half as good as its predecessor) is a little sad. If it’s taken you THIS long to catch up to a game you made 10 years ago, that’s nothing to pat your back about. Saying Colors is better than the classics was ballsy. Saying this is “at least on par” with SA2 is a joke and a backpedal.

    I quite prefer “one of the best Sonic games ever” – that’s a simple statement that doesn’t discredit or compare itself to other games, apart from ranking itself among their best.

    As a side note: using the term “Battle”, if it’s NOT a mistake by the translator (as someone suggested), is outright disgusting to me, and yes that’s me being a dickish elitist. I am constantly offended that a GC PORT gets the recognition over the original DC title. You can argue the “extra content” all you want, but at the end of the day nobody mentions the “special edition/director’s cut/unrated version” subtitle when talking about their favorite movies, so why should it be the same for a game? THE GAME IS CALLED SONIC ADVENTURE 2, AND THE “BATTLE” IS JUST SUPERFLUOUS FLUFF FOR PEOPLE TOO YOUNG OR TOO LAME TO REMEMBER THE POOR OLD DREAMCAST.

  19. @Chaoticfox SA and SA2 were the first ever Sonic games I played, and I have to agree that SA2 is alot better than its port. And yeah, the “Battle” part of the title doesn’t make any sense, unless it’s referring to the added multiplayer features or the Chao Karate. SA2 is probably the better version, with glare effects and close-to-HD graphics at some points. Plus, it had a reflection which was taken out of the GC in the ARK window, which only backfired in the very last cutscene when there is an outside shot of the window. (The reflection is floating in space).

  20. @sonicfan1984 I agree with you 100% on the “IMO SA2 isn’t all that great” comment, yeah the Sonic and Shadow sections were fun…but whenever I played as someone else I got angry. All I could think about was “when is the next time I’ll play w/ Sonic/Shadow. Story was epic, music was epic, gameplay…1/3 of it was fun. Best Sonic game ever…not even close.

  21. I… I really hope that’s true. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is one of the only games I can actually play a kagillion times and never get bored of.

  22. One of the best Sonic games ever?
    I wouldn’t have that much confidence even if it was true. Period.
    The game in my opinion looks epic, but I’m not getting hyped until I play it.

  23. I’m glad Iizuka recognizes the greatness that is SA2:B. 😀


    Cool your jets, man. A very large portion of the fanbase prefers SA2 to its predecessor.

    Oh, and SA2:B is the better-known version, so it would make sense that people refer to the game in the same way they remember it.

  24. Oh. My. God.

    Iizuka-san has some major cajones. The phrase; “Voice what you do, but back that shit up with action,” comes to my mind right now.

  25. @LucasHinz I think he’s referring to the 3D titles in that regard.

    I’ve never played SA2 so I can’t say, but I know the game has a a good reputatin in the fanbase and a favourite along with SA1. I think Colours does look like an amazing game in it’s own right and definately a step in the right direction for Sonic Team.

  26. @ Final Rush

    Fan preference doesn’t mean anything in this case. Saying Colors is on par with SA1 isn’t much of an improvement either. My point is that comparing Colors to a Dreamcast game (or it’s GC port) isn’t a ballsy statement at all. If your “best Sonic game ever” is only on par with or marginally better than the Adventure series, that’s not a particularly grand achievement, all things considered.

    As far as “Battle” is concerned – it’s just a personal pet peeve of mine because I think the DC deserves more credit. More well known or not, people ought to be AWARE that Battle is just a port. A suffix added to promote a couple of minor bonus features, not an extension the original game’s title. It also just sounds dumb, and Iizuka of all people shouldn’t be referencing a port when talking about the quality of game.

  27. @Lucas Hinz

    Before you say this isn’t you’re favorite, why not wait till the game actually comes out and you play it, hm?

  28. He does know that “Sonic Adventure 2 Battle” wasn’t the first Sonic game, right? I mean, it wasn’t even the first “Sonic Adventure 2.”

  29. Ooookay people settle down. xD

    I wouldn’t consider SA2 overrated, just a few people don’t like it as much. It’s no more overrated than the games that come after it are underrated. Think about THAT for a second. lol

    Sonic and Shadow were the same as Sonic Adventure 1 gameplay, hence the reason they’re liked the most. It’s like the classic games only better (better if you’re willing to not let nastalgia control your judgement that is)

    Saying this game is on par with the Adventure series is not a step back since a lot of people LOVE THE ADVENTURE SERIES. Just like saying it’s better than the classics. They’ve ALSO said it could be the best Sonic game ever (no, not 3D Sonic game ever. Sonic game ever! And it was originally said by critics, not SEGA)

    Also, It’s not so distubing that they include the word “Battle” as it’s the same thing only updated but the fact that a mistranslation in the quote said “Sonic Adventure Battle 2” as there is no such game. (Plus, people say SA and SA2 just as much as SA:DX and SA2:B)

    Personally, I like the classics, but I also like the Adventure series. Epic story, music, design and voices. I liked Sonic and Shadow’s gameplay. I liked playing as Eggman for a change. I liked shooting things and blowing them up with Gamma and Eggman and even Tails (still want to play him again like he once was in old games but using Tornado III/Cyclone was still fun). I liked playing as Rouge and Knuckles. Again, would’ve preferred a level but the controls of the characters were fun and the treasure hunting wasn’t too bad just redundant.

    Even in Sonic Adventure the only 2 somewhat bad character gameplay was Amy (Who had like.. what? 3 or 4 SHORT levels anyways?) and Big. However, Big’s stages were not only easy, but fishing can be fun (plus his story is short and LAST anyways of the 6 characters. It was diverse for a diversity of fans) It probably would’ve been better if the characters you played with was optional instead of required for the final ending like in Sonic 3 & Knuckles but it was still a great game as was SA2.

    Just because a FEW people don’t like a specific game or character doesn’t make it overrated. It’s overrated when people say it’s great for no reason or just because everyone else is doing it. Like Shadow! He’s overrated by one side and underrated by another. But I’m not gonna let that control my decision to find the character really cool. I just think he’s cool like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman. =)

    Thanks Shadzter! XD

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