GameZone Interviews SEGA On Sonic 4 and Sonic Colours

GameZone Interviews SEGA On Sonic 4 and Sonic Colours


GameZone has posted up a couple of video interviews they held at PAX this year, in which they interviewed SEGA’s Ken Balough about Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and another unidentified SEGA representative about Sonic Colours. Balough talks about how they incorporated fan feedback to Sonic 4, such as level tweaks to make the levels flow easier, reaching top speed quicker and a blurry effect on his quills to make it look like he’s “really hauling ass”.


In the Sonic Colours video, the SEGA rep explains how feedback has been incorporated into the game and also tells us in-depth, what the story is about, what Eggman is up to and how the Wisps are involved.

Source: GameZone
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 interview
Sonic Colours interview


  1. My Respects to SEGA they’re gradually building up on their high hopes to bring the Franchise back from it’s epic 90’s days

  2. …If she had a face, I would punch it.

    Oh wait, she does. (lol @ SEGA rep’s face at 0:23 on the Colours vid)

    …You get the sense that the teams have been working pretty hard to get to where they are currently, and it shows in the way that they’re readily able to answer some more of the direct questions with confidence. I know that Sonic Team and SEGA seem a little hell-bent on dividing Sonic players into “Generation X” (us oldbies now sound like Powerpuff Girls) and New Generation, but I honestly think they won’t have too much to worry about. Thanks to a shedload of classic reincarnations in the form of… half a dozen compilations, I think younger fans will appreciate Sonic 4 as well as Colours, and vice versa.

  3. My god that gals voice was ANNOYING. Anyways it’s interesting what they had to say at some points, but otherwise a lot of it is what we’ve already heard. Nice to see some story details =)

  4. That colors rep is the guy that I talked to. He’s the English producer of the game, which is cool. He told me about the multiple colored Sonic robots and told me that Orbot isn’t the robot from Unleashed. Nice to see someone do a professional interview with him, because I felt that I bombarded the PRs with stupid questions at PAX. lol

  5. Yeah right man her voice was kinda annoying but she was pretty hott. Kinda stupid though (2:42) “OH! So you can use these powers as you play the game?” ……………no while im on the toilet NOT playing the game. Haha, couldn’t help it. Anyways back to Sonic…

    who in the WORLD said Sonic 4 was “too much like the classics”???????? (0:10) It’s not enough like the classics! It’s more like Sonic 2 mixed in with Sonic Advanced 2 mixed in with Sonic Rush. Still cant wait to play it though.

  6. Her voice may be annoying, but I’d still put it in her.

    Also, this info seems a bit late. Wasn’t PAX weeks ago?

  7. Haha, the story sounds cooler now.
    Idk, i actually think that girl is kinda cute.
    Maybe thats mostly because she reminds me of evanna lynch.

  8. Wow, when I saw the comments about the lady being annoying and her annoying voice I was like “o0 People will complain for no reason these days huh?” XD I thought she was just an average lady interviewer.

    Sonic 4 takes original fans into consideration and Sonic Colors takes newcomers into consideration as the sole inspirations while both maintain the ability to be good enough for all. I LIKE IT! =)

  9. @ Aquaslash:
    Yes PAX was about a couple of weeks ago, but I only noticed these today. GameZone only uploaded these videos to their YouTube account on Tuesday and I didn’t see the originals posted on their site on the 9th September, because I don’t visit their site very often. Nobody else posted them around any forums either, so since no-one appears to have seen them I thought I would news them.

  10. No, not really. I was ore interested in hearing about Colors then Sonic 4.

    It kinda bothers me that the Sega guy still said that Colors is made for kids in the Sonic 4 video. :\
    I’d thought they made it clear that Colors is a game for everyone. Colors still looks awesome, though.

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