Gamekult Reveals Sonic Colours’ ‘Sonic Simulator’ and Tails’ New Voice

Gamekult Reveals Sonic Colours’ ‘Sonic Simulator’ and Tails’ New Voice


French gaming website, has uploaded three new gameplay videos of Sonic Colours on Wii. The first one gives us another look at the recently revealed co-op mode, but there’s something very different about this video, since the second player is a glowing orb that follows player one’s every move, which is very similar to what we’ve seen in the latest batch of DS screenshots You’ll also notice that the second players HUD is darkened out too. For now, it’s unclear what this could be, apart from its name: Doctor Eggman’s Sonic Simulator. We’ll have to wait until we get official word from SEGA.

Doctor Eggman’s eagle eyes at the SSMB, have spotted that the first co-op area shown in the video is built to look like Sonic 1’s Green Hill Zone. A very nice tribute there, Sonic Team.


The other 2 videos give us a further look at what appears to be new Act’s of the Sweet Mountain and Tropical Resort stages. The former in which you’ll hear a small sample of Tails’ new voice, which sounds a lot more boyish than his last voice.


Do you like what you see and hear? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to SSMB Member Woun for the YouTube uploads.



  1. I love getting clearer versions of the music. It sounds great!

    The co-op(?) video was interesting, I liked all the old boss themes it used. I’m really interested in what this stage is.

    Tails’ voice seems cool. I’m pretty okay with all of the voices so far.

  2. Around 47 seconds into the 1st video, during the results screen, the position of Sonic and the orb makes him look a bit like Mighty. Or am I just wishing it did?

    Good videos by the way.

  3. Hmm… The voice itself is OK, but it sounds as bored as the last one.

    The gameplay and music continue to amaze me.

  4. “Please refrain from licking the rides, that would be disgusting!”

    I seriously need to hurry up and buy a Wii.

  5. TBH, I’d honestly love to hear an orchestral rendition of Reach For The Stars after hearing that results music.

  6. Personally, Here is what I think about the co-op videos

    I think I might get the orb that follows you.

    It is when there is only one player. (hence the “darken hud”)

    Is it just me or is the sonic simulator stage’s the color of the chaos emeralds?

    Maybe complete stage (TPZ SweetMountainZone) + Red rings = these stage? and a chance at a chaos emerald(or what ever 7 things turn you super)?

  7. Anyone think game land is how you get the chaos emeralds? Every level has one over them, for goodness sake.

  8. Wow Tails’s new voice surely sounds a LOT better.
    Also the victory jingle in game world is Eggman’s theme from 06/Unleashed.
    God I love this game.

  9. Holy crap. If all the co-op stages are modified layouts of levels from throughout Sonic history, that would be amazing!

  10. @ People asking about Tails voice:
    It’s at the 1:00 mark in the Sweet Mountain video, when Sonic hits the hint thing.

  11. My God!! I’m so in love with this game!! The music! The humor!! The graphics!! The old-school platforming!! Everything is so well designed.

    @ BD3 No. That is the length of some levels. But that’s because you are expected to go back to that level with a new power and find new areas to explore and red medals to collect. Notice all the dirt around where Sonic was? Sure would be a good place for a drill.

  12. Everytime I hear Sonic’s in-game voice I do a girlish squeal. “Drrrrill!!” 😀

    Tails sounds loads better too, but I’d like to hear more. Looking forward to this game so much!

  13. @ jordan
    Not at all to me.
    I can hear from that clip how the rest will somewhat sounds and it sounds a lot more boyish to me.
    Amy Palant got better, but to me she still sounded like a girl trying to be a boy.
    Kate doesn’t, and I look forward to the cutscenes of this game.
    Still gotta love Eggman’s lines.

  14. I’m happy with all of the voices so far 🙂

    Love love LOVE the music! It’s just so darn catchy XD (especially during the drill parts, crazy techno rave haha).

  15. I dunno if Tails new voice sounds worse, better or just the same as his 4kids actor. He barely had said anything in the video for me to make a clear judgement.

  16. and seriously people THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE lets wait until the game come out to hear A full sentence of words so far amy palant and kate higgins are evenly matched but lets see how roger stacks up cause so far theres 2 versions to his voice

  17. @eggman123 well ok I find it hard tom believe you can tell that from only 2 seconmds but dont be suprised if it dosent turn out they way you wanted

  18. Best line in video game history ever

    Eggman: I know the look delicious but please refrain from licking the rides…. that would be discussing” (0:34)

  19. Tails new voice really doesn’t sound any different from Amy Pallant’s and Sonic’s grunts and DRILL don’t sound much different from Griffith. From what I’ve heard so far, I hate to say it, but they really didn’t need to make the VA change… unless Roger uses his leaked voice when he’s not doing grunts and SCREAMING RANDOM WORDS.

  20. After “Please refrain from licking the rides. That would be disgusting…” I think I hear him start to say “Do you know where those rides’ve been??” How funny is that. This game is so cute with just the right amount of epic.
    And I’m shocked that Tails actually sounds like a dude.
    And about Sonic’s voice. In part of the first video, some of his “Hah!”s and “Yah!”s and such sounded like Drummond from Sonic Battle.. c’:

  21. How do we know that’s Tails speaking? I personally think it could be Yacker, since he seems to be the “guide” character.

  22. That music from the laser powerup sounds familiar, but I can’t quite remember…
    Anyone else know?

    I’m loving this soundtrack, and the game!

  23. Maybe the orb is a ghost, like what you’d see in Mario Kart or something. Dunno why it’d be in the results screen though. Eh, just a guess.

  24. You know what would be epic? Seeing Big the Cat cameo in Sweet Mountain nibbling on the scenery in the background.

  25. @ jordan
    Eh, true enough.
    Maybe I’m a bit optimistic, but this game doesn’t show me any reason why I shouldn’t.

  26. I think the reason the second robot Sonic’s ring and life hub is blacked out is maybe because he probably ran out of lives. That’s my guess anyway.

    And Tails’ new voice actually makes him sound like a boy! YAY!

  27. Sweet mountain music sounds good. The Tropical Resort video sounds like an “act two” remix though compared to the other videos that I heard. Loving the 8-bit music references for the “Sonic Simulator” too. I swear, I’d buy this game just for the soundtrack alone.

  28. The more i looks at this game, the more i wants this game!
    the stages and power-ups look awesome and fun to use!
    and Tails’ new voice…KATE DEFINITELY MAKES A GREAT TAILS!!!!

  29. Looking good!
    Anyone remember Zool from the 90’s? Had a sweets related stage too and the music was just about as funky…
    Yep, looking like SU day stages.. guess the Werehog gimmick is now the Wisp gimmick

  30. “If the Storybook team manages to pull this off, then I demand SEGA make THOSE GUYS the new, new NEW SONIC TEAM and let them handle things from now on, since the “official” members are not even the real team”

    How bout not, I still dont trust the storybook team after making two below average storybook titles and I heard a rumor that they’ll be another one.

  31. I said to myself a few weeks ago, I’m getting a Wii just for this game. It’s just so whimsical, I can’t resist!

    Speaking of which, Colors is giving off some serious Sonic Adventure vibes: Both Sweet Mountain and Tropical Resort have SA-sounding music — the former gives off Casinopolis vibes, whereas the latter sounds like Emerald Coast and Twinkle Park. The last video has a sweet SA-esque camera angle at the loop-de-loop. I think SA has a lot of influence, but the Storybook team is doing everything /right/ with it.

    Also, it’d be cool if, by some off-chance, the complete “LASER!” music was an arrangement of Chaotix’s “Speed Slider” stage. Ah, dreams…

  32. that level seemed a bit too dependant on whisp, but I guess some acts like that will be ok. but kinda ruined the flow

  33. This game really looks good to me and I love the new voices we’ve heard so far.I also love the new wisp element they added and the drill wisp is my favorite.From what I can hear the music sounds good.I think the main theme is pretty good and Sweet Mountain is favorite so far. 🙂

  34. Is.. that.. what I think it is?!

    Thank you, Kate! You’re an answered prayer to Tails fans everywhere!

    Oh, and the new footage looks cool, too.

  35. @ MamaLuigiBarrelRoll “That’s like a clone of chip”

    Yacker gained badass status after handing sonic’s ass to him twice. He’s no chip clone 😛

  36. Anyone else listening to Eggman’s voice during to the Sweet Mountain vid?
    “We know they look delicious, but please refrain from licking the rides. That would be disgusting.”
    I lol’d

    Also Tails sounds good. If the rest of the voices are as good as that 2 second long sample was I’ll be happy

  37. Shadzter!!!! I LIKE it! =D

    Sonic and Tails both sound cool in the game and I saw what looks like Buzzbombers! =D

    And the music… Eggman’s epic theme returns! Reach For the Stars ending them! Reaching the goal ring epicly with lazer! Not being tone deaf and hearing that the announcer obviously sounds nothing like Sonic! =D

    Even if the story kinda sucks, it’s still fun and the gameplay looks too sweet! XD

    @Jetronic, Sonic and Chip often fought in cutscenes and in those 3 hidden scenes and Chip was also Light Gaia. =P

    Tails sounds the same to me. xD But it still sounds cool!

  38. @Joe Higashi

    There’s something you need to know before making that statement about Roger’s voice acting as Sonic.
    Is there some way I can contact you? I’ve only been able to point this out to people by interracting, otherwise it’s hard for them to understand or notice what I’m referring to. But if you have a youtube, email or Skype I can show you something that will make you think otherwise about what you’re assuming Roger is doing. =P

  39. I like Tails’ voice a lot! Sounded pretty good. And Eggman’s lines were pretty funny.

    As for Sonic, you can tell that when he yells “Drill!” and “Laser!” the voice is meant to sound loud and strange, the homing attack “Ha!” is clearly more like the quality voice clips we got to hear a while back. Hopefully they’ll stick with those and not edit his natural dialog to sound like the Laser and Drill parts.

    Gameplay wise looking solid, I see a few times where the player slows down and I’m curious if that’s just to their own skills or if it’s unavoidable.

  40. “We know they look delicious, but please refrain from licking the rides. That would be disgusting. Do you know where those rides has been?”

    Awesome 😀

  41. Every time I hear Sonic say “lazer” in these videos, it always sounds like “BLAZOR!!!!!1!!!”

    Smith should probably try his own voice. Griffith always struck me as trying to imitate Ryan Drummond, so trying to copy someone’s copy doesn’t sound so hot.

  42. WOW after seeing these I will definitely be investing in a Wii.

    I’m so happy Tails sounds as good as he does! Plus hearing everything else it sounds like the voices are gunna sound great too. And the music sounds awesome as well! I can’t wait for this game to come out!

  43. Sonic colours is looking Decent, but its best if fans don’t hype or get mega excited about this, the past games got hyped like hot cakes and they were awful games, this seems to be almost going back to what made sonic great, sonic being only playable, colourful stages, catchy sonic type music.

    Gameplay looks fun too.

    the only flaw i can see is story but then again, this game is ment to be aimed for both types of fans, and we all know younger fans love the kiddie type plotlines of eggman being comedic etc.
    so im going to skip the plot, but then again rumour has it, there’s not much story, its more Gameplay.

    and as for VA, i rather see when its out to judge properly, remember sounding doesn’t mean anything, u could have a voice that sounded brilliant but the acting performce could be way off the character.

    Im hoping the portrayals are back to the way they were in sonic adventure and not way off as seen in past sonic games like next gen, shadow, secret rings, etc were they were nothing like the characters and were plain annoying, cheesy and too childish.

    and i want them to take there own spin on the sounding too, roger so far just sounds like jason but tiny bit deeper, as for tails tbh i didnt see any difference.

    Mike pollock is always been fun to listen to lol

    also ive noticed sonic always gets new VA after every 5 years, there’s been a pattern pretty much lol
    So if/when u hear a new sonic in a advert, cartoon etc, then u know there next to do sonic.

  44. WOW!! I never would have thought that the Wii was even capable of such processing power! Awesome levels, Sexy Soundtrack, Intense Graphics and it’s all running at a lovely 60 frames per second…well consider me stunned!!! There is absolutely no reason so far not to get this game.

    The only thing I’m confused about is Sonic’s voice. I really doubt it’s him saying “LASER” and etc…but then again, it does kinda sound like him… and another thing, Tails has finally broken his voice properly…and it’s about time!! =D

  45. @Inferno the Fox

    LOL! That is exactly what passed my mind when I heard him =D. This is proof that Sonic and Tails are actually ageing! (I have no idea how old Tails is at the moment thou).

  46. Sonic sounds a bit too deep, and I dont think he’ll fit sonic as well as Jason did, maybe not even as good as Ryan either… and I dont even care much for ryan. I love Roger C and Kate as VA’s 2 of my favorite actually, idk if they fit the sonic characters best though… Tails voices sounds a tad more boyish but he sounds more nerdy too. I like the voice : D but it could use some work, its still not quite there…

  47. @SK72

    I wouldn’t consider only Sonic being playable as one of the things that made him great. XD Especially since the games got better and better the more characters you could choose from. It’s when you have too many characters for no reason that’s bad. The only reason to have more than 8 characters (in Sonic’s case, 6) is if they’re gonna do a big TV Console 3D game like Sonic Fighters/Sonic Battle (or a racing game XD)

    But otherwise, I find not being able to play Tails, Knuckles and Shadow a bit sad. They were fun. Eggman I can live without, however he or Omega could take the Gamma gameplay again which was also kinda fun. (I specifically remember the words of someone playing one of the Adventure games saying “You gotta love blowing up stuff” XD)

  48. Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Sonic wasn’t the one saying “Lazer!” or “Drill!” It’s sorta like an announcer thing, and the Japanese version proves this because when “Lazor!” is heard, it sounds nothing like Junichi Kanemaru.

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