Full Package Pics of the Sonic Colours Special Edition

Full Package Pics of the Sonic Colours Special Edition

Courtesy of Amazon.de, we can now see what the full Sonic Colours Special Edition looks like for both versions of the game and it appears it is actually called the ‘Limited Edition’, which of course means that only so many of these will be made available, so if you’re after one then you should get pre-ordering. The contents appear to be no different to the loose contents EB Games Australia revealed, but at least collectors can now rest assured that they’re not going to get lumped with the figure and Wisps being loose on the side. Also of note is some new artwork revealed on the side of the packaging, which includes a new render of Sonic. You can view that and the DS package below. If you’re in the UK, don’t forget that you can get this action figure and Wisps for free by pre-ordering either version at Argos.co.uk, who recently dropped their prices.

Source: Amazon.de

Thanks to MarcelloF at the SSMB for the heads-up, Hero of Legend for the hi-res images and to Aries for extracting the new artwork.

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  1. You know, even for a mock-up image, that is one ugly looking figure. But I’d totally preorder it if I hadn’t already preordered Pokemon Black and White on PlayAsia.

  2. Can i only get this from ARGOS? or can i pre-order it from my game retailer “gamestation” or “GAME”

  3. I like the Box, the Wisps, the game’s boxart and the game (at least I hope I’ll like it) Sonic just looks horrible.

  4. im glad i live in australia, ive already pre ordered it which means i get the toys and the sonic hat! wooot

  5. Well I’m not exactly exstatic about how Sonic looks but it’s always nice to get something extra for free =D. I hope that Gamestation gets the special edition cause I pre-ordered it there…

  6. Goddammit! Those wisps look ugly! (Except for the Blue one)

    Their tentacles are all messed up! I mean, I made a BETTER rocket wisp than the one here!

  7. I don’t like the Sonic toy much, no offense to the designers. It’s too chunky and the moveable parts make Sonic’s body look broken.

    I’ll be buying the regular edition of the game.

  8. Honestly couldn’t care too much. Personally I think it’s a complete waste of money. The Wii special edition one costs 58 euros! Still, I guess they could appeal to some kids/crazy collectors.

  9. yes yes i’m defently getting that and the other sonic action figures for cristmas no i dant live in america i live in england 🙂 and im english not some forign person from china

  10. @sonic4fan
    What’s your point? You’re basically asking to start an argument with your last “not some foreign person from China” comment. Why should anyone care if you immigrated to England or not. In fact when you get down to it pretty much 99% of people that live in England came down from a line of immigrants at some stage. I’m afro Caribbean for example, does that give me any less right of being an English citizen? No.

    And before you say that my comment was pointless, maybe you should actually be a bit more careful about what you say next time ;P

  11. I could get my bro in Australia to send me the DS limited edition since it’ll work on the US DS… but the Wii version? :/

  12. @Chompy, ProjectZuel, Espy: You know, back in 2003 they made Sonic X action figures without those joints. They were bendy figures. I dunno if you can get them anymore, since the last time I saw them at the local Toys ‘R’ Us was about two years ago.

  13. yes im getting that but i think the action figure is not that its somthig diffrent probally like err the sonic jazzwares action figure but the hands diffrent but wait i could be the pic oh yes it is and the sonic x action figures what had a weird shape i have that today and now a 2nd 1 for me and then i can customize that old one 2 somthig else

    (england i come from)

  14. well i mean i think they made this game more like a kids game so i get the idea why they probably made the figure that way so they can play with it. idk just a guess

  15. Mmm, I’ll pass. Not only because my brother is the one who owns the Wii, but also because I have so many game related knickknacks already. And none can top my pair of 8-bit Simon Belmont figures. <3

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