[UPDATE]DLC and More Revealed For Sonic Adventure XBLA/PSN

[UPDATE]DLC and More Revealed For Sonic Adventure XBLA/PSN

UPDATE: I’ve been informed by fellow staff member nuckles87, that the DLC pack is already available on Xbox Live Marketplace and I too can confirm it is available. Edward@Sega officially confirms this on the SEGA of America blog, along with some details:

Final piece of news: there is also a DLC pack available for the game — if you wish, you can download it and convert this original Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure into the “Director’s Cut” version, Sonic Adventure DX! Sonic Adventure DX was the enhanced version released on the Nintendo GameCube, and includes 60 additional missions as well as Metal Sonic as a playable character.


SEGA Japan has confirmed today that Sonic Adventure‘s Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network ports will be released there September 29th. Not only that, downloadable content will be simultaneously available, that when purchased will upgrade the game to Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut. This extra content will be priced at ¥500 (about £3.74) on PSN and 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. No word on whether the rest of the world will see this content on the same date or not.

SEGA also revealed the Xbox 360 version will support Avatar Awards and the PS3 version will support Home Rewards, but the company hasn’t revealed what those Awards and Rewards actually are. With the Xbox 360 version out in the U.S. and Europe today, we’ll likely see the Avatar Awards revealed soon.

What Avatar Awards and Home Rewards would you like to see? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Andriasang

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  1. Upgrade the game to SADX? I thought this already was SADX… What differences even are there? I doubt it’d include the Game Gear games… The missions?

  2. I’d rather the original or the DX. Anyone else remember the Knuckles vs. Sonic collision which had the actual hitting sound removed in the latter?

  3. SADX differences from original:
    Tons of extra missions (not very fun missions, but they really extended gameplay)
    Metal Sonic is an unlockable playable characters
    12 unlockable Game Gear titles
    Much much much less loading time
    In the CH opening, Tails’ mouth is now open instead of closed
    Improved graphics on Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles (made Sonic look more like modern Sonic)
    Sonic no longer looks at the nadniks as he runs by them, making his head turn in weird directions
    Online capabilities removed
    Different Animals are in the E-series robots
    Adventure fields had maps when you pause
    Mouth movement match what they are saying (not perfect, but better than in the original)
    Able to skip cut scenes (thank goodness)
    Sonic’s eyelids are blue
    The train station and train are different colors
    VMU in Chao Garden replaced by GameBoy Advance (at least in GC version, probably not on PC and these new ones)
    Cream makes a cameo, flying around in Station Square
    Camera control mode added (but doesn’t work very well)

    So, I’d say it is worth the upgrade if they include the Game Gear titles.

  4. SA(XBLA/PSN) is actually SADX without Metal Sonic or missions. Essentially, the DLC “unlocks” these features.

  5. The way they explain everything is deceptive. There’s not a drop of DC in here. It’s DX from the start, with the sole exception being the presentation, which includes the original opening sequence and menus. I’m sure that with the DLC, these will be reverted back to their “DX” forms (ugly menus/title cards…), leaving any trace of the original behind.

  6. Smells like bullshit. I’ll stick with my GC version, thank you. And the original Dreamcast version when I find it.

  7. That’s wierd, because i’m sure you can unlock Metal Sonic already, I read it somewhere, it’s also an achievement, so that must mean it’s possible without the DLC?

  8. Why must everything SEGA must be first released on everyhting but PS3 (first)? I just don’t get it…Just look at Unleashed or Bayonetta (idk if that was released at the same time). SEGA sucks at porting…hope this doesn’t happen with Sonic 4.

  9. I must say… I am a little disappointed with the port, but just a little, i still love it. Ive only gone through level one and am noticing if i spinball in certain places i pull to the left or right and die in the water. And I can say i miss the gamecube controller for this because it could lock you into going straight by the dents in the controller stick hole. The xbox controller also has a much stronger spring pull back, so you push forward with more force. Nothing wrong with the game there, just controller preference. The CGI cutscenes are quite grainy, and I am wondering why it was so hard to port a movie with bad results, but the graphics are slightly improved. I am seeing more reflections in metal and glass, and Sonic and friends have a SLIGHT cell shade look to them and are curvy, yet crisp.Textures are extra clear, at least on certain textures, dont expect any bump maps. Everything else is the same for now, it was worth it for me caz my sonic DX disk busted a while back, but now i got this. Also, i can now play my own music to the game! I have seen this through HDMI quality, so i can absorb all the sonic juice through my tv. Just wish it was widescreen. BUT I still love it! Keep an eye out for that new character in the game too! “Mr. Know it All”! Im gonna love to hate that kid.

  10. I downloaded the demo and I thought emerald coast played fine.
    Am i the only one that doesnt think the camera angle issues are that big of a deal, they rarely bother me.
    “although its funny because they almost did in this video”

    Anyways here is a video of my speed running emerald coast on the demo…

    I filmed my tv so the quality isnt the best.

  11. @sonictoasts DX featurelist:
    Half of that stuff seemed to be in already, I forgot how much was introduced in DX but they seem to have mixed and matched a lot of stuff. I expect both versions on the 360 to have the same bugs, loading times and minor improvements. If they gave microsoft two different exes that would double testing time and cost (courtesy of the microsoft verification process). My guess is that the DLC just includes the missions, metal sonic and gamegear games.

    Loving the game so far. Blasted though it in about 5 hours. I also managed to get 4th in the leaderboards for speedrunning emerald coast, but I’ve already been pushed into the second page. Some of you guys are unreal!

  12. Have to admit, when i bought it i thought it was DX version, it looks exactly the same in my opinion sans the mission mode and game gear titles.

  13. :/ This sucks. I liked seeing the normal SA version and got hyped when I saw it coming on Xbox Live. I bought it and was kinda disappointed that the graphics didnt look the same. I loved the title screen though and always hated the SADX one (It seems too…. ugly and bland. I dont like it) I played, leveled up my chao and stuff and saw this. The DLC seems interesting, but it just seems a excuse to make you play with ugly title screens and modern Sonic. I’m not liking this that much. At least we do have SA….

  14. I actually thought the mission mode was interesting minus the bug they had if you decided to save the Ski slope snowboarding mission for last and it was a great way to just play through a stage without the whole ranking hanging over your head plus the mission mode helped Me get some Game Gear/Master System Sonic games without needing emblems (least until the memory card I had them on got courrupted) though I still hate the Ski Slope Snowboarding mission as its still a “That one sidequest” thing for Me.

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