AAUK Reveals Three Tidbits About Sonic Free Riders

AAUK Reveals Three Tidbits About Sonic Free Riders

Sonic Free Riders is a game SEGA’s been keeping close to its chest until recently. Leave it to Sonic City Blognik’s AAUK to finally drop us some info!

– The next track to be revealed has a Wild West theme, including waggon trains and a minecart section (MOAR MINECARTS!) where you actually have to pull a lever left and right to change the points and avoid rockfalls. It looks quite slick actually.

– Someone’s return in the pre-race configuration screen is still gaining momentum!

– Since you guys apparently love anything Roger says as Sonic (e.g. “…consoles…”) here’s another line for you: “Place your hand on Start!”


  1. Will we get to see/hear any of this stuff? 😀 I wonder WHEN this next track will be revealed?

    I know not many on TSS are interested in this game, and of course I’m more interesting in Sonic 4 and WAY MOAR INTURRESTID in Sonic Colours, but I’m still a little interested in this. ^^

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