5 New Sonic Free Riders Screenshots

5 New Sonic Free Riders Screenshots

Some new screenshots for Sonic Free Riders appear to have slipped under the radar late last month, from InsideGamer.nl. The screens are taken from the same old track that we’re used to seeing since E3, but we do get a close-up look at Sonic’s in-game model and see how different it is to the past games in the Riders series. InsideGamer.nl also posted up a preview last month, but be warned, it doesn’t translate very well using Google Translate. Check out the rest of the screens below.



  1. I’m always excited about the upcoming Sonic games. Not this one though!
    KennyWolf is right. It’s all about colors now.

  2. It’s definately stylish. The rings really do look like energy these days lol. And Eggman’s still on a bike. I wonder how one would play that. =P

  3. It makes me happy that Sega is using the Unleashed model in this game rather then the stretchy torso Sonic with the huge hands and feet model from the first two Riders games.
    I swear, the Riders model of Sonic is the worse and I hope they don’t ever use it again.

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