What Happened to Getting Crush 40 on the Rock Band Network?

What Happened to Getting Crush 40 on the Rock Band Network?

For those of you in attendance at Summer of Sonic this year, you’ll all remember the first question I posed to Jun in the Q&A session regarded Crush 40 songs on Rock Band Network. Some of you may also remember a little while ago that Ozone Entertainment had mentioned via many sources that they would be bringing a selection of classic Crush 40 tracks to RBN. You will probably also remember that after these announcements were made we heard nothing more.

Now, in an article by the Examiner.com, Owen Douglass, owner of Ozone, speaks about about what happened. According to Douglass, things had been going well with the organisation and he was in contact with Jun Senoue; three tracks had been chosen (Live & Learn, Open Your Heart and Knight of the Wind). Apparently a snag had been hit when it came to distribution rights, as these are owned by Wavemaster entertainment. In the wake of this, several comments were made on Douglass’ Twitter regarding unprofessionalism on Sega and Senoue’s behalf, with the comment that “Sega has their heads up their asses.”

Douglass claims that these comments were made due to a complete cut-off in communication with SEGA and Senoue, and that he was frustrated in the fact that so many fans were requesting Crush 40 tracks for RBN, and there was nothing he could do about it.

“No, I really don’t (feel that I mishandled the situation). When you disrespectfully leave a potential business partner who is trying to benefit you more than themselves (they wanted all the profits from the sales of the tracks, I wouldn’t have made a single penny) waiting for half a year with no explanation or contact at all, I believe I have the right to be ticked off. It was at the half year mark I publicly gave up on them. The reason I held on for the second half of the year was because of the fans. They wanted the music in the game, I didn’t care anymore. I had ill feelings about Sega and all involved, but I’d swallow it for the sake of getting the deal done.

Yeah, in a previous article you quoted me saying that Sega has ‘their heads up their asses.’ I stand behind that statement 100%. That’s how I feel, and if it hurt the feelings of a multi-billion dollar company, that’s their fault for making business choices based on that. I will always put my personal feelings aside for the sake of making deals to give the public what they want. That’s the only reason I’ve still tried to get the situation figured out all this time. And it’s why I’m relieved this is over and now off my shoulders. Now I can go and work with people who actually care about what we’re working on.”

It also transpires that since then Douglass’ statements SEGA have made it clear that they have no interest in working with Douglass or Ozone after these comments, to which Douglass responded:

“And now finally they claim they were hurt by what I said and don’t want to work with me. Which is great, because the feeling is mutual. They wasted my time, and I feel they just don’t care what the public wants. Why do you think they haven’t made the a good Sonic game in over a decade, despite their very vocal fanbase continually laying out a near-perfect blueprint? I don’t know, that’s just my opinion. I bet I’ll get another email from them. Or maybe a letter soaked with their tears. But probably not, since I’m not even worth 2 seconds of their time.”

Douglass released this final statement after the publishing of the examiner.com article:

Over the past couple days there’s been a whirl of controversy that surrounded Ozone Entertainment. It stems from an article in which I was quoted giving out details regarding contacting an artist for involvement in the Rock Band Network. I would prefer not to link to it here, but I would like to address this here.

Ozone Entertainment has never used conventional methods in our operations. As you may know, I am very open regarding what I do to the public. This is because I believe this builds trust between the consumers and the company, and eliminates any fears of shady practices and deceit.

Unfortunately, a year-long frustration on my part directed my answers to the questions posed in the article. Looking back, I may have crossed some lines and I apolgize to Martin [webmaster of junsenoue.com – T] and Jun personally. I did not intend to offend you personally by any comments made.

However, I do not take back the main focus of the article. The situation was handled poorly with a lack of communication and I knew this partnership would not work out six months ago. I never signed a non-disclosure agreement when entering talks, so I believe there is nothing wrong with sharing any details now that the deal is officially closed.

I have also received comments personally attacking me. To those people, that is your opinion and I respect your right to say it. Just know that even if I am a horrible as you make me out to be, I will continue to attempt to entertain you and provide people with quality products and services to the best of my ability. If I fail, as I have done here and likely will again many more times, I will simply get up and try again.

Thank you very much for your time, and I hope you guys continue to enjoy at least some of the things Ozone Entertainment produces.

So, although it looks like there won’t be any Crush 40 tracks released through Ozone, it does not rule out the possibility that there may be tracks released on the Rock Band Network sometime in the future through another publisher.

To read the full article on the examiner.com follow this link.

If you didn’t catch the Q&A session at Summer of Sonic, watch it here!

So, do you have an opinion on these matters? Sound off in the comments section!

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  1. Well that sucks! That and Dream Theater were why I bought another Xbox and now none of them are on Rock Band. Well maybe one day… I would’ve really enjoyed playing Live and Learn and Open Your Heart. I’m not to crazy about Knight of the Wind but it’s solo would’ve been fun.

  2. So its basically copyright issues and lack of communication. Well thats a bummer, hopefully the tracks will be released one day

  3. Too bad, I was really hoping for this. Meh, maybe it’ll happen some day. But I do wonder why SEGA didn’t keep up communication. It just seems a bit odd considering they were going to benefit from the deal.

  4. 😀 You posted my video. Also, Jun mentioned this in the Q&A and said he’d try to sort something out in the near future. Does that mean it’s still on… or…what?

    [This all happened some time ago, so there is still potential for this to go ahead – T]

  5. Damn all that sucks, I’d LOVE to play Knight of the Wind on Rock Band.

    Also T-Bird, where’s my CD dude? We got you on tape saying I’d get one, and I never did. I went home and cried all night.

    You cut me T-Bird, you cut me real deep.

    [CD? I seem to have forgotten about this! PM me what I’ve forgotten about dude! – T]

  6. @FTA: I had a feeling it’d be you, there’s only one Sonic fan I know of that would know that extensive knowledge off by heart (Aside from me lol).

  7. wow what a buzz kill. anyways yeah that does suck that crush 40 doesn’t get to go onto the Rock band network. Maybe next time…

  8. *Member of the comment reply killed club* sigh.

    Anyway, if Douglass is commenting on the immaturiy of Sega of handling the music rights etc then he shouldn’t give such a lot blow to the Sonic franchise. It doesn’t really have any connection to the matter and will ony help in alienating him.

  9. @Brad Flick: Umm, I noticed one of mine got deleted and I was referring to something directly in the article, if you were referring to the topic in hand (why Crush 40’s songs aren’t on Rock Band), then that would make alot more sense. Unless it was a chain reaction starting from my comment, which I noticed a few people responded to (a couple though, not 10+) which led to flame wars then okay, that works for me too.

  10. Well, nice job SEGA. It’s a wonder why most people don’t bother with you anymore. I hope Sonic 4 and Colors will be the process of removing your heads from your asses, as they’re looking pretty good.



  11. Hey T-Bird, I just really wanna say that I Apologize for being upset about a Contest, I’m just never gonna get luck is all…. So Alotly Sorry for what I’ve Done 2 Months Ago… If it’s ok dude. I Really Did’nt meant to upset you, and everyone…. So, Sorry for being Upset over a Contest..

  12. The only way they’re gonna make up for this is making a Sonic themed Rock Band. Every rock themed Sonic song from the games and even some rock versions of old Sonic songs, played by Jun himself.

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