Tracy Yardley! Does Sonic Eggs

Tracy Yardley! Does Sonic Eggs

Sonic Eggs is probably one of my favorite web comics running. Acting as a fan continuation of Archie’s “Sonic X” comic book (which in and of itself was a strictly in continuity Sonic X storyline), Sonic Eggs is a weekly strip written by occasional Sonic Stadium contributor Jason Berry, and posted on the website Emerald Coast Comics. It both satirizes and pays homage to all things Sonic, while also making an effort to be (almost) as kid friendly as its source material.

So why is this being featured in the community blog? Well, renowned Archie Sonic artist Tracy Yardley!* has actually done a series of pages for it, which will be running in the comic over the next six weeks!  In addition to Tracy, Eggs also got another Archie talent, Ben Hunzeker. He did the shading for this page, as well another upcoming page. The flats for this page where done by Deebs.

Unlike many pages in the comic, this page does not have an individual gag, though it is building to something later. For the thousands of you who don’t follow the series, Sonic Eggs’ current plot centers around “Shades”, and unfinished, sissy version of the dark brooding ball of emo! For those of you interested in catching up to the current plot, you can find the rest of the comic here.

*The exclamation mark isn’t a typ-o, it’s part of Tracy’s name.

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  1. Never heard of this comic but I’ll have to read it now since it’s a continuation of Sonic X, the only Archie comic I liked.

    I really loved that page!

  2. Badang! Yardley is on this one? I liked Eggs before, but now I’m REALLY liking it!

    Sometimes the Sonic fanbase is annoying, but this is one of those really awesome instances of pure epic amazingness.

  3. Wow! I never knew about this amazing web comic until now! I’m really loving the plot, the jokes, the writing, and the art. This has got to be one of the best Sonic web comics I’ve ever read! It feels just like reading a slightly risquer version of the Archie Sonic X series! Tracy Yardley! contributing is just the icing on the cake! Thanks for sharing and give Jason my regards for this awesome series!

  4. Thanks for all the praise!!

    There’s still 5 more pages done by Yardley to go! One more by Hunzeker.

    You’ll want to stay tuned, cuz after page 15 hits, I’ll be announcing a contest!! I’m not gonna go into details now, so consider this an announcement of an announcement. Just call me Aaron Webber.

  5. I love this comic, but I even like Sonic pulse more.
    The more unusual Sonic adventure. =P

  6. I know Yardley! gets a lot of backlash from the community, but I for one always adored Tracy’s work. I would even go so far as to say Tract is my favorite artist of all the Archie issues I’ve read thus far (up to 190) and was one of the reasons I first became interested in the comic in the first place.

    I shall enjoy these next 6 weeks.

  7. Lol this is actually quite amazing. The fact that a fan made comic (As far as I know) has had pages done by official Sonic comic artist

  8. Never really caught onto the Sonic X comics, bought the first 12 or so and gave up.
    But this is really interesting 🙂

  9. I saw this and ended up reading all the available Sonic Eggs comics. Very funny, and I can’t wait to read more.

  10. I readed the first chapter of this comic way before it was popular….

    A comic that has Sonic and a giant Mexican spider can only be good.

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