Tracy Yardley! Does Sonic Eggs, Part 2

Tracy Yardley! Does Sonic Eggs, Part 2

Last week, we showed you the first in a series of pages being drawn by Archie Sonic artist Tracy Yardley!, for the Sonic fan comic Sonic Eggs, a fan comic from Emerald Coast Comics, which updates every Saturday.

This comic is, apparently, the perfect example of what you can do wrong when writing a script: putting in too much detail and dialogue for an artist to put on a single page. You may notice this page is larger than the last one, and that’s because this was actually done on one and a half pages. So remember, whenever you are writing a comic script, take the space an artist has to work with into account. After all, not all of them are as cool and understanding as Tracy is!

This page was written by Jason Berry, and colored by Kichi.

This series starts in the middle of an ongoing storyline, which can be read from the beginning here.



  1. @ Nancyville

    WIN!!! XD

    I love cheese’s face at the final panel.

    I feel sorry for cream, what did she have to live through all these years??

  2. Holy mother of… Jason, you actually take vanilla after that interview you made?
    Well then I can’t wait for Vector’s appearance. =D

  3. @Inferno Yea. There was some dialogue I left out that would have made it a little too dark.

    Basically on the last panel, Cream was holding Chees real tight and rocking back and fourth saying “I’magoodgirl.I’mapolitegirl.Ialwayssay’please’and’Thankyou'”. Almost like a chant. I thought it made Vanilla out to be some kind of child abuser, so I left it out.

  4. @ Nancyville

    Bring the Xbox version to me. I adore that game and shall be keeping my elbows on a table at all times.

    @ Hook131

    I also love that game.

  5. First the infamous “Angry Shadow” from Sonic Universe 1, now it’s “Angry Vanilla”! Tracy Yardley sure draws anger well!

    Also, lol at Cheese in the last panel!

  6. I lol’d when I saw Shadow…. erm… “Shades” jump into Amy’s arms.
    Seriously, these comics are hilarious!!!

  7. @hook131
    Sonic and the Secret Rings was actually good. Well, except maybe for some of the extra missions.

  8. yeah i gotta admit it was alright but sometimes i actually forgot what was going on because of the extra missions………or maybe that’s just me!

  9. “Sissy McWuss of Nancyville” LOLZ
    what really got me LMAOing was “ELBOWS OFF THE TABLE!” It’s like she’s a nazi kindergarten teacher at a catholic boarding school. Sorry if it meant offense to anyone here.

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