Three New Sonic Colours Wii Videos From Gamescom

Three New Sonic Colours Wii Videos From Gamescom


Three new videos of the Wii version of Sonic Colours have hit the net, straight from Gamescom. The first video is from SSMB Member and staff member Spark. The footage Spark and his friends recorded gives us a look at the fully animated title screen, where Sonic is running between all of the games Wisps. The video also shows the Act title cards have been redesigned a little to fit the current stage.


The second video is from YouTube user ThomasBillstein, who has recorded footage from an updated Tropical Resort level. The video shows a couple of changes since we last saw the stage in the E3 demo. More crystals for use with the Cyan Wisp’s ricocheting power have been added to the end of Act 2, and destroying the Wisp Capsule at the end of an Act now results in a cool slow motion animation.

[youtube][/youtube] The third video is from GamezGeneration, which shows more of the updated Tropical Resort stage. Thanks to speedduelist at the SSMB for the heads up on this video!

We’ll look out for more footage of Sonic Colours from Gamescom and post it up as we find them.

Thanks to Spark for sharing the title screen video at the SSMB!


  1. Finally a gamer who is good at playing this game. 😀

    Love the animated title screen, btw.

  2. Awww… they should have did the animation showing Sonic running across the screen BEFORE the SEGA logo.

    I hope he does it in 4 though. This game keeps getting better and better. Let’s hope it doesn’t let us down. What was it like at SOS?

  3. I am a strange person i really like this kind of kiddy games, you know, like kirby, donkey kong returns, Sonic colours and sonic 4, but another part of me is waiting Mortal Kombat 9.

  4. I might be the only one, but has anyone noticed that nearly all the wisps are colors of the chaos emeralds?

  5. @Reku, you’re not the only one, in fact, its been mentioned a lot. However, I’m not quite sure what to make of this since the wisps featured in the Wii version are not all the same as the wisps featured in the DS version. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wisps do end up being connected to the Chaos Emeralds some how. They do look sort of Chao-like…

  6. Ugh I hate that part in Tropical Resort where it shifts to 3D and there is literally NOTHING to do except run in a straight line, I cant stand that.

    And I hope they dont reveal the Chaos Emeralds to be of Alien Orgin or something.

  7. @Rundas, Rainbow monster for a final boss beats SuperDuperRainbowColorPowerTeletubbies Sonic for a super form.

  8. @Edge

    SA1 and SA2 weren’t childish. They were sort’ve in between. Not childish but not too mature either. Shadow the Hedgehog was ODDLY very childish but with mature themes. xD Weird I know.

    @Reku & BD3

    They don’t necessarily look like the color of the emeralds. There are a few that do and a few that don’t (how can they not when there’s 6 – 8 Wisps and 7 emeralds? They’re bound to have some similar colors) But there is no Silver Wisp or White emerald. There’s no orange emerald (the only orange one was in the classics and that was technically the yellow emerald) There’s no pink emerald etc etc.

    Also, I remember seeing a pic of Sonic, a white wisp and a green Chaos Emerald. They MIGHT make an appearance in this game still. Who knows. If not.. it’ll be the first time not to (excluding Storybook series)

    As for the Wisps looking like Chao.. they actually look absolutely nothing like Chao. xD but they’re both tiny and ‘cute’ so they’re comparable. =p

  9. Okay, small thought here regarding the Wisp colors and a connection to the Chaos Emeralds.

    The Chaos emeralds do have slightly different colors than the Wisps, so I don’t think they’re connected specifically. But what if the Wisps help out during the obligatory Super Sonic section of the game, and we see (at least in appearance) the legendary Hyper Sonic, strobe-flashing colors and all!

  10. Considering its made by the story book team i think theres a good chance there is going to be ANOTHER Form of sonic.poo!

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