Review: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing R.C. Car

Review: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing R.C. Car

Hey, folks! While all you lucky Brits are checking out Summer of Sonic, I was checking out the newest Sonic toy from Toys ‘R’ Us. the Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing R.C. Car!

The car comes from NKOK Toys, a company based in The City of Industry.  That’s only 5-6 miles from my house!!

The car is nicely detailed and nothing is left out, from fake glass over the headlights and windshield to the speedometer on the dash panel.  It’s a good size, too. I’d say around 30% larger than the Jazwares Sonic car.  The car itself goes at a good clip down the driveway.  With the right skills, you can make it do skids.  There’s a Knuckles R.C. car as well, but he’s a bit more rare.  Also, the price can’t be beat at only $19.99!

There are some small downsides, though. It’s takes a whopping 6 AA batteries to run, but that’s standard for most R.C. cars out there.  There is not much to the remote control either.  It’s shaped like a tiny Playstation controller. It has two D-Pads on either side, one for going forward/backwards and the other for turning. No analog for this one.

Overall, I think it’s a quality R.C. car for such a cheap price and it’s well worth your money, especially if you’re a Sonic fan.

Enough of that though, you want to see it in action!  Sorry for my cruddy looking garage.  Also, it should be noted I had to hold both the remote and the camera in one hand for a short time.


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  1. Ferst Comment HA LOL
    That’s Really Cool Now I Want That Sonic Car 🙂 LOL
    P.S. Nice Crash Ending That Made Me Lafe LOL
    Sonic BOOM lol

  2. Dang it! I was tempted to go to TRU today, told myself not this week! >.<
    That thang is shweet!

  3. I always thought when Sonic was far away, that at any moment a car would pass and you hear a crunch.
    Poor camera.

  4. @Extaticus:

    It’s an RC car, we all know that every single one has crappy handling, never gonna change.

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