Sonic Free Riders Not Publically Playable At Gamescom?

Sonic Free Riders Not Publically Playable At Gamescom?


UPDATE: SSMB Member and staff member Spark has informed us that the booth seen in the above video is the public booth at Gamescom and will inquire with fellow staff still at the event about whether the demo is playable by the public. We’ll update you when we hear more. /UPDATE END

Sonic fans looking to try out Sonic Free Riders for Xbox 360 Kinect at Gamescom over the next few days are out of luck. The above video has been posted at YouTube this morning by theREALshoesy, in which we can see the demo is sealed off in an enclosure, very similar to the one at E3. SEGA staff are on hand again to show how the game is played, while the public can only watch from a distance through glass walls.

Yesterday however, the press got to try out the demo’s single track in full. You can check out a few of their videos below. GameTrailers also has a play test of the demo at their website.




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  1. You know, the kinect gets a lot of hate, but personally I think it’s a pretty amazing piece of technology.

    It’s still too pricey and I wouldn’t buy it, though.

  2. See, at least these people are a bit better at the game from what gameplay you can see, and they don’t look like they’re doing anything too tiring. The only thing is the swiming and maybe jumping but who cares? Just have fun.

    I agree with HazukiHeartwood. It looks great. It’s just too pricey. But so is everything new. xD It’s for people who have lots of money. =P I can always wait for the price to drop. xD

  3. I was there yesterday and I saw the line to the game and some little kids playing it, so I’m sure it was playable for the public

  4. @HazukiHeartwood I don’t hate it….I just think it IS pricey for not a whole lot of great games. The only one appealing to me is *points up to the top of the page*

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