Sonic Colours Wii’s Green Wisp In Action

Sonic Colours Wii’s Green Wisp In Action


Yesterday, we told you, via an eye-witness account from Spark at, that the Wii demo of Sonic Colours at Gamescom contains an updated version of Sweet Mountain Act 2 with the Green Wisp. Spark’s team tried to replay the stage and get footage, but Nintendo booth staff wouldn’t allow people to play the stage publicly. Now, Spark has just informed us via the SSMB that his friends at managed to sneak in the above recording of the stage, with the Green Wisp in action, too.

In the footage we can see Sonic’s ‘mutation’ to a hovercraft form, complete with hovering powers that allow Sonic to reach new heights. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the light speed dash ability of the Green Wisp that Spark mentioned.

Thanks to Spark and for the info and footage!


  1. Very strange- especially with the rocket wisp allowing the vertical ability. Maybe the hover wisp will do a bit more, like get us over open bodies of water or something.

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