While browsing London’s Forbidden Planet store, SSMB member Gnasher came across a humorous Silver figure.  The ultra rare “Pingas” edition.

P.S. In case anyone really can’t tell, that’s Silver’s tail. The body must have gotten twisted during packing with hilarious results.


  1. Is it bad of me that I then went and did this exact same thing with my ASR Knuckles? D:

    This is only particularly amusing because it actually CAME IN THE BOX LIKE THIS.

  2. heh, it actually says that on the back of the box… I just checked, it says “Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard”

  3. Teehee xD

    Somehow the phrase “Here I come Iblis, this will be your end” comes in my mind xD

  4. I’ve got tears from reading all the comments XD

    But wow! Somewhere, Blaze is throwing a fit over this…XD

  5. @Brocky_Christ

    Darn it, I came here to say “Looks like someone Triggered his Iblis.”, you more or less beat me to the punch! Well played.

  6. Wait a just one darn second! What I just put makes no sense. Not suitable for 3+! That means practically no one can use it which in a way makes some sense.

  7. As if having crack leaf quills wasn’t bad enough.
    @Frack This is definatly gonna end up on there sooner or later.

  8. *thinks of a response* …
    Umm… man, all the good ones are taken 😛

    Oh but I do pity him. Poor guy can’t get a break….
    He’s just too easy to tease XD

  9. Silver has kinda become the punching bag of this franchise. He’s like the Raiden to Sonic’s Solid Snake. :/

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