New 2.5D Sonic Project Showcases Mushroom Hill Zone [UPDATED]

New 2.5D Sonic Project Showcases Mushroom Hill Zone [UPDATED]

UPDATE 2: This is a video and not a fangame.  Still cool as all get out, though.  The original blog post is below.

UPDATE: Damizean, creator of the “Egg Engine,” has nothing to do with this video.  We are still waiting for comment from BlobVanDam.

On the heels of the “Egg Engine” unveiling comes this video that popped up under the radar yesterday, spotted by TSS reader FoxBoy (thank you for sharing this video with us).  It’s a fully functional 2.5D version of Mushroom Hill Zone, complete with the original stage gimmicks, badniks, S3&K shields and fantastic physics.  Oh, and the graphics and lighting?  Gorgeous. Every single nuance of the original level is captured here.  I’ve watched it so many times and keep finding new things to appreciate.

This video was upload by “BlobVanDam.”  I cannot confirm the Egg Engine’s (or any engine’s) use at this time (the models and physics look similar), but we will find out soon.  I have reached out to him for comment.  His portfolio website showcases his talents in 3D rendering and design, so it is more than likely not in an engine, but rather a rendered out video. Regardless, enjoy more of this fanmade greatness.  I just wish the video quality was better than 360p.  I’d love to see this video in HD.

Try not to start another fight.  You know who you are.

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  1. That is fucking brilliant! Everything is there from the original game and it all looks so realistic.

  2. Pretty sure this is pre-rendered, but pre-rendered or in-game, this is an incredible feat for the dude who made this.

  3. Thank you so much Brad!! It is the most amazing thing isn’t it!? Looks like a good year for Sonic in every way! xD lol

  4. Man, yeah, isn’t it? This fandom is freakin’ amazing. Sure we have our….weirdos, but we just got TWO beautiful 3D shorts out of this same fandom in the space of a few months. First that Doomsday remake, now a beautiful CGI render of one series’ most awesome locations. Then there’s the fan strips, the song remixes, the fangames, the engines….

    Jesus, other video game characters wish they had it this good.

  5. Wow, I’m very impressed. I thought maybe this was clay animated or something, it looks so tangible.

  6. “True actually. When WAS the last time we saw Fan made Mario games?”

    Try Mario Fan Games Galaxy, a proud affiliate of Sonic Fan Games HQ. They’re good people.

  7. And just so you know Bradford I have nothing against fan games. I do admire that people take the time and effort to make high quality ones such as this. What I don’t like is the fact that blind-fanboys speak lowly of SEGA and are oblivious to the fact that these fan games wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for them. Bottom-line the original company production will always be the the superior to the fan productions no matter how good they are because they came first. Again I have nothing against these games I’m just saying without the original productions contributing to them they would cease to exist.


    To be honest when you look past all the pretty colors, it does look a bit too realistic to be a classic Sonic game. So I agree. Sonic 4 does look better. It’s still very impressive nonetheless.

  8. “What I don’t like is the fact that blind-fanboys speak lowly of SEGA and are oblivious to the fact that these fan games wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for them. Bottom-line the original company production will always be the the superior to the fan productions no matter how good they are because they came first.”

    I respect that. Well said, Hamilton. That’s actually a policy we have at Sonic Fan Games HQ to prevent SEGA from getting pissed and shutting us down.


  9. “A animation, it looks good!!, ITS BETTER THAN SONIC 4!!1 SEGA SUCKS!!!”

    I can hear the whining fanboys already.

    Yes it looks awesome, but its based on a already good looking level, AND its an animation so you cant really compare it to a game.

  10. that shit is hard. This is another reason why I will always play sonic and knuckles before sonic 3. anywho this shit is fucking hard, i dunoo what I’d do if i were to ever play this. :O

  11. * mouth drops
    That is awesome.
    Hopefully we hear more of it soon, cause imagine the whole & Knuckles looking like THIS.
    This fanbase… whoever said it would be broken has no idea what the most dedicated and loyal fanbase can do.
    And that makes me happy. =)

  12. That right there is special, this community continues to surprise me.
    It’s a shame it can’t be worked into a game, but that would prove to be a remarkable challenge.
    Absolutely stunning

  13. I like the “cartoony-realalistic” approach to the who thing.
    Reminds me of little big planet. And just how everything moves is just beautiful

    I would totally jizz my pants if I saw Hydrocity/Sky Sanctuary/Lava Reef Zone in this kind of animation.

  14. One Word……EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….oh did I mention epic?

  15. That is a very awesome rendered video.

    Brad: Glad to hear of that policy. I guess my problem with things like S2: Dimps Edition isn’t the game itself so much as the whiny fanboys Bradford mentioned who see said game as their excuse to contravene that policy. Unfortunately there’s been so much stupidity thrown around with regards to Sonic 4 that it’s easy for a parody to appear less sophisticated than it infact is.

    Eggman123: I still think that it is broken… as in “into pieces”, not as in “does not work”. As we see above, clearly there are Sonic fans out there capable of some incredible things.

  16. @ Sonicman032

    Personally, I’d like to see both acts of Angel Island redone. The bombs part and the opening event scene would look pretty cool.

  17. Whilst i love Sonic 4, i think this is exactly how i pictured what a sonic 4 would look like! (Before Sonic 4 was annouced like lol)
    This is amazing! Someone should do a big game like this that plays through sonic 2/3/&k as one big, amazing Death Egg saga game. If it looked like this itd be so awesome!

  18. God after seeing this video(yeah i know its just rendered not a remake) makes me want to not buy the shit that is sonic 4 even if i had a next gen console and i always wondered Why the Fuck did sonicretro choosed to make a sonic 2 remake instead of a sonic 3 and knuckles HD remake

  19. I’d rather have this than sonic 4 till sonic 4 proves itself as something exceptional since i’m anticipating colours more..both platforms..

  20. …Holy crap. Amazing.

    Not going to say, “Sega sucks, this should be Sonic 4″…but I hope Sega looks at this for Sonic 5 or something and takes some things from it.

  21. @Dakota Jones: If it was real, then it would be an exact remake of Sonic 3 just with 3D graphics. I thought the fans wanted something original and not a direct rehash.

    @CTOONfan1: It’s got that kind of look, hasn’t it? In fact, that’s exactly what I thought when I saw the preview image. Must be the colours and the position of the camera, as well as the standing width of the stage, right?

    Seriously, I know it’s only a prerender, but … can’t someone figure out how to overlay these kind of graphics onto the existing ROM gameplay? That would be … just … wow

  23. even if its pre rendered the rendered the animations seem close to if not identicle with the egg engine, the only difference is the shading of the model itself. of course theres more animation, but the running and spinning animations are the same, i hope this is a demo level using that engine, but the other possibility is that its a demo level, seriusly though, this guy should send his resume to sega and get cracking on the graphics, design, and programming departments, if this is what one guy can do solo think of what he could do if he marched into sega with whip?

  24. That is one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen. I’d be okay with remakes of the first few games if they were like this – identical gameplay but new super wonderful visuals.

  25. Wow. This took my breath away. It’s so beautiful and nice and smooth. Would love it as a fangame. Wow, that’s just amazing.

  26. As seen in the description: This is a fan-made animation. Not a game of some sort. So don’t get too hyped about it. In my opinion, it would be cool if SEGA made a game that looked like this, but we will see how things go *hopes that Sonic 4 is a success*.

  27. @Umiyuri

    I meant as a new POV for S&K.

    And besides, its a ‘fangame/fanimation’ its not sega that made this. so the whole “what the fans want” issue doesnt come into play.

  28. …Okay, SEGA, this is getting ridiculous. I mean seriously, you have fans, FANS making your games look good. As awesome as you guys say this it, you also need to be ashamed of yourselves for not doing something like this sooner. You’re a multi-million dollar developer & publisher. There’s no reason for you guys not to get something like this done right. I mean seriously, what, pray-tell, What, dear God, WHAT can be so HARD about KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

  29. @Dakota Jones: If by POV you mean point-of-view, I have no idea why you’re applying the term to a video that’s completely identical to the game it’s imitating except for HD graphics. And by ‘what the fans want’ I’m referring to all the comments here and the SEGA official blog saying to scrap Sonic 4 and make this instead.

    @Meg: They did. Sonic 3. You’ve probably played it.

    No. No seriously, what is up with you guys? It’s an /animation/ – /of course/ the physics are perfect because every single movement is handled by the /animator/, not by an engine of any sort. And even then, he probably just copied a video he found on Youtube of the actual game. If SEGA hired him he’d be hired to do quick FMVs because /that’s/ what he’s doing here and that’s /all/ he’s doing here.

  30. @Umiyuri

    A new POV is anything that would change the way you look at something in anyway (That includes HD). And even though this animation is neat, I would never expect to see sega make something like this game-wise. Its just gonna be a fangame at most if that even happens.

    jeez, why do so many fans want to get rid of Sonic 4?

  31. It’s pretty sad that people jump the gun so fast- just goes to show the attention span of the vocal/noisy masses.

    So yeah, I agree with Umiyuri & Dakota Jones-

    IMO it would be a fruitless effort and waste of time for SEGA to…basically rehash the classic games into this form of 3D. Because if they went this first, people would’ve complained that it wasn’t even a real remake, the only thing they’d commend is the fact that it’s more “classic” than modern. And if they turned around and showed what they have now with Sonic 4, people would’ve complained that it was step back in a worse direction than the intention, despite it being something new, while taking from the older concepts.

    That and people are just impatient and unaware of the fact that things just don’t turn on a dime (except for Sonic maybe- depends on which version). Even with all the whining that came with the teaser/leaked vid of Sonic 4’s Splash Zone- it was a while or so before any updates were shown.

    That and… oh I dunno- people are quick to shout than actually make time to put their own effort into a project. Once they find out how much work it is (when they’re not just ripping materials from people or what’s already existed in the games) they’ll either know how it could be fixed or (more often than not) realize that it actually takes some hard work- be it fan or industry.

  32. Wow… beautiful… the fact this ISN’T a game kinda ruined my day ;_;

    Was that claymation? It had sort-of a clay look to it…

    Also, I noticed the 3D model was almost identical to the 3D model they used for the sprites in the PC version of Sonic X-Treme…

  33. Wow. This is just… Wow.

    I love how this was renderd more than that bird guy is cookoo for cocoa puffs.

    …No seriously, the animation is pretty much perfect and just like the original game, as intended. Along with that, the lighting effects done are phenominal. The light comming through the trees looks just EPC.

    Al in all, amazing work.

  34. Rome X, and by a new Sonic game, do you mean anything goes like, I don’t know, Unleashed? If so, you are alone in your claims.

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