More Sonic Colours Wii & DS Gamescom Footage

More Sonic Colours Wii & DS Gamescom Footage


More gameplay footage of Sonic Colours has rolled in from Gamescom for both the Wii and DS versions. The above footage is from YouTube user supersonic83, which gives us a look at the updated Sweet Mountain Act 2 and the Green Wisp. In the video we can see the Green Wisp will be very handy for picking up bonuses, such as the red Special Rings and extra lives.


Next up, we have more of Tropical Resort Act 1 from Nintendo-Online. Nothing really new that we haven’t already seen, but we do learn that you can now gain ‘combo’ bonus points with the Cyan ‘lazer’ Wisp.


Finally, we have some footage of the DS version’s Tropical Resort Act 1. The video was recorded by SSMB member MarcelloF, who brought us footage of the DS version’s Special Stage. Hard to tell if anything has changed since we last saw the Act at E3. If you spot any differences, let us know in the comments. Thanks to MarcelloF for sharing this at the SSMB.

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  1. The amount of hidden routes in both stages ARE massive. I thought for sure they’d just be little bits here and there, but the ways of going through it really is expanding. Nice!

  2. I don’t see why you guys are suprised with the amount of alternatives! xD They said there would be!

    The wisps look fun! If only they have the fire wisp in the Wii version. :3

    And I love Twinkle Circuit! xD It has “It Doesn’t Matter” hidden in there followed by epicness. xD

  3. @ Ax:
    Yeah, Twinkle Circuit is great music. MarcelloF put it in the DS video, since he wasn’t able to record sound on his camera unfortunately.

  4. @ Ali (Supersonic83 @ youtube):
    No probs! Thank you for recording it! You got some fantastic footage there, great quality too! 🙂

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