More Sonic Colours’ Planet Wisp Footage, With Music

More Sonic Colours’ Planet Wisp Footage, With Music


UPDATE: Updated with HD video. Thanks to Woun for sharing this at the SSMB! /UPDATE END

IGN got their hands on the Wii version of Sonic Colours at Gamescom and recorded a short video of their time with the game. What makes this different to other videos we’ve seen is that this time, we get to hear the stage’s music. The track sounds like it’s straight out of a game in SEGA’s NiGHTS series and is a good fit for the alien planet theme of the level. We also get to hear grunts of Roger Craig Smith’s Sonic voice.

What do you think of Planet Wisp’s music? Discuss in the comments.

Source: IGN

Thanks to Torcano at the SSMB for the heads up!


  1. You can hear Roger’s voice when he yells “ROCKET!!”

    Aside the echo effect, I personally think it sounds like an older Griffith.

  2. Wow, the variety in this soundtrack is already amazing and we only heard 4 Tracks of it.
    Level design, again, looks awesome in 2D.
    Looks like my last doubts have been killed since 3 of 8/9 zones are looking awesome.

  3. I dunno, I’m in between on this. Sometimes I think its an announcer speaking but then there are up close videos where it sounds like it’s coming from Sonic. So I think it’s a 50/50 chance.

  4. Oh, and IGN seems to be much better at this game then some of these videos with the bad players.

  5. Wow… As Dark and Eggman123 said, I love the soundtrack for this game. Just the music alone is wonderful enough to get me to buy this, especially for this stage. Has that hint of PSO style to it. My only complaint is the fact that the video is too short. Props to the dude that’s was playing for not sucking at it.

  6. Sorry for the double post, but I just noticed something. The score counter at the upper right has little bonus scores for doing somethings. Like when Sonic was grinding it had “grind bonus” come up and when he grabbed the special rings, it said something like “special bonus” Then also when he broke through objects like when he was in rocket form. Interesting..

  7. Looks good so far but like any Sonic game yet to be released I remain with some doubt for the final product.

    The musics good but not great. It’s hard to get a good idea of the quality when the audio is a bit shakey.

  8. About time someone showed a video of the level WITH music and sounds. Also, the music is really great, the level is great!

  9. Music is beautiful, I’ve always liked the music in NiGHTS.

    Planet Wisp is looking great as well. I’m loving this game and its not even out!!!

  10. In the beginning, at the wall run segment you can see a icon with arrows at the bottom of the screen, which probably indicates different pathways you can take.

  11. I love the music, very mellow and chilled out, sounds like Final Fantasy music, which is places is not a bad thing at all, though I hope not ALL the stages follow suite.

  12. Man, I’m LOVING this game’s music so far. This stage’s music actually reminds me of Meteos a bit.

    On the other hand, there wasn’t much in this video that actually looked challenging. That’s my main concern with this game right now. Then again, it’s aimed at kids, so it works, I suppose. I guess I could still have fun speedrunning it anyway.

  13. Music sounds nice, but the level looks even better. Personally I don’t feel the piano goes well with any Sonic game, but that’s just me.

  14. What I liked about the music in Unleashed is that it was organic, the style changing and fitting to each level. So when I see the same thing with Unleashed, and I have no prob with the music.

  15. The voice effects when Sonic switched rails actually sounded like a deeper Griffith; a tinsy bit. I liked them, but I’m hoping that “ROCKET!” is really just an announcer, that sounded way too old for Sonic. BUT HEY it’s barely any voice clips, I shouldnt be nitpicking. The game looks beautiful and the music was nice and pretty, a little catchy even. I’m still so excited for this game. 😀

  16. Can’t wait to hear Tails’ new voice.

    With this game, Sonic 4 and Sonic Free Riders coming out. I say that Sonic is going to have a good year. I wish that people would stop hating and complaining about the recent Sonic games (i.e. Sonic 2006). I know they may not be as memorable as the classics, but they don’t deserve all of this hate and negativity. I liked Sonic Unleashed and especially Sonic 2006, yet people do not. I want everyone to be happy, not fighting each other all the time over some fictional animals from some video game series back and forth.

  17. GASP! More praise than complaints again! I’m shocked. Well I love the music so far myself. Roger’s voice is also sounding pretty dandy at this point.

  18. Are we sure that’s Roger? It sounds more like Jason’s grunts being used as a placeholder. If it is Roger then he’s doing a really good Jason impression.

    I cannot wait to hear the full song. I’ll enjoy learning this on my keyboard! I love the variety of the music. I love the theme and this song, the title screen was okay and I didn’t really like the food place’s music.

  19. it looks really good. i really hope this games does it big. i don’t wanna read reviews giving this game 7s n’ shit. i wanna see some 8s and 9s. I can’t wait to play this games. looking good.

  20. I really DON’T think that’s Roger. Anyway of confirming it? Because these are the same clips heard in the e3 Demo of the game and in the e3 demo of Unleashed they used older clips (Of Jason) as place holders to be replaced with new clips later. I believe that is what we are hearing now, Place holders. It sounds exactly like Griffith, and if it sounds any different is likely due to the fact that mostly all gameplay we’ve seen has been off screen. That’s just what I think.

  21. @Mardic and Edge

    The Voice acting recording should be done by now. If you listen carefully to GameTrailers’ E3 Demo Gameplay Footage, you’ll hear Eggman speaking into an intercom throughout Tropical Resort Act 1, and you can sort of hear him say something like this: “Welcome to my [Amusement Park?]! Try not to wreck the place!” among other things such as “To the owner of the white hover car…”. So yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s done by now.

  22. I’m pretty sure that’s Roger. While it sounds like Jason, it doesn’t sound exactly like him. Sounds more like an impression. Plus, it does sound like Roger’s voice anyway.

    Anyway, nice clip. Liking the music a lot.

  23. @The Man With Pants

    I never said the recording wasn’t finished yet. It’s all a matter of what we think as people. I think those clips are place holders, assuming that Eggman’s lines where recorded earlier due to the fact that his voice actor wasn’t being replaced. To me, the clips sound way too much like Jason and way too little like Roger. I’m fully aware that I could be wrong, it’s just how I honestly feel.

  24. @Mardic:

    Jason himself (after being shown some Sonic Colors E3 Demo Gameplay Footage) said that the voice in the demo wasn’t his being used.

  25. @The Man With Pants

    This is what Jason said “Thanks for sending [a video of Sonic Colours]. Not sure who is voicing Sonic, unfortunately, so I can’t really say. Also, we have all signed NDA’s in the past, so I don’t really “speak up” on a lot of things involving SEGA.”

    To me, this sounds like he merely hasn’t recorded anything for that game as of yet. Which can still mean these are old clips being used as place holders. Jason would not be notified if his clips being reused (I know this from past things Drummond as said regarding Brawl) so he wouldn’t know. So quoting Jason doesn’t really seal the deal.

  26. Typos Typos Typos.. Sorry. * Jason would not be notified if his clips were being reused
    * Drummond has said regarding Brawl

  27. @Mardic:

    I guess you’ve got a point. Though, they did get Roger to record lines for Alton Towers, which was quite a while before Colors was even announced (his sonic voice was first heard on the internet in March, meaning he most likely recorded his lines for Alton Towers even earlier than that; not to mention Colors wasn’t announced until late May). This means that Roger could have auditioned for Sonic as early as January or February, leaving plenty of time for them to record their lines (Mike Pollock once told me that it roughly takes about 2-5 hours in total to record lines for a sonic game). But we’ll soon find out in November, when the game is released. If it’s the same, then that means it was Roger all along, but if it has different voice clips in the final build, then it might have been Jason’s clips being used.

  28. Listening to it again, I noticed how different his voice was in one of the “HAH!”‘s. Sounds like a good Jason impersonation.

  29. I’m still really looking forward to Smiths work on the sonic games. I actually like the deeper voice, it still suits sonic in my opinion.

  30. @ foxboy and thewafflefactory

    I don’t hate the werehog yes he was the spanner in the otherwise”perfect” work but I do like the calming scenery and music of the world at night..and the platforming made you think instead of rushing madly to the end like a crazed shopperhog XD But I still Knuckles could have those stages and Tails the plane stages and the next adventure could’ve been borne D=

  31. @ Vulpine

    Actually there was ample reason to hate Sonic 06 because it was a bug ridden, loading screen extended, melodramitic, irritable camera given disgrace of a game. Notice I say, game because I think it’s time everyone was reminded that Sonic is a character in a game not just a ‘insta win’ ticket stamped onto a product.

    I agree that we shouldn’t start hating something just because of past experiences within it’s franchise but it gives better reason to be scepticle about it.

  32. I think it’s Roger’s voice in the gameplay (not the announcer voice tho. I’d have to be tone deaf to think.. nvm.. xD) But Roger’s done a few voices in the past that sounded similar to Griffith so I bet everyone’s going to think he’s impersonating Griffith as I predicted 3 months ago before even hearing his Sonic voice. XD

    Eh, WereHog’s stages were too long and repetative but that’s the stages’ problems not the WereHog himself. Tho he had to be there to help fulfill the point of the game. To replace him with Knuckles would be random giving Knuckles no meaning. (Besides, Knuckles may have punch attacks, but he’s still very similar to Sonic) True SU had the project title SA3, but it was too cartoony for the Adventure series. (Sonic may be a big blue hedgehog but these days it’s common to make what’s not real seem realistic :3)

    As for Sonic 06, it was just slow. Slow loading, running and gameplay aaaand supposedly glitches from all the hardcore nerds who can’t play a game without eventually trying to find ways to cheat. Otherwise, Sonic 06 was similar to the beloved Adventure series (which also had “SA3” as a project title like Sonic Unleashed) =)

  33. The music is beautiful, I can’t stop watching this video. I like how sonic team is going for jazzy style with these recent sonic games, it’s fantastic. By the way, there may be so much hate over the boost, but I like the boost.

  34. Not really i can see plenty of ways to get him in Night AND Day..with either him helping out and many other ways WITHOUT using damn Master Emerald already..and plus knux can climb wals

    They could’ve skated over the werehog easily or made him or even tails infected with it partway in the game to give sonic a lil’ more to wanna destroy eggman about..

    Shadow could’ve night speed stages while sonic has day..the japanese name”Sonic World Adventure” and voila..the “perfect” or pretty good sonic game in a while…since some of us fans or soooo darn

    About SA3’s name…awwwwwwwwwwwww~

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