More Sonic 4 Updates On The Way

More Sonic 4 Updates On The Way

RubyEclipse has announced at the SEGA of America Blog that today’s new media releases for the Lost Labyrinth Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 aren’t the only updates planned. From tomorrow, fans can expect more info on changes made for the final build of the game, with footage of the Lost Labyrinth Zone coming soon, too. RubyEclipse says updates will be posted exclusively on the SEGA Blogs and the Sonic City Blognik. We’ll be keeping an eye out for the updates and post them here at TSS soon after. The above new screenshot has also just been released in hi-resolution.  In it, we can see that Sonic will still be able to spin jump while holding a torch.

What changes to the game are you hoping for? Speak out in the comments.

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  1. Well its pretty cool that they are trying their best to make this game better. But all I have to say is I hope they decreased some of the springs. To me there were too many springs in each level.

  2. Interesting, I’m looking forward to hearing more about the final build and seeing Lost Labyrinth in action; the art in that zone looks plain gorgeous. So far, I don’t see anything that really needs changed. As long as the game is fun to play for me and as many other people as possible, it’s A-OK with me. And so far, I think it seems to be accomplishing that just fine.

    I’m gonna have to also get some more Microsoft Points so I can pick this thing up when it comes out too, I really want to get this on day one now…

  3. Its Smash Bros Brawl all over again, every detail released before the game is :O

    It would be wrong for me to say I-Can’t-Wait.. they’ve obviously put a lot of effort into it and they’ll announce the release date when they’re ready.. but… I-CAN’T-WAIT!

  4. Come on, SEGA. Just give us a release date! The suspense is killing us all!

    And in the slightly altered words of Shadow the Hedgehog: ‘Where’s that DAMN Sonic 4 release date?!’

  5. @ Everyone above:
    Downloadable games don’t normally get a release date until at least 2-3 weeks before release. The game will be releasing on 4 different services too, so there will likely be a different date for each format.

  6. I bought the wii points for this game about 5 months ago… I can’t wait to spend them.

    Changes in the game? hmmm, I’ll probably get guff for this, but I’d like Robotnik to wear his old clothes. Aside from that, I don’t think I know enough about the game yet to demand any major changes. oh I know, what if they put in all these foreshadowing cameos since this games takes place before Sonic Adventure, like a wisp could be watching Sonic, or you find Big’s fishing pole next to a lake or Sonic gets his Arabian Nights book and says, hmm maybe I’ll read this some day.

  7. @sonictoast

    I do hope you’re joking 🙂

    These screenshots are pretty impressive. Hope the torch doesn’t ruin the gameplay.

  8. uhh… the release date is the thing I’m worried about the LEAST! Why would I ask for the released date when I could get actual info? The release date will AUTOMATICALLY be given before it comes out in time anyways. How can they make a definate release date for something they’re still working on? Wanting the release date is just stupid in my opinion, not that I mean to offend anyone. xP


    I won’t give you “guff” and I’m sure a lot of people agree with you about Robotnik.. but personally I’d assume you’re not very big on style are ya? Considering you prefer a red shirt with a collar/cape (depending on the game) you can barely see in his Egg-o-matic. xD I like his current design. Looks “cooler” and more “Scientist” like. :3 Especially with the black jumpsuit under his lab coat. =P I mean, what’s wrong with it? Just cuz it’s not from the classic ERA? =( He HIMSELF is exactly the same from his basic body shape description to his head (just he wears goggles xD)

    To each his own =p Like Sonic. The only thing I dislike is his hair’s TOO long. lol but I’m not complainin’. x)

  9. i think sonic having the homing attack and eggman looking like he does now makes since. Remember this game is bridging together sonic 3 & knuckles to sonic adventure. its a big change, but i think this will be an interesting bridge between them. Caz eggman’s clothes looked like that in sonic adventure, and there was no big announcement about it. Still a lot of storyline in this that could patch up some confusion to how sonic adventure started would be cool.

  10. another thing would be the transfer from universes. Think about how sonic and friends go between earth and mobius so freely?

    sonic 1,2, cd,3, knuckles, heroes, sonic 4, and colors all look like they take place on mobius.

    sonic adventure, adventure 2, shadow, 2006, unleashed are all on earth. Sonic 4 and adventure is the first real world bridge, can this question be solved as well?

  11. What I hope to see:
    -Uncurling gone
    -physics more momentum based
    less springs and boosters
    -improvement of CS zone act 2 improved
    Love this game until now, also Ken Balough said they will reach beta stage soon, which means they aren’t even close to the final build.

  12. @thewafflefactory

    In case you haven’t noticed, Sonic games follow the original Japanese continuity everywhere since Sonic Adventure now, meaning all of the western stories from the classic era are pretty much null and void (in other words, SEGA changed the story of the Genesis/Mega Drive games for western audiences, and retconned it when it hit the 3D era with Sonic Adventure), meaning Mobius doesn’t even exist in the games’ continuity anymore. It’s just Earth, well Sonic’s version of Earth anyway. The only thing that was kept from the western continuity when Sonic hit the 3D era is Eggman’s real name being Ivo Robotnik. In Japan, Sonic’s back story is this: Sonic is a drifter with the ability to run faster than the speed of sound who lives on Earth and was born on a place called Christmas Island who battles the greedy, selfish Dr. Eggman.

    Simply put, SEGA West westernized the storyline for North America and Europe and then randomly changed it back to the original Japanese continuity, pretending that the western continuity never existed. BTW, Sonic 4 is also following the Japanese continuity everywhere too, so no Mobius. The cartoons/anime and comics/manga are not canon to the games, either.

  13. @ BorgShadow:
    Where did you see that? I’ve just checked the Australian official Sonic 4 website and the games product page at SEGA Australia’s website, but both still say Late 2010.

  14. @ people shouting for a release date.

    Now, now, You don’t want Sega to rush as fast as Sonic does, and make another Sonic 06 do you?

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