More Sonic 4 Changes Revealed

More Sonic 4 Changes Revealed

SEGA have today revealed more information about Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 today, as they promised they would yesterday. Todays focus is on Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 2, particularly the changes made to the controversial mine cart sequence seen in the leaked version of the game. The whole of Act 2 has been revamped for the console versions with the torch mechanic seen in the recent screenshots. The mine cart will now only be at the end of the Act and won’t be motion controlled. Could this mean that the iPod Touch/iPhone version is keeping the old Act 2?

Other smaller tweaks have been made to the game, tweaks that many fans have been requesting for ages now. The edits include a balance to difficulty to make tougher sections easier, Sonic reaching full speed and ‘wheel-of-feet’ faster, and an update to Sonic’s running animation.

You can check out the list in full at the SEGA of America Blog and Sonic City Blognik. SEGA promise another update with more changes will be released early September. Some hi-resolution versions of recent screenshots have also been released, check them out below.

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  1. I think what’s far more likely is that this was the originally planned act 2 from the get go. I mean, the changes are WAY extensive, adding entire new mechanics not even seen in the leaked footage.

    Still, this should satisfy some people. 🙂

  2. Im very glad that they tweaked the running animation. It was good before, but the animation of the wheel stayed the same speed even if u went at a faster speed.

  3. i dont care what changes they made if they give us a RELEASE DATE then il wait and see what changes they made


    Naw, just kidding. I mean, I WOULD like to hear those, but I appreciate these small changes, too. Especially the running animation and the getting rid of the mine cart level.

  5. The smart move I think is not announcing an release date yet. This gives SEGA plenty of time to work out the kinks without rushing to make deadlines.

  6. So let me get this straight. “Hardcore” fans have been complaining that there wasn’t an option to make sections of the games easier? Hardcore fans. Riiiiight.

  7. @ Hamilton
    By hardcore, I meant the fans who look extremely deep into a game for things such as the fine details explained in todays update. Not that theres anything wrong with that. I guess I could try and find a better word than hardcore to explain that.

    Couldn’t think of a better word, so I just edited it to say “tweaks that many fans have been requesting for ages now”.

  8. Changes are fine, but I hope they keep his modern character design despite what people say. No offense to those who like classic Sonic, but I think the newer designs are more improved. Besides, there is nothing wrong with character designs improving and becoming better then ever, and Sonic is no exception.

  9. Wait, easier?
    But how cough it be tough if everything was allegedly so “dumbed-down”?

    Still, hopefully this will shut up a few people.

  10. @Matt: I think you and I both know that will never happen.

    That said eh, it’s still not looking that great, I think this episode will be mediocre at best. I’m kinda just waiting for the whole package. Hopefully by then they’ll have tweaked the engine more and made the game more interesting because right now it’s pretty bland looking. :/ The torch level thing is cool, though.

  11. When they said “changes the fans have been requesting” I became scared for a moment that Sega had finally caved in and changed Sonic and Eggman to classic Sonic and Robotnik. 😀

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