Iizuka Teases 20th Anniversary Game In Interview

It appears that while Takashi Iizuka was publicly doing his interview rounds with the media over a week ago, UK retailer GAME also got to have a chat with him and quietly published their interview over on their Sonic Colours product page.

GAME managed to glean some interesting information, such as the Sonic games being split into two worlds; the human world and the non-human world (of which Sonic Colours falls into the latter). Iizuka was queried about why Sonic Colours is exclusive to Wii & DS, to which he explained that the team wanted to concentrate on those platforms and use their strengths to make the game the best it can be on both.

Addressed also in this interview are controls.  Iizuka told us that the game is being aimed at the six to twelve age group to ensure that anyone can pick up the controls and have fun with the game. In response to that age group target, GAME wondered whether SEGA will be alienating their older fans but Iizuka doesn’t think so, as Sonic 4 is on the way to appease fans who grew up with the franchise. Iizuka thinks that 3D Sonic game fans who found previous 3D titles to be on the difficult side will also enjoy Sonic Colours, due to its easier control scheme making it more user friendly.

The most interesting part of the interview came at the very end where Iizuka teased that we might be seeing something special next year for Sonic’s 20th Anniversary:

And what’s next for Sonic?
[Grins] We’ve already announced Sonic Free Riders for Kinect, but if you look at 2011 that’s the 20th Anniversary of Sonic, so you might just be seeing something special for that.

You can check out the interview at GAME’s Sonic Colours Wii and DS pages.


  1. Sonic 4 Episode 2, Sonic 5, Sonic Adventure 3, Sonic Advance 4, Sonic Rush 2. It will be one of them games if not all of them.

  2. @Ben (aka Rio) : “But with more Soniccy looking levels… but not cartoony”

    Contradiction found, for Sonic IS and ALWAYS has been cartoony….99% of the time 😛

  3. Maybe he meant like the Adventures, Jetronic. They weren’t exactly cartoony, but I thought they fit perfectly.

  4. Unleashed 2 without Werehog, but Tails, Knuckles and maybe Shadow. ( it’s Izuka after all)
    As long as we remain gimmick-less.
    I look forward to it, but please don’t rush it! Delay it to 2012 if won’t get finished.

  5. I would say that the sudden confirmation that there are two separate Sonic universes is pretty major, personally!

  6. Cue the speculation over the new character who will most likely be a hedgehog whose name begins with an S.
    But seriously though I wanna get details on this game asap.

  7. Although the gimmick was disliked by many I think the title “Unleashed” is now synonymous with the werehog. Sonic being “Unleashed” as the werehog was the whole point of the title. Sonic World Adventure (the Japanese title) is a great title for a Sonic game tho.

    Sonic Colors looks to be Sonic Unleashed minus the werehog, albiet geared for a younger audience though I think so far it has the soul of 90s 2D hop-and-bop platformers but in a 3D world.

    20th Anniversary Sonic game … mmm interesting. Sonic Adventure 3 would make a good choice but they’d have to be careful with it, like Sonic 4, ’cause it’s the continuation of a beloved chapter in a franchise.

  8. oh i hope to god it isnt SA3 they’ll fuck it up and WTF the classic series to be in DLC fire this guy sega fire him(and nobody dare to quote me on this) this guy ruined sonic this fukin asshole

  9. I just hope that they don’t get everyone all worked up and then it turns out to be something small… OK I’ll try to be opptimistic

  10. Sonic Adventure 3, please. With great character development. And separate levels for each character, a la Sonic Adventures 1 and 2. And chao garden. And an involved, epic plot. And Knuckles is still the guardian of the Master Emerald.

    Ideal Sonic game, right there. IMO.

  11. Nice to hear some hinting for the 20th Anniversary from Iizuka, not really bothered at the moment about it nothing to really get excited about but it’s nice to hear about it through teasing thanks for sharing Shadz =].

  12. Sega has lots of sonic games in development.

    Sonic 4 eps.1
    Sonic Colors
    Sonic Free Riders
    Sonic for the 3DS
    and the untitled Sonic 20th anniversary game 0.o

  13. Don’t forget the leaked sega/sony documents from a while back that called for an all inclusive collection of every sonic game ever made on a single blu ray disk to be released for sonic’s 20th anniversary. What if any of the current generation games would make it onto that collection i have no idea but here’s hoping for a knuckles chaotix inclusion. hey i can hope can’t i?

  14. I can only think a movie project or SA3. Doesn’t matter as long as they don’t rush it like ’06 or Secret Rings.

  15. So, in the human world, Blaze is from the future, but she’s from an alternate dimension in the non-human continuity. This is sort of starting to make sense. Who’da thunk?

    I’m also guessing that Shadow doesn’t exist in the non-human world. So… No Shadow in Sonic Colors, after all?

  16. Sonic Adventure 3 has already been released… stop asking for it.

    And I bet it’ll be a new next gen game that uses 3D gaming in some form.

  17. @Cas
    I won’t be surprised if Sonic goes into 3D gaming on the Playstation 3 & 360 I mean he will on the 3DS so I bet it will most likely happen on the home consoles too

  18. very interesting about the two worlds comment. Even though they are two different worlds they share the same canon, I think. Shadow story-wise, Sonic Heroes is smack in the middle, but that takes in the non-human world. I think I prefer the non-human world over the the human world. Characters like Elise, Maria, Prof. Pickle, GUN Commander etc. They all feel so un-interesting compared to like Sonic and Tails and even Robotnik.

  19. @Shoryuken yeah i could live with a dual soundtrack Sonic CD for sure.

    @sonictoast I agree, the human characters need to go. With the exception of Eggnik they aren’t needed or wanted. Then again half the anthro characters aren’t needed or wanted either so… meh. lol I say keep our trio Sonic Knuckles and Tails and give them all their own play styles, (NOT robo walker for Tails either who ever came up with that crap should be kicked in the nether regions) throw in Espio and for some unique game play, walking on walls, turning invisible etc. and maybe Silver, give Silver some of the star wars force unleashed abilities and get rid of the stupid rolling ball puzzles, epic win right there. Give us a basic ‘Eggnik is the bad guy go get him Sonic!’ story, let us pick our character, hit some special stages, collect our emeralds and haul some ass as Super Sonic in Sonic’s levels, we don’t care how broken it makes it. Just let us do it.

  20. @The Angelic One
    Good God, fuck no! Another redesign to split the already divided fanbase into another sect?! Are you fucking insane?! Jesus Christ!! What a reprehensible idea!

  21. @BrianB913 and dont forget the option of being able to use the prototype title theme music that rocked

  22. I want a Sonic Adventure 3 for the sole purpose of no longer having to hear people clamor for it every year. :p

  23. I would be REALLY shocked if it really was Sonic Adventure 3, cus I seriously doubt it will be, especially since Sonic 2006 was basically that, just 10X crappier. Really stoked though, just hope it doesn’t look as childish as Colors looks.

  24. Perhaps he is meaning that anniversary collection that the leaked documents from ages ago mentioned?
    Wasn’t it mentioned in the document to have like every non current console sonic game in some kinda collection, with extras and mirror and challenge modes and the like, kinda like a super version of Sonic Jam?
    I have a terrible memory, i am probably just adding stuff in i would like to see 😛

    If they do another collection they have no excuse to not include Knuckles Chaotix and Sega Sonic Arcade, they have had long enough to work out the “bugs” in their emulation, and the motion sensor controllers could be used for Sega Sonic Arcade if making the controls all isometric to mimic the trackball is too hard!

  25. @kaito the fox who cares about that better some HD remakes of the classic games with more features(i.e sonic CD both soundtracks with the prototype title theme music as an option to,sonic 3 and knuckles directly linked to each-other with the option of having some sonic 3 only songs and with the final boss of sonic 3,sonic 2 with the hidden palace zone,HD commentaries on the game’s making with yuji naka,naoto oshima,hirokazu yasuhara and all those sega guys as unlockables for each game(sonic 1,2,3&K,CD) etc)

  26. @Lanmanna fuck no classic sonic is in a different dimension from modern sonic besides i dont want classic sonic to meet porkupine man there

  27. beast1, I think Sonic Unleashed was intended to be the spiritual successor to the Adventure Series. (Hence, why it’s named Sonic World Adventure in Japan.) Though I’m sure they’d be claiming that about ’06 if it were any good….

    I wonder what this new one will be? Let’s hope it’s another Unleashed, sans Werehog. And I wouldn’t be too sad to see the Werehog return if it means more of those gorgeous and fun daytime stages.

    Or just all daytime stages, that would be good too.

  28. @Shoryuken

    Modern Sonic is in the same continuity as classic Sonic. Sonic Adventure proves as much. Considering it references Tails’, Amy’s, and Knuckle’s original stories. And the whole Chaos storyline was based on the story from Sonic3 & Knuckles about an ancient civilization angering the Gods with the Chaos Emeralds, leading them to be destroyed.

  29. @Alphabits no it isnt(to me atleast) i mean the classic sonic world is alot more different to the modern sonic world and i dont like associating the classic sonic world with the modern sonic world.

  30. 20th Anniversary is Sonic Adventure 3.

    We are now getting Sonic 4. What’s stopping them from Sonic Adventure 3? Besides, Crush 40, from what I hear, are doing the shittacular new soundtrack for the game.

    I call it right now. It’s Sonic Adventure 3. Will it be good? Will it be another disappointment? Will the fanbase go to war? Stay tuned in as SEGA will most definitely announce head spinning news!

  31. @Shoryuken
    Sonic 1 was kinda remade for the GBA, remember? They added the spin dash, and the game was just horrible…worse then 06.

  32. @SonicSilverSS that was a port and a lazy one at that and id rather have shit then sonic 06′

  33. @Shoryuken

    Sonic 1 was remade… It was in Sonic Jam. It added the spindash and a save function as well as fixing several glitches and bugs… So… whats the excuse now?

  34. @MamaLuigiBarrelRoll
    The 3DS game wasn’t announced, it was listed in a leaked document. The listing didn’t say what year it was coming out and the big 20th anniversary game wouldn’t be an handheld title, it would be an home console title If the 3DS game releases next year it would be a seperate 20th anniversary game, just like how Sonic Rivals carried the 15th Anniversary logo on the back of the box. Sonic Riders, a spin off home console title, also carried the 15th Anniversary logo.

  35. Apparently the 3DS in going to be realeased next month? At leats, that’s what my brother told me, and he usually is right baout stuff like that.

  36. Another vote for Sonic Adventure 3 here. Perfect the systems from SA2 and Unleashed. Add Online Chao Gardens and you will have the biggest comeback in gaming history

  37. @MamaLuigiBarrelRoll

    It would be a bad idea for Sega to release Xtreme because it would get alot of controversy of the gameplay being oddly similar to the super mario galaxy games (even though xtreme’s idea was made ten years before nintendo could even think about putting it into a mario game)

  38. @DAMN

    Then you’re in complete denial about what’s actually happening in the series. Your fanon does not take prominence, so quit whining. you’re like the guy on the SEGA boards who refuses to admit anything past Adventure 2 happened.

  39. Yeah because giving a game the title of Sonic Adventure 3 will mean it’s a sucess…. bloody hell are we really that easilly pleased?

  40. Sonic Adventre 3 . They have to make SA3, it would make sense right? I mean another anniversary tittle, follwing Sonic Advenutre Chaos Returning Idk PLZ LORD!

  41. Is it possible that it might be that rumored new Sonic cartoon series that had floated about during ComicCon season?

  42. Why do you guys always talk about Adventure 3? Every 3D game since Adventure has basically been a new Adventure game, because that’s what the modern series is. Heroes was about as far away as they’ve gotten and it still had all the familiar droppings of an Adventure offering. Shadow was basically Adventure 2 part 2, 06 was pretty much a current gen Adventure 1, and they’ve stated Unleashed was made with Adventure in mind and is shows, and is currently being followed up by yet another game. by this point, a new Adventure game would basically be 8, not 3.

  43. It’s probably just Sonic the Hedgehog 4 he’s talking about or any number of the other Sonic games soon to be released.

    SEGA will probably just slap some 20th anniversary branding on it for promotional purposes and call it a ‘celebration’. Who knows maybe the’ll try to flog some overly priced commemorative rings, crystal etched sculptures and china figurines. And lets not forget the crappy pin broaches SEGA are overly found of, they’ve been flogging that shit since Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (I got mine from Toys’R’us circa christmas 1992).

    PS: Sonic 1 on GBA and Sonic Jam were remakes, Sonic 1 on Sonic Mega Collection(+) and mobile ran through emulation.

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