GamesRadar’s Sonic Free Riders Video Preview

GamesRadar’s Sonic Free Riders Video Preview


During his rounds last week, SEGA’s Brand Manager David Allen stopped by GamesRadar’s offices where they got to check out Sonic Free Riders for Xbox 360 Kinect. In the video we see Tails in action as David guides Chris through the demos controls, shortcuts and many interactive items and weapons. Speaking of items, in this preview we get our first look at the “Soda Can” item, which you shake until it bursts and gives you a boost as you ride on it in cartoon fashion.

If you look closely, you can see an image of Eggman on the soda can with the words “Power Up”:

(Thanks to Hero of Legend for the image)

With the bowling ball, rocket, golf club and now a soda can item, it appears SEGA are really taking advantage of Kinect to make this the zaniest and most interactive racer out there.

Source: GamesRadar


  1. Thank you Shadter! =D

    Wow that looks fun. xD Soda can!! And it was his first time! 😛
    And all the mess up parts (rather than saying “Whoever’s playing sucks!”) were just them not tilting when they should’ve =D I saw. lol It’s actually fairly easy just feels weird. I think it’s like virtual reality so it’s cool. =) Hopefully I’ll play it someday. =p

  2. Now this time it really looked fun, but I still think 2 days of playing this is enough for me.
    lol Big the Catish, everyone hates Big. XD

  3. This game so far looks like the only Kinect game that looks fun. It may even be the only reason I get Kinect if they don\’t give us the option to use the 360 controller.

    @Eggman123: I don\’t XD

  4. @Eggman123 I don’t hate Big, he’s just easy to pick on and doesn’t have the best gameplay. But it’s not like there isn’t a big dopey guy in every series. And big looks pretty cool for one you gotta admit.. what with all that purple and white, stripes and eyes that glow in the dark. xDD lol

  5. @ Ax
    I especially mean reviewers.
    Even Nintendo Power ends every Sonic pre/review with “at least Big isn’t in it.”

  6. Big was cool in Sonic Chronicles. Also, I liked him in Sonic Adventure, it was cool to goof around as a big dopey Cat for 4 short levels. Oh, and in Sonic Heroes, I would always be Big when using Team Rose, so no one would see me playing as a girl (yeah, i was that insecure). So I like Big.

    Now about these weapons, the Soda can is cool, but honestly, I having Sonic smack people with a golf club is a really violent attack that is easily illimitable by kids. Shooting Missiles and Turtle Shells is fine because you can’t do that in real life, but any kid could go in his dad’s closet, pick out the nine iron and go kill his friends with it, because he saw Sonic do it. Seems like poor Judgment on the developers part. I can see how they may involve a golf club to widen their audience to old people, but lets face it, no old person is gonna play this game, just thousands of young impressionable kids.

    sorry for the rant.

  7. ^I think you’re going a little overboard with the golf club thing…Wave has a Wrench she can smack around people with in as well as dynamite, which is perfectly fine to me.:P If you watched the “Roadrunner” cartoons, the Coyote was always using all sorts of devices to try and nab the Roadrunner. Kids are smarter than that.:P You should see my little niece.

  8. @ sonictoast
    Sadly, it really works like that… “Oh, Sonic attacked with a golf club! I should try that some day durang a school race!” And then, on the newspaper: “Kid kills classmate with a golf club.”

    That’s another motive for me to dislike Sonic Free Riders, oh well… nah… I just don’t like Kinnect at all.

  9. @Eggman123: Nintendo Power is biased. They gave Conker\’s Bad Fur Day the number 10 spot on their top 20 N64 games when any gamer knows it deserved a higher spot.

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