S&SASR Fever Hits Pizza Hut UK

S&SASR Fever Hits Pizza Hut UK

SSMB member Doctor MK recently stopped by his local Pizza Hut restaurant with some friends to celebrate his fantastic A-level exam results and was surprised to find the fast food chain is now promoting SEGA’s kart racing title, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing.

You can now grab a Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing themed activity book that contains puzzles and character bios, as well as a Sonic hat that you can colour in yourself. This promotion was confirmed at various other Pizza Hut restaurants by other SSMB members, including Mahzes who found an activity book with a different cover and contents. This suggests there may be a variety of these that may change from week to week, like with most kids meal promotions at fast food restaurants. The activity books also contain a competition you can enter to win a weekend stay in the Sonic themed hotel room at Alton Towers Resort and other runner-up prizes.

Will you be picking up the activity books and hat? Have you seen different books at your local Pizza Hut? Speak out in the comments.

To find your nearest Pizza Hut and to see their menu, check out their website.

Thanks to Doctor MK at the SSMB for the find and thanks to both Doctor MK and Mahzes for the pics!

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  1. I times like this where I desperatly wish I aight pizza more often (I don’t mind pizza that much but I’m not fond of it…)

  2. @ T-Bird:
    Don’t think so, Doctor MK says he had to ask the staff for the goods and they gave them to him for free. Mahzes says they were freely available to just pick up and take by the door. I was just making the weekly change comparison with kids meal toys at fast food places.

  3. Wow Sega really pulls the advertisement switch all the way.
    They really want to recreate Sonic’s fame like it was back then.
    Let’s hope they succeed.

  4. Hurray! Alex Kidd is quite prominent on that cover. I very much agree with this.

    For those who want to know why, it’s because Alex Kidd had me hooked before Sonic. (And I’m younger than the Sonic franchise. =D )

  5. Shadow’s Emerald Shower ice cream sounds so wrong in so many ways.

    What’s next? Big’s Pussy Feast that is covered in Swedish Fish? XD

  6. Does it come with a Roger Craig Smith carry-out container?


  7. I only found out about this today. I got my hat and book by going into Pizza Hut wearing a worn Sonic T-shirt and chating away with some random host about how cool it would be if Roger made Sonic be Sonio Hegitore Da Speedenze!

  8. i went to pizza hut a few days ago and that’s when i discovered the promo XD i got the book and hat thing

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