Sonic Game Marathon Starts Tonight

Sonic Game Marathon Starts Tonight

We reported back in May that gaming marathon group Bonus Stage Marathons were doing a three-day Sonic session trying to play through a veritable bargain bucket of Sonic games in aid of the Baltimore Humane Society.

That very session is set to start tonight at 11pm GMT. That’s midnight in the UK, and 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific in the US.

BSM also updated the list of games they’ll be playing to a bumper 31, with another five pencilled in. The new list includes a ROM hack, classics like Tails Adventure (oh yeah), and true horrors such as Sonic ’06 and Sonic Genesis.

Sonic the Hedgehog on Bonus Stage Marathons

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  1. That is quite the list. Good luck to them on Tails Sky Patrol, I could never get anywhere in that game.

  2. Just watched about 30 seconds of it… they were on Sonic Heroes in Rail Canyon as Team Chaotix…

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