Sonic Colours Wii To Support Classic Controller & GameCube Controller

Sonic Colours Wii To Support Classic Controller & GameCube Controller

Nintendo of America have put up a product page for Sonic Colours Wii on the Wii’s U.S. Nintendo Channel which reveals Classic Controller and GameCube Controller support for the game, so those not keen on the motion controls set for the game such as drifting with the Nunchuk will have two traditional control options. Lets just hope Nintendo of America aren’t accident prone with their Nintendo Channel like Nintendo Europe, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing’s EU Nintendo Channel page still to this day claims the game supports the GameCube Controller which we know isn’t supported.

The EU Nintendo Channel doesn’t have Sonic Colours listed yet but we’ll keep an eye out. Are you happy Sonic Team have given players a control choice? Discuss in the comments.

Many thanks to chaoscontrol14 at the SSMB for the photo.

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  1. Love the Classic Controller. Can’t use GCN on the Wii… too many memories with the GameCube to use it or any related material on another console… The GameCube is like a pet dog to me. I love it too much…

  2. I first thought playing SU with a GC Controller or a CC will be quite awesome; until I finally tried it out myself.

    Will stick with Wiimote + Nunchuck for this 😉

  3. I found GC controller for Unleashed was easier. So I hope this isn’t a screw up like before

  4. I will probably stick to the wii remote and nunchuck, but its cool to have the option.

  5. Hmm. This has put me in a bit of a predicament.

    I always used the nunchuk setting for Unleashed. (It made the Werehog parts much more satisfying.) But if the nunchuk drifting is as awkward as people say it is, then I guess I’ll have to change.

  6. @sonictoast

    Same here!! (Well, for the Wii version anyway. I still have not beaten the final level of my PS3 version to this day)

  7. SEE? Now why can’t SEGA do this with Sonic Free Riders? Did Microsoft bribe SEGA to release a Kinect-exclusive game?

    Can’t say I’m surprised to hear this though. SEGA reps did make a point of saying this would be just like daytime SU, which we now know also meant control schemes.

  8. oh OH WOW.
    *throws wiimote in bin*

    Let’s get serious >=D.
    Love that gamecube controller.

  9. Gamecube controller time! this is awesome! Now let’s hope they keep through with that,

  10. Thought I’d be alright with the wii remote, but having now finished playing though Mario Galaxy 2 and remembering just how unresponsive it can be I look forward to using a controller with more buttons. The gamecube remote always felt great to me

  11. Cool! Though it may seem odd as a Sonic fan, I didn’t really like the Sonic and the Secret Rings style gameplay and was afraid that I’d have to go through that again. At least this way I can look forward to playing it like the Xbox Sonic Unleashed day stages, which I loved(which may also seem odd)!

  12. Oh, that would be nice, if THEY STILL MADE THE GAMECUBE CONTROLLER. Why would they make it compatible with something Nintendo no longer sells?

  13. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO I have gamecube controllers 🙂 so I’m in for sonic colors baby!

  14. @Brocky_Christ: Way to go, genius. Now you can’t get past the Wii menu. XD

  15. This is good news! I was actually able to get through SU with the GC controller

  16. Alright, Nice!! I love the gamecube controller. Was let down when SSAR didn’t support it. Hopefully the control is better than SU, though. It’s very frustrating with that game. Here’s to hoping for the best. C:

  17. I hope it’s true…

    not looking forward to flicking the Wii Remote just to boost.

  18. Gamecube. To this day I have yet to play Zero Gravity with the Wiimote (and for Unleashed, I got it for the 360 – so I can’t say anything on that issue except there were waaaaaay too many buttons to hit in a short period of time). I will try it first with the mote/chuk but…It looks rather iffy. We’ll see.

  19. @ Golden ~ Hedgey

    Of course it’s true. They got this info from Nintendo’s official website.

  20. Thank You SEGA! Now me and my GC WaveBird Controller can play through Colours in style

  21. I’m glad the option is there. I’ll try experimenting with the different controls when the game comes out and see which suits best. But with SU Wii, I played it mainly with the wiimote which, after a few stages, felt natural… except with wall jumping.. <.< But, if the nunchuck does become an issue for drifting, I'll play with the classic controller.

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