Sonic Colours (DS) Playable At SoS 2010

Sonic Colours (DS) Playable At SoS 2010

Another announcement has just been made at the Summer of Sonic website, I’ll let the awesome vger fill you in below.

“Okay so the Summer of Sonic 2010 has playable builds of Sonic 4, Sonic Colours (Wii) and a Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing tournament, what more could you want in a Sonic convention?

Well how’s about some love for those of us who like to play their Sonic games on the go? Thanks to SEGA we will have a copy of Sonic Colours DS (E3 build) for you to play-test on the day.

For those of you who liked previous Sonic DS titles then this will be the game you want to try out first coming from the team that brought you the fast paced Sonic Rush series, under the supervision of Sonic Team, DIMPS. The game is similar to its bigger brother on the Wii, where you use Wisps as power ups to get to the goal in the quickest possible time, except instead of being distracted by those big expansive 3D environments you can play as Sonic in glorious 2D.

Don’t forget to register your tickets for Summer of Sonic here.

Source: Summer of Sonic website

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  1. Is there anything that ISN’T at SoS this year!? Next you’ll be telling us that you have a kitchen sink! 😀

  2. Crush 40, Sonic 4, Sonic Colors for both Wii and DS, Whats next?! Yugi Naka singing ‘they call me sonic’ at the convention?? xDDD

    Right on though, you guys are really making this SoS awesome

  3. Maaaaan, this convention sounds TOO GOOD to be true!

    But it is!

    D8 It’s sad I live in Finland, and have no change to go to UK atm D8

    If I EVER get to any Summer of Sonic con, it better be THIS GOOD convention! Or even better! 8D

  4. Oh what next TSS, you’re gonna show the first trailer for Sonic’s 20th anniversary game?
    Wow, awesome convention is awesome!!

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