Sonic 4 Video Contest: Final Polls Open

Sonic 4 Video Contest: Final Polls Open

The polls for the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Video Contest has opened today, with twenty fans from the UK and North America vying for a chance at one of two Grand Prizes – a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Tokyo, with the opportunity to meet Sonic Team.

Ten of the best videos from the UK and ten from North America were placed into two separate polls, with fans needing the support of the community to vote for their favourite to win. Votes can be placed once per day, until the contest’s close on the 27th July.

Adam ‘T-Bird’ Tuff and Svend ‘Dreadknux’ Joscelyne’s entries for the contest have been chosen as finalists in the UK final 10. Adam’s entry features the merch-crazy fan enjoying a sunny day with university friends as he paints a Sonic portrait, while Svend’s is a psuedo-documentary on his life as a Sonic the Hedgehog fan.

Watch all of the UK videos here, and be sure to vote regularly for your favourite one. North American fans can vote for their favourite national video by clicking here.

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  1. D: For some reason the UK one redirects to the US one… (even though the address starts out the UK one- it for some reason switches to the other…) How come?

  2. I’m up there to in the UK list! πŸ™‚ So happy to make it to the Finals. Good luck to everyone

  3. I can’t watch the videos yet cos my netbook really doesn’t like it πŸ˜› But, good luck to the finalists, they all look like they took some effort!

  4. Sorry T-Bird and Svend! I had to vote for Kieran G. His entry was amazing and shows his honest passion towards Sonic.

    [Don’t be sorry! Kieran’s entry is stunning! – T]

  5. Hmmm, all the links only let me see the US top ten. I wish I could see the UK ones. DredKnux and T-bird both deserve to win. If only one of them were American, then they could both win.

  6. Ok, wow. We got onto the list with our Mash-up thing. (previously feautured on TSS) Any votes for us will be incredibly valued! Love you πŸ™‚

  7. @Brad: Kieran’s entry is very very awesome. πŸ™‚ Although to be fair, I did mine in 48 hours (without sleep… not kidding) so I couldn’t quite do something that epic. XD I really enjoyed watching Kieran’s vid.

  8. As good as Kieran’s one is, I found it pretty boring and slow and by the half-way mark, I was ready to quit and check out the next entry. However it picked up near the end when they made that pretty awesome Sonic image on the grass. The background music is also too pointlessly loud.

  9. Aw, the one I wanted didn’t get it :c

    Well now I haven’t a clue who I should vote for…

  10. When you guys click “vote” is something supposed to happen, because nothing happens when I try.

  11. The Needlemouse Musical is the best video there. Its hilarious, well made and the effort they put into it is really awesome to see. I say vote for that one.

  12. I’ll vote for dreadknux 1) because T-bird won the 1st copy of Sonic 06 back in the day ( and that was a once in a lifetime thing, amarite? ) and 2) Dreadknux is cooler πŸ˜› (sorry T) XD

    [If you want to vote for Dread that’s cool…but don’t make up lies about Dread being cooler than me! – T]

    Though I didn’t watch any of theres >.<

  13. If i dont born on USA, i get minus 95% chances to win any internet contest.
    I dont vote for anyone.

  14. I love how 90% of the entries I’ve seen lately. (These were uploaded on time) Are a lot better then the top ten. I question SEGA’s judge for this contest. This is of course after I watched all of the 11 year olds filming their bedrooms covered in Sonic things.

  15. For some odd reason, when I click to watch the UK videos, I can’t see them. I guess its cause I’m in the US and they stick to your region. I wish I could check some of those out as well. However, as for the US videos, I agree with Stan on this! The Needlemouse Musical was so funny I nearly woke my sister from laughing so hard.. and she’s on the other side of the house! XD In fact, I’m gonna watch it again!

  16. Aww Sonictoast didnt make it in he realy desevered it too, are guys going reupdate this and put in the UK link?

  17. Hey guys – if you’ve seen some awesome videos for the contest that didn’t make it (that we haven’t covered already), be sure to send them in to me at – I’ll make a roundup post of some of the ones that have been missed.

  18. You should also post individual links to all the top 10s. I can’t see the UK ones, and it sounds like no one else can outside the UK either.

  19. Ah man, this is gonna be tough, particularly in the UK contest considering how many awesome entries there are. Good luck to my competition and all those in the US finals!

    Oh, and vote for me =3

  20. @Reku @Barry the Nomad @Nano @sonictoast The redirect seems to be GeoIP based (meaning that it will redirect you to your country’s Sonic 4 contest URL based on the country your external IP address [assigned to your router/static config/modem/etc.] is shown to be assigned to).

  21. Needlemouse: The Musical is very clever and funny. He’s got my vote. I seriously hope that guy wins.

  22. Thanks for all of the positive feedback regarding Needlemouse: The Musical! Keep voting daily to show your love and support for our project! Thanks again! πŸ™‚

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