New Wisp Revealed For Sonic Colours

New Wisp Revealed For Sonic Colours

In line with yesterdays announcement ArchangelUK has revealed the Orange Wisp for Sonic Colours which grants Sonic the power of a rocket as seen in the above screenshot which also gives us our first glimpse at a new stage.

Ready to help Sonic put a stop to the diabolical plans of Dr. Eggman on both the Wii and DS version of the game, when Sonic absorbs the Orange Wisp’s power, he blasts into the air like a rocket in an explosion of colour, reaching unparalleled heights at staggering speed. Much like its Yellow cousin, with the Orange Wisp, Sonic is able to reach secret areas and hidden rings far beyond his normal reach! What secrets will you find?

Keen eyed SSMB member Blue Blood has spotted a new part of the HUD at the bottom right of the screenshot containing symbols matching the red rings seen in gameplay videos from E3 but what it’s purpose is remains a mystery for now.

We’re now five Wisp’s down including the White Wisp with more to be revealed, what other powers could there be?

Source: Sonic City Blognik

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  1. Looks like the same Wisp power from the DS version of the E3 demo so not a HUGE reveal, but still cool none the less. I love the fact that you can return to an old level and find brand new areas you couldn’t before.

  2. looks awesome, the level looks great too…
    makes me feel so much better about not being able to play it cos i don’t have a wii…
    Please sega, think of the sonic fans who dont own a nintendo! =[

  3. How long until people are gonna start saying this is a rip-off of the Mario Sunshine rocket thing, huh? It’s not like Sega is deliberately playing the Mario games and stealing from them… are they? XD
    Well, I really love this power up, awesome idea! and the level looks sweet!

  4. Cool thing for exploration. Really most Wisps seem to be for that which is awesome, cause it doesn’t get in the way of the Sonic formula.
    Still wondering what the “little” franchise changing thing is for thursday.

  5. @ The_Soul_Gauge:
    The franchise changing news is Thursday like AAUK said yesterday, Sonic Colours news is today.

  6. Is that… Earth? (Watch the trailer). I guess that’s the first stage. Looks cool 😛


    I kid, I kid. This is interesting, to say the least.

  8. Whoa whoa whoa- We’ve had THREE wisps revealed with FIVE to go. Get your typos straight.

  9. @Radioactive Puppy:
    Nope, you’re wrong and Shadzter is correct. There have been 5 Wisps revealed. You just aren’t up to date, pal.
    1.The Blue Wisp (Fills boost Gauge)
    2. Cyan Wisp (Cyan Laser)
    3. Yellow Wisp (Yellow Drill)
    4. Red Wisp (DS Exclusive; Fire ball air dash)
    5. Orange Wisp (Rocket)

  10. Is that icon in the corner from ChuChu Rocket? Also is this the franchise changing announcement we were speculating on yesterday?

  11. @The Man With Pants:

    Fine, though I don’t really consider the White Wisps to possess a power. And he’s STILL wrong because we have the Blue, Purple, Pink, and Green Wisps to go, not to mention any exclusive Wisps from the DS version. At least four.

    I was kind of hoping we’d get some gameplay footage of this, too…

  12. Pretty cool (even though this has been seen before). I seriously wonder why none out of none of my posts are showing up on this site…

  13. Im not fussed with sonic colours tbh, we’ve played sonic Zooming , i want to play sonic in a action/adventure, filled with alot of platforming, like sonic adventure, im getting bored of zooming like mad though plain type levels with not much going on and barely any danger.

    Yes its fun to a point, eventually it gets boring just Running around at blisting speed, Sega need to remember it wasn’t just the speed that got sonic popular it was the gameplay,level design, soundtrack etc.

    Plus sonic colours is apparently just for the kids so this one isn’t for me, wish Sega would quit focusing on “kids only” that’s its been the past few years.

  14. @Sonica605: First, Sonic Colors does contain platforming– that’s the whole point of the whisps. Second, the game isn’t “kids only” it’s “kid friendly” and there IS a difference. And the only thing that makes it kid friendly is the crazy and colorful environments which is part of what the classics are know for.

  15. @ sonictoast:
    No, AAUK announced Colours news coming Monday which is this Wisp news and franchise changing news coming Thursday.

    @ Radioactive Puppy: It’s not typo lol!
    White Wisp: Powers default boost gauge
    Yellow Wisp: Drill
    Cyan Wisp: Lazer
    Red Wisp(DS exclusive): Fire dash
    Orange Wisp: Rocket

  16. @Shadzter: I mean, we only have three of the seven “powerup Wisps”, which doesn’t include the White Wisp because that’s just boost energy. The typo he made is saying that there are only three Wisps left to reveal, when there are four at least.

  17. I think they should promote this game with it’s own marshmallow cereal. XD

  18. @ Radioactive Puppy:
    I’ve heard there are 8 Wisps total and I thought the White Wisp was part of them? I’ll just edit it to not state a number of remaining Wisps to avoid confusion. Thanks for the heads up!

  19. @Shadzter:

    In interviews it was stated that the Wii version would have eight Wisps and the DS nine, so technically you’re right about the White Wisp but that’s not what I was referring to- if there are 8 Wisps in the Wii version and more than that in the DS then there are still at least 4 left to reveal.

    This shows all the Wisps in the Wii version, I believe-

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