New Sonic Colours Screens & Art

New Sonic Colours Screens & Art

Courtesy of we have some new screenshots for both the Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours aswell as 3 new pieces of artwork. The screens show us more of Sweet Mountain Zone and Tropical Resort Zone, no new stages are shown. Some of the images you may recognise from magazine previews but I’m sure you’ll welcome them in their larger size and better quality. Though the Sonic and Wisp group art is new, the Sonic render itself was used on official Japanese Sonic site Sonic Channel back in 2008(thanks for the heads up ENVY16).

You can check out all of the screens and art below –



DS :


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  1. lol @ the donut

    I will be getting both version even tho they will probably have all most the same story. But the level design looks sooo different for each other.

  2. These are shaping up to look pretty sweet. And I don’t just mean the food products.

  3. Wow epic!
    Sonic games never fail to impress me with their amazing looking levels, there’s so much variety.
    I’m in love with Sweet Mountain Zone ­čśÇ

  4. 4 things:
    1. Sonic can run on water in the ds version with the boost.
    2. I saw the first artwork of Sonic a week ago on a fanmade box for SA3 WTH?
    3. This game really s**** on all Wii Sonic games that came before.
    4. Eggman has finally lost it with a zone like this.
    I mean how expensive are burgers like that and it can’t even attack Sonic!

  5. You can sure give Sega props for making an absolutely beautiful game. Now we’ll have to see if the gameplay matches.

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