More Sonic 4 Contest Loonies Dressed As Sonic

More Sonic 4 Contest Loonies Dressed As Sonic


I must admit I’m now a bit bored of watching Sonic 4 contest entries that generally comprise of a helium-filled child giving a tour of their untidy bedrooms filmed on a 400 pixel camera. I’m also growing tired of the formula of grown men with dyed-blue hair running around in public receiving scornful looks from the elderly, supporting their views that all of today’s youth are doing drugs. Moans aside, there are still odd entries that are popping up that are making me smile. Although this film falls in the latter catagory, the badniks are really, really awesome, so watch it. TSS would like to mention we do not condone the use of pick axes to break open monitors.

I dare you to not laugh when the Buzzbomber gets a shoryuken to the face.

And because I’m not shameless at all: If you’re all tired out from these entries, why don’t you sit back, relax, and join me in the art corner…

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Adam Tuff

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  1. LOL!

    T-Bird, where’d you get your Robotnik shirt? 😛

    [I had it made for SoS last year – everyone seems to love it -T!]

  2. Wow really good T. Was definitively different and makes it alot more special.
    You also really need to make more vids wity that awesome Eggman costume.
    Has anyone of the other staff members a entry or one in making?

  3. Noice work on the Sonic picture. Best detail of it, imo, is the Senoue Guitar. Awesome work, T.

  4. The only thing that could of made that first video better was *SPOILERS* when they open the capsule at the end, live animals should run out, rather than little bratty kids *END SPOILERS* It would deffo win if that happened.

  5. LOL @ Eggman driving a car with a paper mache drill tied to it.

    … Wow, T. I cannot describe how epic you are, you actually know influential members of the sonic community!

    .. oh ya, the shirt’s cool, too. XD

  6. Good work T bird
    I certainly hope someone that shares my passion for sonic like you do wins if i dont end up winning.

  7. Where are you finding all these entries?! I keep looking for some but I can’t ever find any!

  8. Holy Toast, T-bird, that was the most touching video I’ve ever seen. You’re going to win.

    As for the other video, that Caterkiller was awesome.

  9. 1.) First video was pretty good, I wasn’t expecting that whatsoever…..
    2.) T-Bird, very nice. You really did make something unique, and honestly showed how dedicated you are as a Sonic fan. Congratulations.

  10. AW FUCK! IT ENDS TOMMOROW! I was going to make the special stage out of LEGOS!… damn it all!

  11. Finally finished that video I was talking about. Its on youtube now i’m sure you’ll find it.

  12. That first video is my entry and I’m glad some fans are actually noticing the badniks that are now hanging from my walls. As for the mentioned “shoryuken” against one of my own props after 4 takes my trusty side kicks had just thrown just shy of 100 tennis balls at me so that I would drop my rings and I needed to punch something. Needless to say I dented the poor thing and broke the fishing line we were using to hold it up with.

  13. Welllllll… I made the finals and since this article got me so many views if any of you wanna vote for me feel free to. Thanks for the promotion.

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