Fans Request SEGA Make NiGHTS 15th Anniversary Re-release

Fans Request SEGA Make NiGHTS 15th Anniversary Re-release

Despite its less then well received sequel, the original NiGHTS into Dreams remains ingrained in the memories of many nostalgic and retro gamers as one of the best, if not the best, Sonic Team games ever created. Many fans are now getting together and demanding that SEGA finally make the original game available on today’s game consoles as a downloadable game.

The campaign, which started a month ago, does not specify a service, so this includes Xbox Live, WiiWare, and PSN. To participate, you only need to do two things: go to the website and press the “Fans” button on the front s page and try to get others to do the same.ย  Include the website’s link in your forum signature, post it on your blog or twitter, or whatever you please.

It should be noted, for the doubters, that these are same people that got NiGHTS in ASR as a flagman., known for their many Sonic song remixes, will be releasing a complete remix of NiGHTS’ stellar music track next year on July 5th, the 15-year anniversary. You can hear a track from the remix in NiD15’s promotional video (which, again, feel free to post around), posted below.

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  1. My sources tell me it’s not easy to port a Saturn game, I don’t want to see another half-assed port. I’m not against it; I’d love to try this game, but Sonic Team’s porting jobs aren’t exactly commendable…

  2. We already got a damn good port on the PS2 ;).

    And it was done by the same team that’s doing the Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi ports now.

  3. I’ve never been a NiGHTS fan, but if this will get Saturn Games on the Virtual COnsole, then bring it on!

  4. For a second I thought it was a “press NiGHTS into Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing DLC”, altho I am keen on trying the game itself out.

  5. Thanks for the support guys ๐Ÿ™‚

    The source code already exists because it was rebuilt by SEGA Shanghai bit by bit for the PS2 port (which was very decent). But it was only released in Japan because it was part of a privately funded collection.

    All SEGA need for this is enough interest. And i know that there are boatloads of folk who enjoyed the original on the Saturn. So register your vote, leave a comment, pass it around the interwebs and get NiGHTS’ name out there. I’ve already approached the Japanese port producer about this and he wants to do it. We just need numbers.

  6. Ah my favourite game to date still. I still have it and my saturn *hugs it* but I’m supporting this for anybody that never got the chance to play this truely amazing game.

  7. I thought NiGHTS was already in ASR as a flagman and these guys failed to get him bumped up to playable? Or am I just remembering it wrong?

  8. You’re getting it twisted, Sock Fox. Hi, i’m one of those ‘guys’ ๐Ÿ˜€

    NiGHTS was put in to ASR as the flagman because of our campaign. Although we were asking for NiGHTS playable as DLC, SUMO Digital recognized that it might not be possible if SEGA don’t want to make much DLC for the game. So, as a back up they put NiGHTS as a flagman cameo into the main game to show they had heard our campaign in some shape and form ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I never had the pleasure of playing NiGHTS, since it was a released during a time when my family was poor due to us moving into a different city in Florida. I’d be willing to track down a Saturn with NiGHTS just to play it and see how well it really is, and I keep hearing so much of it, I’m surprised I haven’t already done so.

  10. Ive never played the game (I didnt even know about it until it was in SADX as that pinball game)

    But I would defenitly give it a shot if it is re-released on wiiware

  11. Wow, it would be great to see NiGHTS on Xbox! Achievements, leaderboards, and just playing it would bring back the memories. Oh, and Wiiware and PSN, that’s fine.

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