cdrom1019’s Trip To GameWorks

cdrom1019’s Trip To GameWorks

SSR DJ cdrom1019 recently visited SEGA’s Las Vegas GameWorks arcade and managed to grab some exclusive inside footage for TSS, something the management don’t normally allow but kindly made an exception for us. The photo’s and video are taken on a mobile phone camera so the quality isn’t great but those who have never been to a GameWorks or live outside the U.S. where they aren’t available should get a good glimpse of what’s on offer. If reports going around indicating SEGA are closing all of their GameWorks arcades are true then this is a good time to take a look before they’re shut down and if you live near a GameWorks but have never been then maybe this tour will persuade you to visit while you still have the chance.

Check out the photo’s and video links below –
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

Big thanks to cdrom1019 for the coverage and thanks to GameWorks for allowing it!


  1. Sweet! Which location is that? I’m going to visit the one in Cincinnatti next month.

  2. @ SonikkuForever:
    Knew I was forgetting something XD *edits*

    It’s the one in Las Vegas. I wish I could visit one of them, especially since they may be closing soon. Never knew until now they had Sonic the Fighters/Sonic Championship cabinets, that’s just plain awesome!

  3. I’m glad you had a blast at Gameworks in Las Vegas. I love going there everytime I have a chance…mainly to win Sonic plushies in the UFO Catchers or winning the one in the prize redemption for 2250 tickets. I’m a regular there and some of the employees knows me pretty well…(mainly for winning their Sonic plushies)

    Did you guys play Sonic Championship while you were there at Gameworks?

  4. Holy cow…if they’re shutting do you think they’d sell me their Fighters cabinet?
    Shame the videos are so small – I can barely see what’s happening.


  5. Man…I had a ball getting all that stuff on my phone.. I only wish I could get some higher quality video….sorry about that. But yes I did play the fighters game while I was there….Blasted through each character with sonic until I got to metal….it was getting late so I didn’t have time to put in more quarters and play it more. That outrun 2SP machine was fun as hell….give it a try if you’re ever there….AND SUPPORT GAMEWORKS! FOLLOW @GAMEWORKS DON’T LET THEM CLOSE!

  6. The Las Vegas one is the only location with a STF machine. Cincinnatti supposedly has Super Monkey Ball, though, I’ll have to check it out when I get there! *hopes to win a Sonic whoopie cushion at the redemption counter*

  7. Dude. KaBroly. Is that you? I recognized the name on the main page then I recalled you said something about being a Sonic DJ. So if that’s you dayum brah. Congrats. I’m pretty sure BDX knows about this. Right? lol

  8. OMG BLAZE! I didn’t know you were here! Yea it’s me =KÄ=Broly ….although I’m =Kä¢= Broly now….a.k.a Technogeek from Hellblaze cafe. And yea, BDX knows about this. I keep trying to get him on my show but he doesn’t want to ….lol

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