Alton Towers’ Sonic Voice Actor IS Roger Craig Smith

Since landing his new role as Sonic the Hedgehog’s voice actor, there has been a lot of speculation about how Roger Craig Smith will portray the character.  Some people have been wondering if the unknown Sonic voice actor at Alton Towers Resort in the UK is Roger and today he has confirmed that it is indeed his voice.

SSMB member XD375 (who you may remember tipped us off about Jason Griffith not playing Sonic in Sonic Colours before a change in voice actors was officially announced) sent the below message to Roger via Facebook together with an Alton Towers Sonic voice clip –

I sent you a message before but I didn’t include the actual clip:

Is this your voice?

Thank you,

Roger simply replied –



So, there you have it folks.  Roger Craig Smith is Sonic’s Alton Towers voice actor. Some fans have felt the voice acting for Alton Towers is a bit over the top to fit the happy and excitable theme park setting.  If that’s the case, we have to wonder if Roger will portray Sonic differently in the games.

Those who haven’t heard the Sonic voice clips at Alton Towers can check them out in the below YouTube video (at 01:33) from SSMB member Gnasher:

Another voice clip can be heard in a Sonic Spinball ride promotion at the end of this Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing TV ad.

(Thanks to Gnasher for the link and thanks to Hero of Legend for the YouTube conversion)

Do you think Roger’s Alton Towers Sonic voice should be in the games or would you like him to change the voice for them? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to XD375 at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. It’s not terrible, but I hope he does better in the games 😐 Although, I’m fairly sure he will..

  2. Hmmm…I don’t know what I think of it…his sonic voice needs to be a bit higher. The thing was, Drummond and Griffith, for the most part, had similar voices. But, Smith’s voice for Sonic is veeerrryy different from the others. It’s not particularly bad, but it’s not familiar, which is not necessarily a good thing. Oh well, at least it’s something new, but as I said, could be a biitt higher.

  3. Sorry, I don’t mean to be harsh and pessimistic. I think the tone of his voice is ok but he’s trying way too hard with the accent and the diction. It simply doesn’t sound natural.. it sounds a bit more like the “Van Halen” character from the Justice Friends, that Dexter’s Lab spin off. I just want Sonic’s voice to have sound like a regular conversational voice.

    I don’t like how Sonic is getting more and more cartoony and at the same time distancing himself from the classic artistic style, pretty much ever since Sonic Heroes came out with the exception of Shadow and ’06. More Green Hills, less giant hamburgers and direct copies of locations on Earth please. But I digress. I hope Roger will just try to play Sonic as if he was voicing a human in a movie or something.

  4. Where are all the people who loved him now? *snorts*

    And Ben/Rio, how right you are. I seriously hope this isn’t the final result… ugh 😐

  5. I will wait and see how he voices Sonic in the games.
    I don’t like the over the top thing either, but hey, I still believe he can do it more believable.

  6. that……………was not what i imagined…. well he’s 19 so he kinda passed puberty XD
    but yeah, its a lot deeper and it sounds awfully exagerated

  7. Ugh, I was hopping that, considering his experience, Sonic’s voice would sound much better.

    But this? He just sounds like a retarded surfer. I’m surprised he didn’t say “Bra” or something. It just sounds… forced. Let’s hope Craig can get it together for the games, because if this is what I have to look forward to in the games, i’m turning down the volume.

  8. I listened to the video a whole bunch and I’v gotten kind of used to the voice. It should be a bit higher and calmer. but other than that its actually pretty good.

  9. Lol, it sounds NOTHING like Ryan’s voice in SA. At least his SA voice actually fit the character instead of sounding like some random radio announcer.

  10. Oh dear. Roger is over-doing it. I hope a voice director will tone him down (if there is one).

  11. @Just A Comment
    XD Well, if you play Ryan’s old “Woaaaah!” and Roger’s together, they do sound similar.. It’s like they put Ryan in one of those Darth Vader voice changers and over exaggerated it.

  12. After hearing it again I have two things to say:
    -Way over the top
    -There is a fitting voice in those clips, Roger only needs to work it out
    I have confidence in you, don’t mess it up, or you’ll feel the wrath of the Sonic fanbase.

  13. It seems forced at some parts but ok in others i dont want to judge instantly on his first try ill give him some time to settle into the role at least its something new and different

  14. Just tone it down and be slightly higher pitched, and it would be good. But if this is what Roger uses, it’ll be disgusting, BLEH.

  15. Geeze Sonic, quit standing behind the door. It can’t be fun having the rings knocked out of you everytime someone comes in

  16. EH?!

    Obviously, I need to smack the guy who told me otherwise.

    I am NOT impressed with this new voice. At all. But that’s what you get when you get actors from -ugh- Naruto.

  17. @SuperVintendo64

    So, you’re saying if you put Ryan’s voice through a Darth Vader filter and made it so the emotion was really forced and over-the-top, they’d sound the same.

    … Okay. 😛

  18. OMG that was horrible @_@ they should just cut all the actors out and leave them voiceless lol like the old times

  19. I’m still willing to give him a chance. People have pointed out before that he did an All Stars Racing commercial too in which he sounds improved. I think like any good actor, given the time and practice, he’ll be able to hone the voice.

  20. If he can raise the pitch of his voice just a bit higher he’ll be great. : D

    Hell, he’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Jason even from what I heard so far. roflmao And that’s
    pretty good.

  21. …Oh dear, I was thinking his voice would be okay, but that Alton Towers voice is sooooo OTT, I thought it was just some random camp bloke….hopefully he tones it down a bit for the games =/

  22. Stephen Perry:
    Sonic has had a voice since the early 90’s. He didn’t have one in the GENESIS/MEGA DRIVE games, because of technical limitations. He had one in Sonic CD, though.

    Sonic is a smart-ass, cocky bastard to portray this a voice is really needed.

  23. It suits well, but remember that when you’re advertising something his voice isn’t casual like it will be in the games as in, announcers are really loud and ect.

  24. Now that I think about it, I had a golden emblem thingy of Sonic that talked that came with one of the SA Sonic action figures and It strangly sounds like Roger.

    If u pushed the button it said “Ah yeah, This is happening”

  25. @gamer18: Griffith told me once that the “Let’s go!” clip there was a stock clip he recorded, but that he didn’t know who was doing the rest.

  26. When he says “Let’s go” he sounds cool, like a more mature Griffith. I guess it’s ok.

  27. Figured as much. I pieced this together days ago, WAY before I read this.

    Sounds like Sonic got on crack.

    REALLY hope Roger does a better job in Colors.

  28. Definitely has potential; the acting and inflection is perfectly solid, whereas the voice needs to sound more ‘Sonicy.’ I have the feeling that the Towers voice is just a half-assed ‘first time’ thing. It seems impossible to believe Smith wouldn’t work on his voice before Colors.

  29. Don’t forget he’s voicing in Free Riders too guys which is out November, Colours is still down for Late 2010 so we may hear his in-game voice in Free Riders before Colours.

  30. @Casanova

    So, Sega fired Jason Griffith for a Jason Griffith impersonator?


  31. Make it higher-pitched. For the love of god, make it higher-pitched. That just sounds like Knuckles talking.

  32. …will it could have been worse. A bit over the top though. I think its just his first time, like with Jason. If you hear the first episode of sonic x and then hear SATBK there is a major change… could almost be considered a different actor if you didn’t know who was voicing sonic. I think that if he can clam down and work on the voice a bit more he could be a great voice for sonic. Also, don’t forget to sound cocky.
    P.S. Please don’t let us hear the performance at alton towers in sonic colors!

  33. I’ll give him some time to break in his Sonic voice. I hope he gets better though, because I really like him as a VA 🙁

  34. Of course he sounds over the top, they are trying to make sure you ride their ride. I doubt he will be yelling when he talks in the games.

    So, how do you guys feel about Mario then? All the wahooing and what not?

  35. i Think its perfect!!! i love it sure the last guy was great but this guy will definatly get the job done!!!!

  36. I hope he doesn’t sound like that in Colours, it was way too weird. Oh well, I bet he will improve once he gets more into his role.

  37. @Pitts

    That’s not Sonic. That’s an announcer. Sonic had no voice at the E3 demo.

  38. Dang it, I knew this is what was going to happen. He sounds nothing like Sonic. His voice is way to deep to be Sonic’s. Its really bothersome to me.

  39. Ugh… I’m not getting it. It’s not… BAD, I guess, but I hope he doesn’t sound so freaking HYPER in the games. I don’t mind his voice in the advertisement (second video), but I honestly cringed hearing his Alton Towers voice.

    Oh, screw it. I’m trying to be courteous but it’s not working for me right now, so I’m just going to be blunt: why the hell did they get rid of Griffith, JUST WHEN PEOPLE WERE FINALLY STARTING TO GET USED TO HIM? I never had a problem with him in the first place… his voice WAS SONIC. And Roger doesn’t have that Sonic-y quality that he AND Drummond both had. I know we have to give him a chance and stuff, but in all honesty, my initial reaction to this, if put into words, would be the equivalent of “What is this I don’t even…”

    I think Roger needs to calm down his Sonic voice a bit and just… make it sound like Sonic. I’m trying to like it, but it’s hard.

    … :/


  41. I hate the ‘WHOOOAAAAAAs’ more than anything. They just sound really… ugh. Kind of like an actor for a children’s series (like, TODDLER age)… you know how they always sound WAY too excited and over the top? Well, that’s how his “WHOA” sounds to me.

    Roger, please calm down.

    Honestly, I have some faith in the guy, and the more I listen to it the more I DO like Sonic’s voice in the Sonic & Sega All-Stars commercial. It’s just that he needs to sound more Sonic-y and less… ‘OMGLIEKWHOA’

  42. Actually, he sounds close to Griffith so long as he doesn’t say something along the lines of “WOAAAAH!!” lol Uhm, yeah, he sounds too deep & dark, but if he works on that, he should do fine enough.

  43. At least he’s putting effort into voicing Sonic. But right now he’s the second best actor if I say so. Needs more Jaleel White and then I’m happy.

  44. And the fucking fan dumb fucking complains. Fucking voice acting does not fucking matter in a fucking video game. Gameplay does. You fucking fanbrats will never fucking be fucking pleased. You haven’t fucking even fucking heard his fucking voice in the fucking video game!

  45. The commercial is already better.
    I still think it would sound over the top in the games, but untill now we just have grunts there which sounded fine.

  46. I really hope this is not going to be the voice he uses for Sonic.
    Gah, dont people see?
    It just makes the most since to get back Ryan.

    Half the fanbase dislikes griffith and wants ryan.
    The other 40% like griffith but also likes ryan.
    then theres like 5 % that dont care
    and theres a RARE 5% that like griffith better.

    Based on my years of talking to fans about this, this is what i concluded.
    Then if you also factor in how much Ryan loved the role and wants it back, that just adds to it more.
    And hes also the very first major voice in the games.

    You shouldnt replace the main characters voice unless everyones complaining about it, back when ryan was voicing him some people said the voices were cheezy but no one really complained that much
    and i think that was mostly due to the script and lip sync.

    Ryan Deserves this freekin role.
    If not, I really hope Roger steps it up. I have confidence that he will at least a little bit considering how talented he is.

    everyones saying HIGHER PITCHED.
    Drummond was high pitched.

  47. Yeah… speaking as probably the only person in these comments who has actually stayed at the towers hotel and been in the room.

    The voice isn’t that bad after you’ve heard it a few times.

    Don’t forget, with the room clips your listening to the voice from a muffled speaker which is behind a palm tree attached to the top of a wardrobe being recorded on a bog standard video camera.

    It really doesn’t sound as bad as the sandwich guys proclaiming the end is nigh would have us believe.

  48. Honestly, I think he only did this because he was told to sound like Jason Griffith to hide the fact that Sonic was recast. I really doubt that’s how he’ll play Sonic in the games.

  49. God fucking damn it guys.
    This isn’t the end of the freaking world.

    I mean is there any way you can say “Check out the consoles WOOOOOOOOAH!!!” without sounding like a complete bellend. Seriously guys. THINK.

    Oh, and that voice is there to make LITTLE CHILDREN go on the rides. The Sonic Room was not made for late teens/young adults, it was made for children, the voice has to be slow, otherwise Kids can’t relate to it. Ever watch a shitty program called “Dora the Explorer”, I’m pretty sure that those voice actors can do much better, but their roles do not allow them to.

    Wait till the release of Colours before moaning like little bitches.
    When a character has lines in the context required and in a conversational format, they usually do better. I’m speaking from experience, because I have voice-acted in the past (not officially).

  50. @ryusuke hope your right i heard someone else say the same thing, but would he really admit that was him if someone asked or would he not respond?

  51. From high pitch to lower pitch.

    Simply sounds like Sonic is growing up. I see nothing wrong with that. :0

  52. Hopefully he gets better….I hated the alton towers voice thinking it was just some impersonator guy. I was thinking that this guy will never voice sonic…..erm…..yeah…..hope he improves…

  53. I was all like 😀 when I was in that room. He’s stopped forcing his voice out so much since then, right?

  54. I think his voice as Sonic is okey. 😀 Maybe he doesn’t sound like Sonic YET, but did Jason sound like Sonic in his first games? (I guess it was Shadow the Hedgehog, but I heard him first time in Riders, sounded kinda familiar with Rogers Sonic voice in those videos)

    So just wait for the game to be released, who knows if he gets alot better with Sonic voice acting 😀 I honestly think he will make a good Sonic Voice after a while, you’ll see ^^

  55. If the voice in the commercial is him, then that’s a massive improvement. I just can’t picture that Alton Towers room voice coming from Sonic’s mouth. It sounds exactly like Dan Green playing Knuckles – which is what I’d assumed it was when I heard it back when the room was first opened.

  56. I am a Sonic fan, therefore I must RAGE RAGE RAGE. :3

    That offer of sending the real stubborn blighters my way is still open for you guys!

  57. Funny thing is, if you read through the comments here most people are settled into two camps – people who’re cautiously apprehensive but hoping for an improvement, and people who WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO SAY ANYTHING BAD BECAUSE THIS IS A SONIC GAME AND EVERYONE INVOLVED SHITS GOLD NUGGETS.

  58. All I can say is: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! if it is how it was in that hotel room. However, the way it was in that Spinball ad wasn’t even that bad. He has potential, but still needs some practise, it still doesn’t sound right. Good luck to him!

  59. @JasontheJackass you can hear sonic saying “spin” everytime he used the yellow drill in that E3 video. I think Roger Craig Smith can do Sonic’s voice pretty **** well.

  60. @Sock fox; I think you missed the camp that are screaming “NOOOOOO!” (Not Blues, though) and are decrying Roger without considering the circumstances.

  61. I’m not too worried. Even Ryan Drummond sounded weird at first (SA1 anyone?). Oh, and even though J-Griff sounded awful in Shadow, he had actually already been voicing him for ages in Sonic X so that’s no excuse, he was just shit.

  62. After listening to both its obvious that the hotel gave him such bad lines he couldnt possibly sound good because his voice in the ad is much much better. I have faith in Roger 🙂

  63. Honestly i don”t think it’s that bad. I think that Roger did pretty good albeit he had some cheesy lines and the voice was kinda deep at times.

  64. @Daniel Butler

    That doesn’t sound right to me. The mayority of fans i’ve meet said that they liked Jason more than Ryan, even tho they thinked Ryan was good to. And Jason also loved his voice as Sonic, he said that it was his favorite role. In my opinion there’s no need to wine about who of this voice actors that was best, they sound so alike.. I didn’t even think about that they’ve changed voice actors before last year. The only difference is that Jason sound a little more growned up, which i like. And many of the Ryan fanboys started to accept Jason after Sonic & Black Knight and Sonic Unleashed. So i don’t think this really sound good.. “Half the fanbase dislikes griffith and wants ryan.” I could have been so before Sonic Unleashed, but not after…

  65. @Purmabanned

    I guess I did. I don’t know what’s going on in the forums, but nobody’s done that in any of these comments.

    Plenty of people are getting upset at everyone who doesn’t like it, though. I’m very sorry that I don’t like it, but as I said, it just sounds like Knuckles. And the one in the commercial… I still think that’s Griffith. If it’s not, then they might as well have not bothered replacing him. I can’t tell the difference.

  66. @Jim-X: Interestingly, have you ever heard of a ‘voice director’? It’s the guy who tells the actors exactly how he wants the lines done.

    Unless you’re somebody they spent thousands of dollars on (and unless the company is a nice group who want to put out a decent product) the voice director will control your performance, not you. In dubbing too, you’re given even less room to perform how you think would be better, since it’s already been animated, meaning the lines are a fixed length, the delivery is paused at a certain point, that kind of thing.

    So if a voice director picked out the worst performance possible, then there’s the thing. Shouldn’t that voice director know better than to pick that bad performance? We should probably check who did the voice directing for Sonic X, and then see if they’re different to the voice director for Shadow, and then check along the line.

    And also, think about it. If there’s one bad performance in a bunch of good ones, that’s because that one performance comes from a bad actor. If there’s a whole ton of bad ones and only one good one (in this case generally agreed to be Mike Pollock), you have to ask yourself what kind of people would let all those bad ones through, wouldn’t you?

    @Daniel Butler: To be honest, when me and my friends have a massive problem with something, we just eliminate it, and then we stop arguing because we’ve got nothing to argue about. The best solution, taking this into account, would’ve been to remove Sonic’s voice acting, which also would happen to win over a ton of people outside the fanbase who left when Sonic starting speaking outside of SatAM.

    Additionally, I agree with McJelzo that your percentages are a little screwed. Most of my friends agreed that they preferred Jason to Ryan.

    Actually, picking things apart from my little infodump up there, do you think that might be because Jason had a little more lenience once he took the role for the games? I remember an interview about SA2 saying that Ryan didn’t even get to see what he was dubbing for that game like he did for SA1…

  67. @ Sock fox: That’s not Jason in the ad, that’s Roger doing his Alton Towers voice. The ad would have been recorded much later than the Sonic Spinball ride and hotel room lines were and he’d have likely been told to do the voice more professionally in the ad. Roger probably improved since those other lines too, if he can just tweak that voice in the advert I reckon he’ll be great for the role. I’m not fussy with voice acting anyway, the game itself is more important to me.

  68. As a lot of people seem to be saying, I’m not that attached to the first video, all over the top and whatnot, but I like the second video which sounds a lot more natural. As Scartillery pointed out, the voice-acting in the Alton Towers room isn’t supposed to be taken seriously, it’s just a rush job to make a gimmick for the door, where as the advertisement and the games are a lot more public and taken a lot more seriously, and as such are given higher quality voice-acting. As long as he goes with the advertisement style for his voice, I’m perfectly fine with him.

  69. @ Shadzter I know it’s not Jason, but it sounds exactly like he did when he first started.

  70. People leaving the fanbase because Sonic started talking is just plain stupid…who cares if he talks? It adds personality…I mean just imagine SA2 without voices….or even SA1 without them…the story would be boring as crap. I personally like Sonic talking, and glad they didn;t make him silent.

  71. @ SonicSilverSS
    I agree! I tried to play Sonic Adventure DX without voices, I kinda got bored with silence. The voices also make games even more funnier to play! (Or at least I think they do)

  72. off topic but god its been alot since we got any news from sonic 4 also i think sonic 4 has been featured in the latest playstation magazine i think they said something about the running animation i heard from some other guy say this

  73. @ Sock fox: I’m sure once Free Riders and Colours are out Roger will have his own unique and more professional twist on Sonic’s voice.

  74. @ Shadzter I hope so. I really WANT this guy to be good, and I’m sure he can do it. I just really don’t like what I’ve heard so far.

  75. I’m sure that was a quick job. Why would SEGA listen to that and instantly think OMAGAWD PERFECT SONIC VOICE. He’s more than likely improved.

  76. @Chao93
    I hear tons of people saying a voice doesnt matter, now imagine you are annoyed by sonics voice actor.
    That would make the entire game annoying, just like how no voices can make it boring.

    It absolutely sucks for people like me who LOVED drummonds portrayol then Jason comes along and makes the experience annoying.

    I cant help this, i was stripped of my childhood hero OF COURSE im gonna want ryan back.

    Not to mention the majority of the games since ryan was replaced dont even have a “play in japanese option”

  77. @EdwinShy
    SEGA didnt choose Jason Griffith, 4kids did for Sonic X
    and Sega stuck with it.

  78. My two cents: It doesn’t bother me.

    …But these people overreacting and complaining? Is it all THAT suprising? REALLY?! We’ve had ‘fans’ flip out for far less. XD

  79. IMO Roger in the Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing TV ad is too low but it’s not as bad as his voice in the room.

  80. If Roger doesn’t use his voice in the ad for Sonic Colours…. I don’t want to talk about it!

  81. Don’t worry guys, I’m sure Sega will replace this guy too in a couple of years once you get used to him.

  82. I just… I dunno. I really, when I think about it, could care less about the voice as long as the game is good. But… This voice is so different from Griffith. It took me a couple years to get used to him, with his light tone, and this guy just sounds too old… too deep. I’m very unsure about this. Not only is his voice sounding a bit strange, his acting could use work… It’d be so ironic if we end up missing Griffith. I think I will.

  83. @ Syaming Li: People who think Sonic should have a voice that fits him are just as much ‘fans’ as people who don’t give two shits what he sounds like.

  84. Finally I can comment on this. For some reason my internet would never let me sign in or view stories on TSS (I’ve been having to use fluffy kittens news! Oh the horror).

    I think this is awesome. Of course, it was kind of obvious. I mean if you compared the ASR commercial voice with one of RCS’s voices on his demo reel it sounded VERY similar. At least we do have confirmation. I can’t wait to hear Sonic yell “WOOOOOOOOAAAAH!” some more.

    And at least consoles has a name.

  85. I don’t like the first one so much, but then again it’s mostly because of his corny expression due to what the voice is FOR. Most voices for that kinda stuff IS that corny.

    The commercial one is better since it’s a commercial and of course still kinda corny. I doubt he’ll sound like that in an actual SCENE. XD lol

    Besides, If heard him do a voice that sounds more like Sonic than that first video before and I’ve heard his acting in so many other things. He’s very good and very diverse. I don’t think he could possibly do Sonic wrong unless he just doesn’t understand the role, which I wouldn’t understand. =P

    Personally, out of all the 4kids voices the only ones I disliked were Knuckles and Rouge’s and they weren’t BAD they just felt like they belonged to a different character and not Knuckles and Rouge. Sometimes their acting was corny, as ALL anime voice acting sometimes is. And the originals were corny too and sounded SOOOO FAKE! At least the 3kids actors sounded cheesy but like they were actually THERE. =P

    I liked both casts and I hope I actually like the 3rd one too. =)

  86. @Sock fox As much as that does sound like borderline trolling, I’m happy to play with you.

    Fundamentally a lot of us come from the age where Sonic didn’t have a voice. From a young age (at least since AoStH and SatAM) we’ve been subject to incarnation after incarnation of Sonic voice. By the time you get to my age, and as far as things have come you learn to appreciate things for the way they are: Yes, some voices were better than others, but as a whole you stop caring for two reasons; One: You love Sonic anyway and Two: Because voice actors are artists and to be totally honest with you, the actor has a responsibility to create their own interpretation of that character, which is, in it’s own right, their artistic license, which as a fellow artist (albeit of a different medium) can learn to appreciate. I could sit here piss-moaning with the rest of the others saying how I preferred particular voice artists better. And yanno what? That’s fine. Some like Picasso, and others do not. I could also sit here telling people to shut the hell up because it’s SEGA’s decision and everything they do stops world hunger, creates blue skies and happy rainbows and bunnies roam freely across pristine landscapes, and makes your friends stay nicer. But at this point in time I think it’s rather ridiculously silly- once again in the space on a year’s period might I add- to critique a painting when it’s quite obvious we can only see a corner of it. And I without my standing of it not bothering me because a. The voice needs to be used in a proper context b. Even if it is out of my comfort zone (and having heard it so far I am pretty comfortable in saying that it isn’t)- which is pretty much unachieveable unless they got Sir Jimmy Savile to do it- it will grow on me and I will get used to it, because it’s an actor’s interpretation, which he is entirely entitled to.

    But of course we COULD go with me not being a fan because I’m not extremist left or right on the situation. I can see how that works.

  87. @Daniel Butler
    Um…there is a BIG improvement for Jason from 06 and Unleashed. I’m sorry, but the way I see you, you totally threw away Jason’s voice, so in turn, you think it will all sound bad, even when it doesn’t. Just because it’s not Ryan…

  88. After hearing the voices on both clips, the second one being much harder to hear; there’s really a drastic difference between the two. Of course the one for the Alton Towers is going to be over-the-top. That’s what they’re going for. Especially to get the younger crowd more excited. Disney does the same with most character voices in their theme park.

    The ad sounds slightly closer to how I would picture him in game. Nothing wrong with Sonic sounding a little older.

  89. i had to admit i hated tails voice with a passion its just one of those spine chilling voices but sonics new one
    it doesnt bother me like i played sonic heroes then shadow the hedgehog and didnt realise they were replaced

  90. The first one is downright bad, but the second one is much better. I’ll definitely have to hear him ingame before making any final decisions.

  91. …….If he didn’t sound so cheesy, he would be fine. I will have to hear his “improved” voice for the games b4 I judge him.

  92. Doesnt anybody understand? Ryan was the first major Sonic voice in the games, he auditioned for Sonic’s voice and he got the role. Ryan is what they intended Sonic to sound like from the start. 4kids then dubbed Sonic X and Ryan really wanted to voice his character Sega even recomended Ryan to 4kids but 4kids turned him down. Ryan then went on to voice in Sonic heroes, then Shadow the hedgehog was announced and Ryan heard a rumor that the voices were already recorded. Ryan then called sega and they told him he was replaced.

  93. “A lot of you have been emailing in and asking about whether or not I’ll be doing Sonic’s voice for the new “Shadow the Hedgehog” game, etc. Well, here’s a news flash on that and a true insight to how this business works (and sometimes works against you).

    After hearing some rumors on the internet and so forth about how the game had already started voicework (or in some cases was already done), I emailed my contacts at Sega to find out what the deal was. I got the following facts: Many of you remember what happened with the whole “Sonic X” television show. Please read all about it in the July 2003 newsletter. In short, 4Kids was really inconsiderate and cast it without me, not caring about what the fans thought or about product continuity. Well, all of a sudden, Sega decided that product continuity WAS important to them starting with this new Shadow game. So, WITHOUT TELLING ME, they have *replaced* me as the voice of Sonic with the fella who does Sonic’s voice for the Sonic X show. I was only told after it happened. My Sega contact told me that they thought it would be a good idea that from now on that Sonic’s voice remain the same in the game and the non-Sega cartoon series. So after FIVE YEARS of providing the voice of Sonic, I was let go without a word
    or an explanation (until I went looking for one).

    Now I have no ill-will towards the new voice. I’ve heard him. He does a fine job. And he’s just an actor like me trying to make a living, so good for him! I DO, however, have issue with Sega for having no grace in letting me go from my position. That’s life, you could say, but you know, in MY life, you treat people with respect. And I believe five years of giving my all to the little blue hedgehog (and to all the fans!) deserved a little more respect. So Sega, goodbye and good luck. Sounds like you’ll get along fine with 4Kids when you do business that way.”

    Doesnt this strike anyone else as messed up.
    Sure i dislike Jasons voice, but thats just a matter of opinion.
    But Getting Ryan Back is a matter of MORAL.

    Yes it sucks for Jason too that he lost his job, But he NEVER should of had the role in the first place.
    He knew someone came BEFORE HIM who loved there role SO MUCH.
    SO it was WRONG MORALLY of Jason to continue the work on Sonics Voice.
    If i was offered the role of sonic I would recommenced Drummond.
    Its about RESEPECT.

    Ive been voice acting for my own projects since the age of 5 and a character you voice becomes extremely important to you, and if i got a job voicing a character i loved i would be extremely protective of that role and give it my all.

    This is what Ryan did
    Doesnt anyone see this?

    They didnt fire Ryan because they disliked his voice and liked Jasons better, 4kids chose Jason NOT SEGA!
    Sega just decided to keep the 4kids voices because it would be cheaper.

    Ryan was there first.
    SEGA chose Ryan
    4kids Chose Jason.
    4kids even told the 4kids cast to try to sound like the Old cast. Jason obviously failed, and even if you dont notice a difference…Should Jason really be getting paid for trying to immitate a voice someone else worked to come up with???

    This is a total injustice, Ryan Deserves another freeking shot.

  94. Why are people so surprised by this? You could hear him in the Sonic Colors E3 demo.

  95. Yo, Daniel, I’ve been watching you post marathon comments about Sonic voice acting for a year or so now. Frankly, it’s getting old seeing your rants when I have to moderate/edit comments. So, let me sum this up for you:

    Ryan’s gone and he’s never coming back. His departure was a business decision on SEGA’s part. In the film and television industry (voice acting in gaming falls into the same category), if you don’t have the job anymore, you don’t get called in most cases. That’s unfortunately how it works. Please, stop going on about “morals,” “respect” and “injustices.” This industry is cold and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    He has new voice acting gigs, roles in plays and parts as a featured extra on a few TV shows. I worked on one of them. He’s fine. Ryan has moved on with his life. So can you.

  96. @ Daniel Butler
    Actually, Tails’ voice actress has ALWAYS annoyed me, but it didn’t make Sonic Riders annoying. (The only game I’ve played with new voices) Silence is actually the only thing that makes games annoying when I’m playing games!

    Now Brad Flick talks sense! Ryan is my favourite also, but I do understand why he couldn’t come back!Voices need change in time!

  97. I think i deserve some Final Words…
    1. You dont know that for sure.
    2. Just because you dont get called in most cases doesnt make it any less of an injustice.
    3. Obviously Ryans not gonna let this Ruin his whole life, Its just that He WAS SONIC to me. So just like anyone would, im fighting for what i beleive is right.

    “Ryan has moved on with his life. So can you.”
    I find this comment very insulting, You dont even know me and your calling this my life.

    Why dont you tell all the people that are complaining about Jason coming back the same thing…
    what makes me anymore wrong than them?
    Just that my posts are longer?

    I will stop posting here, unless its unrelated to voice acting.
    I do appreciate this site, and it provides a good source of news.

  98. @ Syaming Li: I wasn’t saying you weren’t a fan for not being bothered by it. But you put the word fan in quotes, to suggest that anyone who cares what Sonic sounds like isn’t a ‘true’ fan, which is completely ridiculous.

    You can talk about how things are at your age all you want, but I’m 25, I’ve been following the series since July ’91, and the Alton Towers voice bothers me. Yes, the commercial was an improvement, but it only addressed the deepness in his voice, not the fact that he sounds like he lives entirely on a diet of coffee and sugar.

  99. those clips are over the top, but it’s not a actual game, and he may try some things about before setteling. In serious bits, he may have a good voice. Ryan and Jason were good.(expect Jason’s laugh in the sonic next gen sonic story ending…. THAT WAS CREEPY)

  100. He’s great, the first one however has been made slower on a computer, hence the deep sound.

    People need to shut the HELL up about Ryan Drummond. This is BUSINESS, It doesn’t matter a fuck how much somebody liked their job.

  101. Personally, I think Sonic sounds just like himself, but older … I’m surprised how good of a fit this is.

    Also, Gnasher, you are having FAR too much fun at that park…

  102. sreiously people are you kidding slowed down or not this voice is down right rediculos I mean come on people he makes Sonic sound like a stoned surfewr for christ sake I mean really Jason had a way better for voice this and I mean way better so lets not just give Roger a wrist slap here when all you Ryan idiots including you Daniel Butler (or should I say minimullen) was put Jason through seven years of fan bitching hell when you knew damn well he was a better Sonic donth throw rocks through a glass house

  103. Oh for Gods sake… Stop going on about Ryan already… We get it.

    Also I have to laugh at some of the YouTube coments

  104. From what I’ve heard I think he does a good job! I like him better than Jason. Craig Smith’s acting seems more real that Jason’s was.

  105. @ Sock fox And I STILL think that, especially when a bunch of people are approaching it in a completely irrational manner, to the point of just outright rubbishing an actor’s voice. Especially as its not been introduced into a proper medium yet and in some cases JUST because they liked somebody else better. Yes, I can see how it would bother some people, but with some people you get the impression that it’s just being downright nitpicky. If anything, we have walls of text proving as much. I understand people have their likes and dislikes, but at the end of the day, business is business, and things grow on you if you choose to. That MIGHT just be me, however.

    @ Daniel …My God boy, you can type. o_O;

  106. It’s gonna be an adjustment, but I think it might grow on me. Just like when Ryan got replaced by Jason, Jason to Rodger will be a transition.

  107. Not quite sure what to think of this, the first voice clips from the Alton Towers room sound too forced and very unnatural, especially if he was talking to someone else within a cut scene or something.
    The second one, although hard to hear does sound better, but i shall have to wait and see when the voice is heard in the new games.

  108. @Daniel Butler: Your posts are not wrong because they are long. They are wrong because they are, well… wrong. You don’t understand how the industry works and I was explaining it to you.

    I was also agreeing with you that it sucks to not be called when you are replaced, but I was also telling you how the industry operates most times. You don’t get a call. You’re just done. It’s not an “injustice” or a “lack of respect,” it’s the way of the world.

  109. I know i said that was my last post but ill make this short and sweet.
    Oh yes, Im an idiot just because I dislike Jasons Voice and Prefer Ryan…
    Get over yourself man, if i felt Jason was a better voice all along i wouldnt be going through all this trouble.

    I am 21 years old, Im well aware how the industry works.
    Just because most of the world operates that way doesnt make it RIGHT.
    And SEGA, a company i have loved since i was 3, i KNOW they have it in them to be better than that.
    Thats one of the many reasons it bothered me so much.

    Thats like saying, tons of people get stolen from… In not an injustice, its the way of the world.
    I actually feel that when certain people are replaced, its like stealing from them.

  110. I couldn’t help but think that the voice sounds like he is trying…

    it sounds more like someone is trying to imitate Sonic’s voice just for the fun of it….

    but I’ll hold my opinion until we get more of this.

  111. @Daniel: But do you -work- in the industry? Everybody says that they -know- how it works, when they really don’t. Saying that you’re 21 doesn’t grant you any magical knowledge about anything. I’m on my third television show. One of those times, I was replaced without a phone call, as the budget made the show cut back on crew.

    And yes, for the -third- time, I’m -agreeing- with you that it sucks that they don’t call people about not retaining them. However, you can piss and moan about it all day and people are still going to be replaced sans notification. It just happens.

  112. @Brad
    You are right, the 21 thing doesnt grant people any knowledge…I was just clarifying that im not some 10 year old.

    Obviously i dont know EVERYTHING about how the industry works, but i know that anything can be unfair.
    You say it sucks, but it seems like your supporting it.
    In my world, if i think something is unfair i rise up against it.

    I see it like this… From the beginning as soon as Ryan was replaced everyone should of been upset because it was wrong…and before Jason settled more comfortably into his role, everyone rises together to help Ryan.
    Surprisingly, this kind of happened…it seemed like almost everyone was upset about it back then.
    Now for some reason more and more people are acting like what happened is perfectly okay.

    Congrats at being successful btw.

  113. I can see this argument is becoming circled.
    Now i am officially done.
    This is the kind of argument that will not resolve.

    You say the industry can be unfair and theres nothing you can do about it.

    I say try, against all odds. If something meant allot to you, fight for it.

  114. @Daniel

    You can say what you like and fight as hard as you want, but if you’re going to be replaced and the decision is made… make an apointment at the jobcentre… true for any business.

    You think that the entertainment industry should be fair? Dream on. It’s cut-throat and merciless at times, very rare that you get told they won’t be hiring you or having you back. I don’t know what contract the Sega voice actors are on, but from both Ryan and Jasons experiences, it doesn’t sound like it’s a set number of games, or if it is it can’t be very many. If they’re not contracted to do a game, then no entertainment outlet be it TV, Theatre, Radio, Videogame will EVER contact the old guys and tell them they won’t be in the next one. Even if someone auditioned, it’s rare that they get told they’ve not got the part.

    When Ryan got the boot, many people were outraged by how it was handled… those people were a combination of Ryan fans and people who had no idea how the entertainment industry worked. This is how it works, so long as your cast are not contractually obligued to be in the next game/play/film/whatever, they can be replaced at any time, and very rarely do they get told.

  115. @Daniel
    Look dude, we all know it was wrong, okay? But I think it’s time to get Ryan out of your mind, and move on. He’s not coming back. I don’t mean to be rude, but you’re 21…just a voice for a video game character, shouldn’t be such a big deal…

  116. @Emil
    From just one voice clip you’ve decided Roger acts better than Jason? Sounds kinda biased to me…

  117. Here is a video I posted about my suspicion over the voices in the first video!

    It’s a recording of those clips but also a repeat of the recordings of the exact same clips where he DOES sound like Sonic (and like in the commercial of that second video)

    Since I recognized both voices as him and heard the guy do a Sonic-like voice before as a character in another game (which was similar to his voice in the second video) I was suspicious that either he was slightly off on purpose and could be tweaked to sound like his actual Sonic voice OR that he voiced Sonic right and was tweaked to sound OFF on purpose.

    My suspicions were because of the voice of Aang in the film The Last Airbender was deeper in the trailers worrying people but it turned out to be a cover up because later the same clip was heard and proved his voice was actually high pitch. For whatever reason they hide the voices idk. 🙂

    For anyone else who claims the voices for Alton Tower were slowed down, please let me know where you got this information because I’m interested! 😀

    Thank you.

  118. And for you people arguing over whether or not being replaced without notification is fair or not… GET OVER IT.

    It actually IS fair considering the character does not BELONG to the voice actor. It’s also fair for Ryan to not have to get special treatement compared to Ryan.

    You can’t compare it to having something stolen from them because the person who’s “Stealing it” is the person who OWNS it. It’s more like having you hold on to something for me then deciding to take it back later and have someone else hold on to it cuz that’s just what they felt like doing. No hard feelings or anything personal, just a decision. And the 2 people aren’t all whiney about it either. They just move on.

    The voice actors may be disappointed to not voice the character anymore, but aren’t depressed about it as if it was their LIFE PURPOSE! Actor’s don’t expect notification. They’re notified when to continue. If they’re never notified, it’s obviously not continued. They wait for a continuation and only focus on it if it comes. If not, they focus on something else. What do you think they do BETWEEN the times they’re recording for each games? Anticipating?

    At last, I’d like to make not that neither Ryan nor Jason are whining about not voicing Sonic anymore. =P

  119. OH yeah and the last thing I forgot to mention in my wall above was… lol ^^;.. umm..

    Well you may think you can fight against it but if you’re already replaced what you say doesn’t matter and if you’re not yet replaced it can GET you replaced because in the end…

    …doing the voice for that character was an PRIVILEGE! 🙂

  120. Sigh, I stopped caring about sonic speaking a long time ago.
    In a sense, bad dialogue adds to the experience. . . .but I do hope this Roger guy doesn’t blow it. Bad dialogue aside, I’d like to see sonic speak like a normal person for once. The way a character speaks goes a long while when it comes to character development, and emotion can easily be lossed otherwise.

  121. I Don’t know how i feel about it, thing is, Roger’s voice of sonic sounds a little more mature than Jason. As if sonic’s a little older. Am i the only one who thinks this?

  122. Just to let everyone know voice acting has been a huge passion of mine and so has sonic ever since i was very young, so naturally when Ryan was first brought into the mix i was very excited and i obvously thought the voice was perfect. He was one of my voice acting heroes. When he was let go it was obviously pretty upsetting and then when Jason came into the mix who i personally felt made Sonic sound unenthuesastic and slow it was even more of a blow. My childhood hero and one of my favorite voice actors were gone just like that. I couldnt help the way i felt. Anyone who cant at least sympothize with this is a one sided jerk. Ive made my opinion quite clear, so hopefully we can agree to disagree.

  123. Lets all just see what Roger sounds like in an actual game before freeking out shall we?

  124. Chill guys, just wait and see. I never took voice acting as a serious issue myself because the gameplay is what matters the most.
    Roger will probably sound different in Colours, the voice directors will more than likely tell him to calm down his voice a bit to fit the role. They may even present him with voice samples by Griffith to give him a better impression.

  125. @BlueChaos
    “They may even present him with voice samples by Griffith to give him a better impression.”

    That would make absolutely no since, why not just keep griffith in that case.

  126. wow ok i loved Ryans voice as sonic it was cool n edgy then Jason voiced sonic he was horrible compared to Ryans ,but then Jasons voice improved a bit added giving sonic a more laidback sound and I honsestly was content with him playing sonic now Sega gives us this curveball and im confused why this guy is crap he does not even sound close

  127. First, we need to give Roger Smith a chance in a game, BEFORE making criticisms. That being said, I really do think we have a winner with Smith.

  128. @Daniel Butler – Voice acting and Sonic are big for me and my life as well, and the way you felt about Ryan is how I felt about David Humphrey as Shadow. However, dispite that, I did not cry when he was replaced and ended up sounding like a darker Sonic instead. It’s how it is. Why worry or whine if it doesn’t help the situation and it doesn’t feel good? I don’t sympathize and I’m not a jerk for it just because someone says I would be to scare me off from saying the truth in a manipulative way.

    @BlueChaos – That’s true as they gave a sample of Ryan’s voice for Griffith as well. Although, Roger Craig Smith knows what Sonic sounds like and has done voicesl like it before (with an accent similar to Griffith sometimes) and he is a great actor with a diverse range of voices. I don’t think he needs to be treated like a new rookie voice actor. He’s probably one of the most skilled at it. Whatever voice he spits out is what he was TOLD to spit out on purpose.

    @Daniel Butler – They want to improve on the franchise, part of the reason Smith was hired. They wouldn’t have chosen him if they didn’t think he was really good and good enough to be an improvement. The sample of Griffith’s voice would be like how Griffith got a sample of Ryan’s, and this was not immitate that actor’s voice, but to help them creat a Sonic voice in general which is young, calm sometimes and energetic others, straight forward, smart, nasally, adventurous, care free and confident. Look up the guy named Mardic on YouTube and he sounds like Griffith but also like Ryan SHOWING how similar they are (and how good he is at voicing Sonic. xD)

    Lastly, Anyone who says “Gameplay is all that matters” sounds like when someone says they don’t care about how a person looks and that it’s just personality. Both are lies. People care about looks as an extra after the primary trait personality. And in Sonic games, after good gameplay is made, as long as voice acting is there it mine as well be good. The vocal part of the game OBVIOUSLY has fans, it needs to deliver!

    Personally, I liked all Sonic voices. All were cool AND cheesy at the same time. Sorry, but Ryan wasn’t a great actor. He was okay and I liked him, but acting like that would SUCK in a movie or show and be called “flat” and “Repetitive” (In fact, SA2 was nominated for bad voice acting back then o.O) However, Griffith also has trouble doing somethings without sounding like he’s still in a cartoon instead of a game, but at least he sounds like he’s actually in the story. But his voice is deeper. Ryan’s voice is cooler, Griffith’s acting is better… Roger Craig Smith’s voice is cool AND has good acting. Jackpot? I think so.

    So everyone just remember he’s VOICING FOR AN AMUSEMENT PARK AND A TV COMMERICAL! Of COURSE his acting is gonna be corny.. it’s suppose to me. XP

  129. @ax It makes far less since that roger would b told to immitate griffith, i mean i do admit they had at least a bad reason to replace drummond because of continuity in the anime, but with gtiffith the only reason i would see is that sega wants a change in voice, they still may of shown him reference clips though. I think its unfair saying Ryans voice would be panned in a movie. He didnt get many chaces to shine much as an actor. I mean SA and SA2 were dubbed so that throws off how the lines would be done in a movie, and Sonic heroes was very cheesey which can make people think its the actors fault.

  130. @ax I think you really need to go play the sonic games and study which lines sound better acted. You may notice all the more well written lines sound better acted. Its easier to deliver a well scripted line. I notice many people judge ryans “watch out your gonna crash” line and give it as a example of bad acting…let me ask you this…how would YOU deliver that line? Not only did he have to say that exact line but he had to time it for the dub. I challenge anyone to try to deliver that line with “good acting.” I must stick up for Jason a bit too in this right. I mean… mountain of hankercheifs wtf lol.

  131. @Daniel, It really isn’t that hard to say that line…

    Anyway, looking at this dudes facebook, I wish these twats would leave him the hell alone, the twats in question are the ones who are constantly going on about his changing the voice, telling him he sounds like X Y Z or trying to impersonate.

    Leave him alone and let him get on with it.

  132. Roger definately does a good job at making Sonic sound like he’s from California.

  133. @Daniel Butler
    Excuse me? Why would it not make sense?
    As Ax even said ‘they gave a sample of Ryan’s voice for Griffith as well’. And Sega said that they were starting everything new with Sonic and the series, which is why they hired the new actors.

    @Ax Yeah, I saw a vid on YT which had clips of his voice and one of them sounded like they would fit Sonic well. He is quite skilled, I think he has the potential too.

  134. @Casanova

    I know it isnt hard to say that line… Ryan didnt have a problem saying that line.
    Im saying you cant say that line without sounding cheezy, and make it fit with the lip sync.
    If you disagree with me prove it.

    As i stated, It makes ince that they would give roger reference lines.
    But In my opinion, it makes no since that they would want roger to sound like griffith…
    Like you just said, there changing everying around…Why would they change sonic to sound exactly the same.

    The drummond lines givin to griffith were different, i mean they didnt just fire drummond for no reason “even though i feel like it was a
    dumb reason”

    In this case if they wanted Roger to sound like griffith they would of just kept griffith, like they did with mike.

  135. @Daniel

    How exacltly would you like me to prove it? What exactly would I gain from proving it?

  136. @Daniel

    Umm.. I never said he’d be IMMITATING Griffith.

    I do play the games and I know the difference between the acting and writing. In Sonic Heroes it was BOTH.

    That line you have an example of I never criticized. But come to think of it, I CAN think of a better way to portray it and fit within the time. The only corny part would be the additional “AAHH” at the end. But the “Watch out! You’re gonna crash!” line could’ve been better.

    And I’m not saying Ryan would be panned in a movie. I’m saying he would with the acting he used for Sonic (the point being his acting in the Sonic games weren’t very good). He CAN act and both actors can actually act a LOT better than they do as Sonic, but they’re limited by the role in the games. Both of them have actually displayed better acting before, particularly in live action.

    And like we said before, reference lines is probably what they’re gonna give Roger.. not ask him to sound like Griffith.

    Actually, if you’ll notice both Ryan and Jason voiced Sonic for 5 and a half years by contract. After the contract ended, they merely never renewed it because they wanted to move on. Expect Roger to be replaced in 5 and a half years.

  137. @Daniel

    I have an idea. Though I do prefer Ryan, I can judge voice acting quite well enough to tell the facts.

    Think about it. Ryan is well-liked as Sonic but also largely criticized when the critics went over those games back then (while Ryan and the rest of the cast) The one thing he’s got against him is he seems to only ever be able to do an over-excited/happy Sonic voice. He never does a calm voice without sound like he’s trying to hold it in except 2 lines “I’d hate to ask but.. could you help them? This is our last chance!” then he goes back to his regular self. The other line is “Sayonara… Shadow.. the hedgehog” (which technically means the voice for Maria was probably the most in character lol)

    So in that line you gave as an example.. he could try not being excited the whole time “Tails!! Watch out!! You’re gonna crash!! Ahh!!” as it feels somewhat monotone (as each thing he says is excited and sounds like it’s repeated 3 times)

    Instead he could steadily get up to that excitement sound. “TAILS!! Watch out You’re gonna CRAASSH!!!!” AHHhhh…” so it’d sound like he’s worried and anticipating, which shows how he doesn’t pause between “watch out” and “you’re gonna crash” but starts saying it faster towards the end, with the last “AAHH” being shorter with it calming down and draggin out just a little to sound like devistation.

    But not everyone comes up with the same ideas. And I’m not bashing Ryan. I was always okay with all of Sonic’s voices. =)

  138. @ax this is gonna become pointless as much of this is a matter of opinion. I dont beleive i have ever heard a ryan line that i thought could of been better acted…scripted yes, acted no. We simply disagree on this and i dont see anyone changing there mind. They didnt replace mike…because he was well liked. If roger is well liked id see no reason he would b replaced. Ive also never seen any proof of any sort of contract.

  139. btw id have to hear what your saying acted out to know if i like it better. Would it fit with the lip sync as well?

  140. They don’t want Roger to sound like Griffith. They want him to sound like Sonic. They gave him an IMPRESSION of how Griffith portrayed Sonic in the games so he can have a better idea of how it’s done.

    Well they are hardly going to want Sonic to sound totally dfferent are they?

  141. @Daniel

    What are you talking about? It sounds to me like you’re just being stubborn by saying that as you’ve said it a few tiems already before. Saying that it’s a matter of opinion and no one’s gonna change their mind is being stubborn in this situation considering it’s NOT a matter of opinion right now. It’s a matter of fact. Ryan isn’t a voice God just because he’s your favorite. He’s my favorite too and I have the common sense to admit he’s not perfect and that someone else in the world could do an equally good or better job.

    I don’t know, it just feels like your response has nothing to do with what I previously said.

    Yes it’d fit with the lip sync. It’s merely expressed more realistically. And it’s not about whether YOU like it better or not. It’s about whether it requires more talent or skill to do. What takes more effort. I mean… as a matter of opinion, some people find Jason superior to Ryan as he actually sounds like he’s there and not just reading lines off a card really well. But for all we know that could also just be because the games now have more of a cinamatic feel to all their cutscenes, CGI or not. (As in they’re acted out more like a show than a game while the Adventure series didn’t do that)

  142. @ MugiMikey

    And that is exactly why I wrote “from what I’ve heard”. Am I not allowed to have an first impression? First of all, there where several of voiceclips, and all of them together was as long as an audition. At an audition you only get a minute or two to prove yourself as a good actor. And for the judges that is plenty of time.

    Second of all. I find it interesting you should criticize me for making a hasty judgment when other commenters did the same thing, but in favor of Jason. Did you also favor Jason? In that case, how could you from just “One” clip?

  143. @Ax
    This is ridiculous
    I literally feel his voice was PERFECT for Sonic.
    Im sure at SOME POINT in time theres a line he didnt do PERFECTLY, but that doesnt change my opinion.
    all im saying is ive never heard a line from him that i disliked.
    I liked Ryans portrayol SO MUCH i think it would be extremely difficult to find someone who could match it, but yes MAYBE theres someone out there, i mean jaleel was great as well.

    Im not gonna continue this discussion on here, if you want to talk about it
    message me on yahoo or msn or aim.

  144. Listening to the voice I think, he might be great in Colours, but Griffith didn’t sound that much of a tool… eventually.

  145. @Daniel

    What YOU feel doesn’t matter. Yeah you can have an opinion but you’re basically saying that you’ve set your mind to only ever consider Ryan best nomatter who else voices Sonic which is biased.

    Other than that, just because YOU think it was perfect doesn’t mean you speak for everyone. There is no perfect Sonic voice as of yet. A perfect Sonic voice would be the Sonic voice EVERYONE likes. How likely is that? Especially when people will dislike Sonic’s voice nomatter how good it is as long as it isn’t Ryan. That’s the only real issue. It’s the obsession and the attitude it brings that affects the rest of us including other Ryan fans who feel embarrased because other Ryan fans giving them a bad name.

    You don’t think anyone can match it, but remember, we’re saying no one can match it from YOUR biased point of view, not that no one can match it at ALL.

    Just remember, have an opinion, but don’t act like your opinion is more right.

  146. Besides, even if Ryan is the coolest Sonic voice, I can imagine better. Simply find someone who can act as good as or better than Ryan. Even if they can only act as good as Ryan making them equels, maybe his actual VOICE will sound just different enough it’s cooler than Ryan’s, like an improved Ryan voice. Maybe something slightly less nerdy, loud or whiney sounding voice-wise.

    I’m pretty sure there’s plenty who can act just like Ryan but won’t be a good Sonic voice if they have a high pitch voice or a deep voice but if you give him an awesome, rare and special voice plus the acting then it’ll win everyone over. 🙂

  147. @ Ax and Daniel:
    I’d say just drop it, obviously, you both have different opinions, even if one is taking it too far, and wont let go. But hey, why not be mature about this, and just drop it, hm?

  148. @Brad well considering you’ve posted here a few times you’re hardly in a position to sound like you don’t care.

  149. @brad
    People treat voice acting like its such a small thing, but its one of those under appreciated things… A good thing to relate it to is music.

    If a soundtrack sucks, it throws off the entire film/game.
    Same with voice acting.

    I dont want to hear something annoying while im playing.

    without sound games are only half as fun, you got to respect all the sound.

  150. @SonicSilverSS

    Does nobody listen around here? The “you both have different opinions” thing makes it seem like you haven’t even been paying attention to the situation. We BOTH like Ryan better.

    It’s not really the mature thing to do because neither of us are really being immature. We’re just responding. If you think this is really a debate of some sort, it’s not. I’m not arguing that Ryan is good or bad or that one is better or than any opinion is wrong… that’d be stupid. I’m merely focussing on the specific point that personal opinion is just personal opinion. Geez.


    I don’t think it’s that he doesn’t care, he’s just pointing out how much we do seem to care. It IS interesting after all. =) And he has a point. It might not be the primary focus, but it’s still a focus.

  151. @brad

    xP Sorry.. I saw “@brad” like twice in a row and accidentally did the same. That was directed toward Casanova and the second half was referring to Daniel having a point. xD

  152. @ax
    I know we both like ryan better, but theres obviously allot of things we disagree on
    if we talked on an instant messanger or something we might be able to form some kind of conclusion but on here its a little tough, and i dont want to flood on here.
    Your axxidous right?
    I added you on skype if you are, you should go on.

    Im sure brad cares about voice acting, but i just wanted to spread what i beleive is true about it.

  153. @Ax
    Yes, I know you both like Ryan. But as you said, you are willing to accept others can be better, and what-not. There’s a different opinion, correct? I know people can have personal opinions…like for me I love Sonic 06…

  154. @Daniel.

    Look I think you’re making way too much a big deal out of all this. If the voice acting is bad it doesn’t throw off the whole game at all, at the most people go “God I wish they’d shut up” then keep on playing.
    If someone actually throws down the pad and refuses to play the game or claim that the game is ruined because of the voice acting then they’re a combination of being truely sad and petty.

  155. Sonic doesn’t sound like Sonic anymore. Roger needs to improve big time. First off, he should maybe make it less round. Second, he should make it more like Drummond or White. Third, don’t go up and down. You’ll sound like a teenage Bob Dylan, not Sonic.

    The game will still be good, but it will make the experience a little less satisfying.

  156. @Daniel

    Well the only reason I disagree is because I’m trying to be realistic. It’s not that I have a problem with you thinking he’s perfect, s’long as you don’t say it like it’s a fact over everyone’s opinion. =P

    Yes I am Axxidous. I think the only Axxidous who isn’t me are 3 imposters (1 of which I gained control of the account to)
    On skype I don’t know who you are. Perhaps looking for the1staxxidous =p I wouldn’t mind chatting to avoid flooding. xD


    True. Like I stated above, I merely want to help people understand not to claim their opinion as superior fact. ^^; As for liking Sonic 06, I’m sure tons would give you grief about that. But I won’t. Then again, I’m also a very forgiving guy. I don’t see things as just black and white. It’s not just “awesome” or “crap”. It’s “awesome, interesting, neutral, okay, nothing special” and THEN “crap”. lol To me, Sonic 06 isn’t that bad. Sonic Labyrinth is a whole different story. xD


    Well it really depends. Is it bad like “it doesn’t meet the standards” or “doesn’t live up to the other voices” or is it bad like “this is WAY off” or “This is disturbing people around me when I play” bad? 😛 If it’s REALLY bad, then I’d agree with the complaints. But if it’s “Bad” because it’s slightly different, then I just see it as nitpicking and overreacting. 🙂

  157. I think after he does it for awhile it will become amazing =) I mean, Sonic Colors was my favorite voice acting from Griffith =) I like it right now, and over the next couple games, I’m sure this seasoned veteran for voice acting will do just fine =)

  158. Seriously most sonic fans need to wake up , 89% of the public/fans hated jason as sonic they hated the 4kids, sega are now finally listening to the public to fix sonic’s franchise, they discovered that most people hate 4kids and jason etc, jason has only got bad reviews with pretty much every role he ever did.

    most said “sonic should be seen but never speak again” “sonics too cheesy” ” sonics awful” etc in short Jason’s performce wasnt sonic the hedgehog that people knew and loved, he put people off sonics character.
    only new fans and children loved jason because he was the first they heard so they belived that was sonics character when it wasnt.

    now im glad 4kids are gone, mike pollock remains because hes got good praise as dr robotnik, so make sense why he is staying, but why they got alton towers sonic to be the new ill never know.

    so far hes bad as jason and u can tell with his voice to him “its just a job” unlike ryan who did it because he loved/cared about it.

    like when ryan found out he was replaced ryan did what he could to keep the role, that is true passion for the character, jason? he didnt care because he was only doing sonic for money because to him its just a job.

    the best voice actors are the ones with huge range and cares for there characters they portray
    u can tell By Ryan’s voice he loved it so much energy etc.

    Ryan was sonic ,he never acted as himself nor did he use his normal voice, unlike jason who just acted as him self as proven from his condom commercial.

    so far roger is doing a bad job and i don’t think he will improve, it seems hes only doing it for money u can tell from his voice there’s no passion for sonic in there, hes just impersonating Jason Griffith, im not saying roger is a crap VA because hes done some decent work but because hes done decent work doesn’t mean he will be great as sonic., its like saying “tom hanks is a amazing actor lets get him to be batman” that wouldn’t work lol.

    sonic needs a VA that is unknown tbh someone who’s new to make sonic feel fresh.

    roger is also too deep for sonic, hes always portrayed deep toned characters, i feel he should do shadow the hedgehog all honesty and sonic gets given a new VA quickly before colours is set for release.

    but then again if sega are listening to the fans i think most likely if people hate the new they will replace them straight away for sonics big 20.

    Sonic colours it seems is a test to the fans, so fans if u hate the new let sega know they will change it this time since there listening to us.

  159. You say only kids and new fans like Jason…well, that’s not true. I like Jason, and I first heard Ryan…plus, I know there’s other old fans who like Jason…

  160. God he hasn’t even voiced a released game yet and still people are bad mouthing him! Honestly I didn’t think Jason or Ryan were bad at all as both had their pros and cons.
    But what annoys me is this whole pro-Ryan Drummond lark. This isn’t the 1990s any more, Ryan and Griffith had their hay days but now it’s time for a change and I am 100% confident that Roger Craig Smith can do it.

  161. I kind of like Jason Griffith’s voice better. Don’t get me wrong, I like Roger Smith’s voice, just not as much as Jason Griffith. But maybe it’s just me. I don’t usually like change. Who knows?

  162. I do like Ryan and I like Jason. Personally, I prefer Roger Smith’s voice to the both of them.
    Sonic’s 19 now, he’s getting older, you can’t keep him sounding like a teenager much longer, if anything I’m more concerned about Kate Higgins voicing Tails, as I prefer Corey Bringas voicing him in Sonic Adventure 2, not the whole girl thing.

    Roger Smith sounds rather strange on the hotel room recordings because they slowed it down, on the advertisement he sounds a lot better. I think everybody should shut up and give the guy a chance, he’s a talented voice actor and people are being way too biased.

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