#51 Sonic Arena Two: Heated Finale Expansion Trailer

#51 Sonic Arena Two: Heated Finale Expansion Trailer

The new Heated Finale expansion has been announced to be released on the 1st of August 2010! Look forward to all new areas, quests and items in a final expansion of Sonic Arena 2!

Mushroom Hill
Explore more of an area you thought you knew, discover new lands, the story behind the Metal Sonics and discover the secret of Mushroom Hill!

Molten Mine
After an earthquake in Mobius a crack appears in a wall, break it open and explore the mine, but how can we smash it? Where will the mine lead? Discover an old enemy in the new molten mine area!

Hope thats enough for ya! This is only a taste of the heated finale expansion and we will announce more and more in the run up to 1st August!

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